Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And we're off...

First Lupron injection was tonight. It was a little harder than I thought it would be to stick the needle in. Not because it would hurt - I know from the last 1,000 IVF and cancer-related sticks that it wouldn't be that bad. I was hesitant because it meant climbing back onto the IVF roller coaster again. It meant accepting that we are fully committing to IVF #3 and all the excitement and dread that goes along with it.

I also surprised myself by booking my first acupuncture appointment for next week. I'm kind of a skeptic about non-western approaches to medicine as the research for and against seems equivocal. But I figured, it can't hurt. I want to make sure all my i's are dotted and t's are crossed.

Please please please let this cycle be the one. Wish us luck!



  1. I'm betting on a win! Good luck.

  2. Thank you, MusicMaker. It especially means a lot that you took the time to post during a hard time for yourself. Hang in there.


  3. acupucture is helpful, even if you don't believe in it. My father is a doctor, and growing up as a little hypochondriac I now try to stay away from western medicine as much as I can. I know, total opposite from you guys... But anyway, here I am, surrendering to science in search for help. And there you are... going to your first acupuncture appt. :)
    such is life, huh?

    we really are on the same schedule it seems!I'll also follow your progress closely, since we are now "cyclesistas". ;)
    May this truly be the one!
    best best wishes
    (thanks for stopping by earlier)

  4. Good luck with the whole process... IVF, acupuncture, all of it. I enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to updates. I'll keep posting my own acupuncture updates as they come along.

  5. i started doing acupuncture as soon as i knew i was headed for ivf #1. like you it was about covering all the bases. i found that going has had the unexpected bonus of a time out where someone is asking all about you and how you are doing. it's nice to have someone else (an objective someone else) caring about you during such a stressful time.

    sending you the best of luck as you take the plunge.

  6. Good luck - I know lots of folks who swear by acupuncture - and hey, it's not like the needles are going to be a bother after dealing with the rest of this nonsense, eh?

    Fingers crossed for all of us!


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