Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dreaded depot lupron: third time is surprisingly...different

I wanted to write a brief update on my depot lupron experience this time, in preparation for FET #3.

I have done two rounds of it this time. Previously, I have always had really intense side effects: hot flashes, hair loss, insomnia, headaches, and pretty intense blues too. It tends to feel like the bell jar is descending... just wham, despondency.

To be honest, out of years and years of infertility treatment, my experiences with depot lupron have been among the most difficult. To say I dreaded taking it again would be an understatement.

I anticipated that this time would be no different.I was so sure, that I had Dr. Schl. prescribe add-back therapy ahead of time, because previously that has ameliorated the worst of the depressive symptoms.

This time, month one went by, not much problem. Hot flashes by the end, and the searing headaches, but eh, I've been through worse (I guess there's a positive side to having had lymphoma?!)

I did the second shot, waiting for the veil of progressive doom to fall onto me....

And...well...I can't sleep, and I'm hot flashing, and my hair is thinning....but...well, mood-wise, I feel fine! And really, with my mood intact, the rest of this is no big deal. Uncomfortable and unpleasant for sure, especially in the midst of this heat wave, but seriously, it's fine.

I keep wondering - why is this time so different than my prior two experiences with depot lupron? And all I can guess is that having Magpie means I am so very happy, that plunging me into a chemically-induced menopause can't shake it.

I don't know if that's the real explanation, but I'll take it. I start estrogen in about a week...and dare I say it? This has been so doable this time.


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  1. That's great news! I think going through a cycle when you have a living child is different. I definitely found it to be a bit easier emotionally. (Don't get me wrong, the pregnancy was still nerve-wracking, just not quite as nerve-wracking.) Whether that's the reason the DL is easier this time or not, I'm glad you're finding your mood to be unaffected.

  2. Whew! So glad it's easier this time around! And I think your explanation is likely the case. So good to hear this is not the awfulness you expected!

  3. Glad it's going so well this time!

  4. Lupron is the DEVIL but I'm glad to hear that the shots this time aren't as taxing on you. Maybe it's because you don't have as much time to sit around and stew because you are too busy running around after your daughter?

  5. So glad it isn't as bad. I can't imagine that it's fun, still.

    I did find treatments for baby #2... and losses before baby #2... far easier on me mentally than the process for baby #1. I got to go home to a little person who calls me Mommy (I can't even type that without tearing up). Everything else is just icing on the already-mind-blowing cake. Wishing all the best for you guys this time around!

  6. Totally give credit to your little darling! Glad it's been easier. Enjoy that estrogen relief!

  7. Great news! Glad to hear it is going better for you this time around :)

  8. So very happy you are making it thru better this time!

  9. You are brave and sharing your story probably has helped a lot of people.

  10. So glad it's going better this time around!!!!

  11. So glad that this time around has been a little less rough and send prayers that this trend continues!!!

  12. I am with you on that one...... I also believe that having had a child is like a new dimension. Yeah, treatments are no fun, losses and failed cycles still hurt because we are human but nowhere near how bad it is when you are going through it childless.
    For me, really is like a whole new dimension.
    So glad you are hanging in there better this time around.
    Bring on the hormones!!! Best wishes on your cycle!!!

  13. Dear Mo,
    Thinking of you and your upcoming fet. I hope everything is going well and that this transfer is a success.


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