Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do you think it's possible?

Do you think it's possible that my RE turned the vacuum aspirator up too high during my D&C and accidentally sucked out my uterus?

D&C was November 11th. It is now December 14th...and no period in sight.

I don't mean to be vulgar, but I'm starting to wonder a little bit...


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  1. I am sorry, I have been following your blof for a while but have been mia for a few months..
    So sorry for your loss..so unfair. :(

  2. Hmmm...were you told to expect it in 4 weeks? I had a D&C (16 weeks--ugh!) 13 days ago, and I'm still bleeding....


  3. I got my period over 6 weeks after my first D&C. This I think is normal. It takes 2-3 weeks for beta levels to fall. The last time, after they fell totally, my real cycle began, and I ovulated 2+ weeks later and got my period 2 weeks after that- so overall 6-7 weeks after my D&C.

    Everybody reacts differently though- I ovulated after my D&C, but this is not true in each and every case. I don;t know what happens if you do not ovulate.

  4. Has your period shown up so quickly after d&c before? I never even bled after mine and it took about 6 weeks for my period to start. Hopefully your physical pain is minimum.

  5. Knowing AF, she'll show up when it's least optimal-- say, in the middle of Christmas dinner, if you celebrate. UG. So sorry that you're having to deal with this.

  6. From my experiences with D & Cs, the average wait time was 6 wks for the return of my period (with it sometimes going as long as 8 wks). I would not be the least concerned at 4 wks.

  7. UGH!!! I am so sorry Mo. This sucks! I heard 4-6 weeks. I may be wrong though. I wish I had an answer for you.


  8. I've never had a D&C and so I don't have advice, but I hope it shows up soon. Would b/w give you a clue? (like progesterone, maybe?)

  9. I've read many others waiting 6-8 weeks for AF after D&C, so I wouldn't worry too much Perhaps contact your nurse, just to be sure?

    And lol at the picture, she looks sly.

  10. I've been thinking about you guys. For me it took 9 weeks for my beta to drop and to finally get AF. We kept checking including finding a quest in Anchorage, AK to check while we were on our unable to cancel (no)babymoon. Like clockwork I got AF in the middle of that trip. Take care.

  11. It took me 9 weeks to get AF, too, and I never ovulated during that period. Just when I was starting to get worried, it came. And I was also on vacation!

  12. Why is it a happy vacuum?

    Any self respecting vacuum that took a uterus would surely have the decency to look shamed.


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