Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sundays of grace #17

After a hiatus, Sundays of Grace returns!

So what am I grateful for?

1. I am overjoyed to have gotten this far in this pregnancy. It is still early days, and we are both terrified at least some of pretty much every day. This has definitely not been for the faint-hearted! But the overriding feeling I have is immense gratitude to be carrying this child, for today at least. We are overwhelmed by the almost unfathomable possibility that we could be parents and bring a child into the world. We have miles to go before we get there, but what an amazing journey!

2. I am so grateful we had the opportunity to travel - together - and spend some much needed downtime. It was wonderful to spend two weeks learning about different cultures and focusing on us as a couple after weeks of 7-day workweeks. I'm especially grateful in this difficult economy to have been able to afford to take an extended vacation.

3. It still hasn't really sunk in, but I am grateful to be done with my degree. Grateful to have the opportunity to use my brain for a living and to have received a scholarship-funded education. It's been a lot of hard work, but I'm pretty lucky to have had the chance to spend the last several years learning.



  1. Glad to see SOG back in action! This is a stressful time and I am so glad you were able to disconnect for a while.

    I am even happier that your spotting went away and has stayed away. Even though benign, I know how it instantly puts me off-tilt and it takes a long time to come down from that.

    I hope you are going to have a nice, relaxing Sunday.

  2. I just saw your post on my surprise u/s! Yeah - it was quite a shock and it made me feel less crazy about how sick I have been feeling!

  3. I am so happy to see how wonderfully evertyhing is going for you two and I pray it continues to do so!! :)

  4. I find this very inspiring. Makes me stop and think about what I'm grateful for.

  5. Girl, you are so inspiring! I would die to have done the things you have done! You are so very lucky and great job!!! Now it's time to enjoy your little baby! :)


  6. :) glad this has snuck back into your blogging!

    i'm also so glad that the bleeding stopped.

    thinking lots about you.


  7. I'm sorry I missed your scare this weekend! I've been trying to take weekends away from ye olde laptop lately... At any rate, I would have been among those to reassure you that indeed, bleeding can occur (and continue to occur!) with a healthy baby in tow. I've been bleeding off and on -- and not just spotting, real, red bleeding -- for 6 weeks. We're at 14 weeks today and the baby still looks great, healthy and measuring at 15 weeks plus. In my case the bleeding stems from a subchorionic hematoma, or split placenta...which apparently is pretty common. Like you, I'm not familiar with things going wrong in a pregnancy that aren't followed by impending doom, so it's been a big adjustment for me to realize that things CAN go wrong but that the baby can continue to grow and thrive despite a few hiccups along the way. I'm hopeful that your spotting has stopped and that your pregnancy will continue on a smooth path! Thanks for the Sundays of Grace... :)

  8. I had a lot to catch up on! I'm very happy to read that things are still going well for you and your Dissertation Embie!


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