Friday, August 28, 2015

Transfer complete - with pics!

All went well with the transfer.

My blood results came back well too with progesterone at 24 and estrogen at 2,000 (oh my!)

All three blastocysts survived the thaw 100%. And according to the embryologist, they were all expanded and beginning to hatch!

Here's a pic. We had the embryologist tell us which was which, so I labeled it for you to see.

For comparison, here is the pic from Magpie's transfer. In that case, two survived the thaw 100% and the third 98%, and two of the three had fully expanded. Today's blasts look in much worse shape to me, but then again, I'm no embyologist. Maybe ugly blasts can sometimes go the distance?

And here is the pic from the FET before that, that resulted in a loss at 7 weeks... In that case, All three blasts survived the thaw, with 100% cell survival for two of them and 98% cell survival for the third. One of the three completely re-expanded, and the other two moderately and minimally 

Nothing to do now but wait (and overanalyze...I


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  1. Wow Mo! That's so exciting! I think these embryos look the best!! I know what u mean about over analyzing! I totally do that too!!! I'm hopeful for you!!! Enjoy your bedrest!!

  2. Very best wishes. Lots of crossed fingers for you all and know there are lots of blue faces out here as we hold our breath for you.

  3. Hoping the very best for you.

  4. yeah, I thought the most recent ones look the best too!
    they loos great! mine never looked like those-
    so yes, ugly ones go the distance too.
    but yours don't look ugly at all...
    even the day 7... that beauty has some chutzpah!

    so glad the transfer went as well as could be, and that it is in the past...
    now, wait and see and what will be will be.

    who did the FET? schoolcraft?

    1. yes. schoolcraft. thanks for your thoughts!

  5. Wishing you tons of sticky vibes! Fx!

  6. Been following your journey for quite a while now. Sending you lots of positive thoughts!

  7. Any embryologist will tell you ugly blasts absolutely make babies. Just statistically not as often as better looking blasts. You've beaten the odds before. Now it's time for miracle baby number two to start cooking!


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