Sunday, November 30, 2008

Cycle day 8 update

We are back from our trip. We had trouble communicating with our IVF center while we were out of town, with lots of balls dropped on their end about letting us know dosages and what monitoring to do. It was disappointing (and unusual as our center is usually so super-anal about everything) and culminated in our having to email my RE at 9pm at night (pros of having an M.D. spouse). Fortunately, my RE came through as usual and emailed us back that night and again the next morning to make sure we knew how to proceed.

I went in for ultrasound and blood work today and I seem to be responding to the Follistim, as my dose was dropped for tonight by 75 units. Physically, I can feel something happening: have had abdominal twinginess, and today's aggressive ultrasound probing left me cramping on one side for most of the day.

I had vowed not to pay attention to the details of how things are developing, but my acupuncturist wants updates so she can adjust my treatments. So much for avoiding obsessing! I think they said they saw 2-3 on one side around 12 and 2 on the other side around 11, with several smaller ones. But it all happened so fast, I'm not sure. Oh well. I can never figure out exactly how what they see on ultrasound translates into what happens on retrieval day anyway. So am trying to pay attention enough to tell the acupuncturist while not getting caught up in any specific expected outcome.



  1. Hi Guys....just catching up. Sounds like things are progressing well. :)

    i think it's totally impossible to ignore the twinges and the little symptoms. i try and i promise myself that "this time" i will just be chill. it never works!

    hope thanksgiving was nice.

  2. Yuck, that sounds stressful - glad it worked out. I really hate it when the ultrasound wand feels like it has a mind of its own...

  3. Mo, that sounds really good! No dominant follies. It's good that they are progressing at the same rate. I would say it's okay to feel hopeful about this cycle. :-)

  4. Progression, that is nice! And that ultrasound wand...ugh. One time it felt like they were trying to drive the most difficult stick shift car in the world. OH MY GOSH. Really. The woman was just staring at the screen and not even looking to see if the probe was in a position possible given human anatomy! I left there feeling a bit violated.

  5. Yeah, no point obsessing now. That's weird about your acupuncturist. I don't remember mine wanting updates, and she was an IVF nurse for 8 years with my RE before she switched to Chinese medicine! Sounds like you are on track.

  6. Sounds like you're obsessing just the right amount.

    I agree about that wand. Somehow it's more and more uncomfortable each time I encounter the thing. Here's hoping you graduate permanently to the abdominal ultrasound in the near future!

  7. good balance there! avoiding the obsessing. It is strange that the acupuncturist wants so many details. But, they are all different I guess. I'm glad you finally reached your RE and felt better about how to proceed. Glad to hear things are progressing at a nice rate. :)

  8. Thank you for all your kind and supportive words.

    I read your blog in its entirety today and it brought be to tears. I am SO very sorry for all you have been through. It puts my failed cycle in perspective...

    I enjoy your blog and love that you both write. I'll be looking forward to good news!



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