Monday, February 17, 2014

Weight loss update, week 11

I went into this week's weigh-in feeling really good about things. I was spot-on with my eating this week. Although I walked less this week (abysmal weather in NYC), I exercised intensely for 40 minutes both Sunday and today. We were out of town over the weekend, so I brought all of my own food and we stayed somewhere we could do our own cooking. Because of that there was no eating out, no calorie splurges, nothing that should have made things go awry. So I felt pretty good about that.

We also went outlet shopping this weekend, something I had been wanting to do once I got close to my goal weight. One of the cool side effects of losing weight is that I've been able to pull things out of the back of the closet that haven't fit in over five years and put them on. It's been pretty fun. But most of my current clothes, undergarments, etc., are hanging on me, and not in such a good way. One of the things I've read about weight maintenance is that it can help to get rid of your clothes from your heavier days and wear clothes that fit the smaller you - another way to demonstrate your commitment to the new weight for the long haul. Given that we might do an IVF FET and, god willing, pregnancy again if we got super lucky, I'm not going to get rid of my bigger clothes, but I do plan to box them up and store them out of state in a relative's basement. (Thank you, relatives who have so much more storage space than we do!) Anyway, we went shopping and I was hoping to find out I was a size smaller in my jeans. I've been wearing a 12...well, lo and behold, I was not a 10, as I expected, nor an 8, as I had secretly hoped. I was a 6! What a crazy thing to find out! Dress size has also gone down, as has my bra size (I knew that - it's obvious, a lot of which is probably attributable to having weaned a few months ago).

So I was feeling good going in for my weekly appointment and weigh-in. 

Funny thing is, despite all this, the scale didn't really agree with how I was feeling. *I* might have been feeling like I had a great week, but according to the numbers, my weight is pretty much at a stalemate. 

Weekly Weight Loss
Starting BMI just after Thanksgiving = 25.2 (officially overweight)
Week 1:     - 4.4 pounds (back into normal BMI territory, less than 25!)
Week 2:     - 0.8 pounds
Week 3:     - 3.6 pounds
Week 4:     out of town so no Jenny food and no weigh-in (Christmas travel madness!)
Week 5:     - 4.4 pounds since last weigh-in
Week 6:     - 2 pounds
Week 7:     - 1.6 pounds
Week 8:     - 1.4 pounds
Week 9:     + 0.4  pounds
Week 10:     -4.2 pounds  
Week 11:     -0.2 pounds  
Grand Total So Far: 22.2 pounds lost (BMI = 21.5)

So the numbers aren't great this week. Despite that, and it surprises me a fair amount to be able to type this, I'm not so down about it. I'm a little disappointed that the scale didn't show my efforts, but eh, not that disappointed. I figure if I just keep doing what I'm doing, it will show up on the scale soon enough. I have 5-6 pounds maximum more to lose (possibly as little as 4). I'm thinking patience is the key in this situation, and losing 0.2 pounds feels way better than gaining 0.4 pounds a couple of weeks ago. I think I'd also expected a lower weight loss this week after the 4.2 pound loss last week. Can't do that every week, especially this late in the game. My body needs to adjust some, I would imagine.

So I'm thrilled to be smaller and be wearing smaller clothes. Yay for that! And I'm coping well with a somewhat disappointing result at the weigh-in. But overall things are good. This week the plan is just to stay the course, do what I know works, and wait for the scale to realize it, too. 


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  1. You're probably gaining muscle from the workouts, which weighs more than fat and could be keeping the scale from showing what you did lose.

  2. Congrats on the fitting into smaller clothes.
    Are you weighing yourself At the same time of day? We don't own a scale but I weigh myself at the gym. I always weigh more at night than in the am or afternoon, after controlling for outfit/shoes. I do le revise after dinner when I go at night but it's not like I eat 1-2 lbs of food for dinner-- that's the typical amount my weight is higher at nite.

    So maybe that's a potential explanation. Plus, I think .2 or .4 is just noise even on a good scale.

    Sounds like you're doing great.

  3. You are doing great. I was actually very motivated by your posts and signed up with J. Craig last Saturday. It has been an eye opening experience to see how much 300 calories is. Ughhh. I am similar to you in your starting BMI. I'm about 25.8 and not happy with that. But I think I can get 15+ lbs off.


  4. Thanks, anonymous! I do weigh at the same time every day but only count my "official" weigh-in weight, which is Monday evenings at 6pm sharp. I wear the same dress evvvveeerryy week, too...just to be obsessive...I mean, consistent. Since yesterday was a holiday my food routine was a bit different than on a workday (e.g., i ate lunch at 3pm), so that's another piece of variance that might be throwing things off. And good point that .2 is just noise. It will be interesting to see where things stand weight-wise next week.

  5. N., I'm glad my posts have been motivating! I'd love to hear how your journey is progressing - please come back and let us know in the comments. Rooting for you!


  6. Mo, good results! In fact, overall things are really good! I wish you good luck, you deserved to wear smaller things =)I just try to avoid weight gain, so I follow simple rules - drink a lot of water every day, eat healthy organic food and avoid fast-food. Also I use Fat Loss factor program, that is special program to lose weight/. Plus, I do exercises 2-3 times a week, go dancing and that helps me to keep my shape=)

  7. I'm trying to lose some weight too and its so hard to deal with not seeing the results we expect. Thanks for the reminder how we're feeling, the extra energy and our mood our really what we should be gaging. If we're doing everything else right, the physical results will come.


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