Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"You're putting back all 3 embryos?!"

This question has been asked several times with our old reproductive endocrinologist here in NY, my OB-GYN, and the reproductive immunologist.

"You're putting back all three?"


"And they are chromosomally normal?"


"And they are at the blastocyst stage?"


"Are you sure you want to do that?"


And I suppose we may seem crazy, but yes, we want to put back all three. Yes, they are blasts. Yes, they are chromosomally normal.

My reasons are logistical, emotional, and financial.

We have transferred three both previous FETs (perhaps why our Denver RE didn't blink an eye at the request). And out of these 6 chromosomally normal blasts across two frozen embryo transfers, we ended up with lovely Ms. Magpie.

Not twins, not triplets. We got a miscarriage from the first cycle and then Ms. Magpie. So I'm not so worried about the triplet scenario. Our chromosomally normal blasts are clearly not like other people's blasts. I don't know why not, but they aren't.

Because I have stage 3 endometrosis, I had to do two months of depot lupron to gear up for this transfer, and while it wasn't this bad as it has been, I don't want to do it twice. I will also be doing IVIG ahead of the transfer. Costly, and I find the treatment arduous.

There is also the logistical piece of getting out to Colorado, sans Magpie so I can do the transfer and be on bed rest for two days following.

And finally, the emotional piece. As you know, this is tough stuff to go through. It would be nice to know we are either going to be pregnant again, or that we aren't, and not drag this on for many more months.

I don't have any concerns that we will become pregnant with triplets. And even if we *did* get pregnant with three...I've been pregnant EIGHT times and have one miraculous daughter.

Call us crazy, but we're just not that worried about it.

Almost there....transfer is a week from Friday.

This will be interesting, no matter how it turns out.


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  1. Mo, I wonder if Murphy's reading your blog - that should be ... fun :)

    All the best for the transfer - hoping for a sibling or two for Magpie!

  2. Well, all that makes good sense to me! Best wishes!!!!

  3. Sounds like a good plan! I totally understand! Just completing a transfer myself, it is a lot of time, emotions and expense!! Gosh the transfer itself isn't cheap, medications, local u/s, not to mention the travel and all the extra treatments you are doing IVIG, etc.

    Thanks for reading and checking in on me... I think you are the only one who checks
    in on my blog :) I will do an update today!!! Looking forward to following your transfer and wishing you the best!!

  4. I would had put back three but never made that many! Never made it to blast either.
    Triplets would be hard but a blessing! :)

  5. Oh my fingers are crossed for you friend!! I would transfer 3 if I were you too :)

  6. MO!
    this makes total and utter sense to me! absolutely. no explanations required.

    we also had CCRM CCS normals, and they *do not* all "work".
    my issue was my not-so-stellar mitochondrial contribution... my CCS normals lack that spark to get going and keep going. it took 3 transfers and 5 embryos and a gestational carrier to have my two living kids. I put in 2 and got 1. 1 did not survive the thaw, 1 eSET bombed out as a chemical, and 1 made it as an eSET.

    sure, take a young healthy egg component and a young healthy sperm component in a tested fertile womb- putting in 3 CCS normals would be aybe asking for it... but come on.

    can I use some shouty caps now?

    ok, but really, so happy for you that you are so very close to the end game.
    I so so hope that ms.magpie can get a sibling out of this, but you know too, mo, that you all are going to be good no matter what.

    please update when you can! enjoy your time out there.
    we used the drop-in daycare center right down the road when we got to that point, and I hope you all can lessen the stresses of travel/FET while there.

    all good thoughts coming your way!

  7. Here's hoping for the best possible outcome for you and your family! Thinking of you & missing you! We'll be spending a bit more time in NY once the renovation's done this fall. Hope to see you then!

  8. Great plan! 3 embryos transfer sounds reasonable given the history. I have the gut feeling for boy/girl twins. :-) Take care of yourself and will be looking forward to hear some exciting news..... :-)

  9. Makes sense to me, too. You are doing what is best for YOUR family. I'm sending you all my best! Fingers crossed for you!

  10. I would be afraid of Murphy's law...if not for the DL/ivig I would do 1 or 2 at a time.

  11. I stubbled upon your blog as I'm getting ready to transfer 2 (hopefully) on Friday. I have had people look at me like I'm crazy for it, but I guess with reason, as on my fresh cycle, we transferred 2 day 3 embryos, and both took. Unfortunately, I went into labor at 22 weeks, and my sweet babies did not make it. Since then (that was October), I had one FET which resulted in a chemical pregnancy. My final two embryos are frozen together, and both have to be transferred. I think people think I'm crazy for doing that, so I must say, your blog made me smile and feel a little less crazy, although I'm so sorry you have gone through so much! Best of luck to you!

    1. I'm so sorry for all you've been through. I am sending all positive thoughts that your FET works and brings you your longed for family. Thank you for posting.

  12. I would have done the same thing. Good luck, Mo. Keeping you guys in my thoughts


  13. Sending lots and lots of good thoughts to you and your little embryos!

  14. Makes sense. Good luck! I had my daughter (via egg donation) around the same time you had Magpie. No more babies in my future. I can't handle any more IVF. Whenever I see your blog pop up in my feed - my heart lurches. I don't know you but I wish the best for you and your family.

  15. Wishing you tons of sticky vibes next week Mo! FX!

  16. Yay for three!!! Fingers crossed!

  17. I recall a similar post before Magpie's transfer. I completely agree with every single reason for this decision, including the emotional ones. As you know, I was aggressive for my successful FET. Go for it! Game on!

    And enjoy your toddler free time in Denver with Will. ;-)

  18. It makes total sense. I transferred 3 whenever I could and those were 28-31 year old eggs I was working with (they just sucked that much). I don't have multiples. You've got to do what you've got to do. Lupron is nasty stuff. Travel is expensive. I think it makes perfect sense given your history. I did get pregnant with triplets the last go around but one never had a heartbeat and the other heartbeat stopped at 9 weeks. So we ended up with a singleton with no intervention. Murphy's law was just messing with us for a few weeks that go around :)

  19. Good luck! I hope it works, and if you end up with triplets, I'm sure you'll be just fine!

  20. Interesting no matter what for sure! Wishing you peace as you go in for your transfer.

  21. sending love and luck, and thinking of you!

  22. Why wouldn't you transfer 3? All the best to you.

  23. Good luck to you.

  24. Despite being strongly in favor of SETs, I transferred two because my RE had frozen them in pairs. You know, que sera sera. If you think about destiny being in control of all this, you perhaps relax a bit when making these incredibly difficult choices. Got my fingers, toes, and everything crossed for you!

  25. Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts your way!

  26. Sending prayers and my absolute best your way.
    -Lara A


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