Sunday, June 14, 2015

Back on the depot lupron....headed toward FET

We opted to go with our remaining three frozen embryos and not do another fresh IVF cycle. Procedurally, for me this means two months of depot lupron (to reduce my endometriosis) prior to then starting estrogen, etc., to build up the lining again and going for the transfer itself. Hopefully the transfer can occur in August, but they haven't given me a calendar yet (finding the bureaucracy much more difficult to navigate than in transfers past), so I'm not certain I can arrange the time off, given my colleagues also likely taking time that month.

I talked to Schoolie on Friday about our Day 3 results. I'd already come to the conclusion that it didn't take a world class reproductive endocrinologist to tell me I'm pretty darn infertile, and that more IVF at 43 and change is not the surest pathway to more kids if we felt we needed to have them. We only did the day 3 testing in the first place at Will's request. In my mind, if we'd strongly wanted to cycle fresh again, we should have done it as soon as I weaned Magpie or, possible weaned her early to try to maximize our chances.

I also remind myself that we'd gotten to a place where we were comfortable with third party reproduction, and actually, now that Magpie is here, I'm more open to adoption than I was previously as well, although that's not an easy path either. Any of those alternative paths, however, seem a surer bet than my own eggs at 43.5, especially with a history like mine.

Schoolie confirmed. He said the numbers suggest I may still have good eggs left, but I certainly don't have many of them (only 4-5 follicles). So...well...yeah... no more fresh cycles.

Instead, I injected myself with depot lupron Friday night. How far we've come that Will can now be in another room, and I can self-inject intramuscularly in the bathroom. Sub-Q injections have never fazed me, but the IMs? Yikes. But well... doesn't faze me now. I worry about the emotional effects of the depot lupron. I've found it historically to be the hardest part of the medical infertility stuff, with me tending to crash headlong into hot flashes and dark, black mood states. Really hoping this time is somehow different, but we shall see.

So... heading forward. We shall see what happens...


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  1. Wishing you all the luck in the world!

  2. Wishing you well, Mo. I really hope Magpie's brother or sister will be here soon, and without any undue hardship.

  3. Wishing you the best Mo, Will and Magpie!! Hope depot lupron isn't too bad this time!!!

  4. All the best - I wish you calm and peace through this cycle :)

  5. Wishing you, Will and Magpie all the best, Mo. Looking forward to updates.

  6. Wishing you the best! I will be following along!

  7. Hoping lupron will be gentle on you, and sending all my thoughts and wishes for this upcoming cycle

  8. Fingers crossed for you! Feeling similarly as we head to our last FET, too.

  9. Ugh! Lupron! Hoping it's not too bad, and that this cycle is another miracle baby!

  10. Oh, ugh -- I've heard bad things about depot Lupron. Hope it does OK by you. I have the same thought about IM shots, indeed (though it's been years since I needed to give myself PIO), thanks for reminding me -- it's always good, when some (other) person is being a PITA to think to myself, "Well, ha -- I can give myself shots in the rump, you know! Can you? I'm guessing not." A little internal gloating can go a long way ...

  11. Sending you tons of good thoughts and wishes for this time around!


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