Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The 100 club

Dear Mo's ovaries,

Congratulations! We'd like to inform you that you've been inducted into the '100 Club', an elite group of those who have produced more than 100 eggs for IVF!

That's right! You probably haven't been counting, but over the last seven IVFs, you've produced 110 eggs!

22 + 11 + 12 + 15 + 6 + 19 + 25 = 110!!

Good work! Boy, we bet you are tired!

Unbelievably, despite your productivity, you haven't created a single live baby, but maybe one will be coming later this year. You never know! And hey, you seem to be getting closer than you ever have, so chin up!

100 is a momentous IVF retrieval milestone. In recognition of this accomplishment, we here at Egg Retrieval Clearinghouse recommend that you go out and celebrate big time. Your laminated Certificate of Achievement will be arriving separately in the mail.

Congratulations, Mo's ovaries!!! You two are champs!


Egg Retrieval Clearinghouse, Ltd.


  1. Love it!!!! Congrats on reaching 100! Hopefully this is THE cycle! Good Luck!!

  2. You crack me up!! I've got fingers crossed that the keeper comes from the combined efforts of egg batch 6 or 7. Your endurance amazes me, Mo.

  3. One hundred... yowzas!

    That makes me tired & my abdomen hurt, just thinking about it!

    Sounds like you deserve a Major Prize (hopefully something better than a lamp in the shape of a leg, though)-- hope you get one soon.

    Best of luck to you~

  4. Makes me want to count up all my eggs that have been retrieved to see if I qualify to join the club!

    I am praying really hard for you guys for this cycle!!

  5. It's really not that funny but might as well laugh about it!

  6. Oh.... WOW!!! Congratulations, I think! Errrmmmm.... I think!

  7. Holy Smokes that is A LOT of eggs. In 4 IVFs I think I only produced 34. I SO hope that one of those eggs is your baby!

  8. Oh bummer--I only made 80-something in our IVFs...but maybe if I had done two more (we stopped at five, as you know)...Those are some stellar ovaries you got there Mo!

  9. Holy Crap. Those ARE some hard working ovaries. I hope like hell that at least 1 of these 100+ turns into that live baby. Because you totally deserve to be parents and your determination is an inspiration.

  10. Harumph. I remember when I hit some crazy number of embryos transfered also with no baby at the end. Well, there ya go, Mo!!! :)

  11. That is a lot of eggs! I had to count up mine, too.

  12. Shit Mo,
    Overachieving, I'll say!
    I can count mine on three hands.
    Embryos on two.

    I want you to win the BIG PRIZE, ok?
    A real live Mobaby with more available for the sibling option.

    My wish for you.



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