Thursday, December 10, 2015

Miscarriage #8 genetic results

We got the genetics back on miscarriage #8.

The OB's nurse had called me with the results and said it showed a mosaicism. I asked her to tell me the exact results and she started reading...and then kept going...and going...

In a nutshell, our latest pregnancy had some normal cells but then three different kinds of chromsomal errors going on, depending on which of the cells were tested. But it was not just that some of the cells were normal and some were abnormal.

In our embryo, there were normal cells and then three different kinds of chromosomal errors in different segments of cells, including one jumping translocation. Basically the embryo that implanted was a genetic clusterf*ck.

It was a relief to get these results, because these results show completely clearly that this embryo could never have made a living baby in a million years. So there is no "what if" there.

I've spoken to the Denver clinic's head geneticist after she called today, and she thought that the particular type of errors our embryo showed likely occurred later in development. She thought they could stem from the sperm rather than the egg and is calling our local hospital to see if they can run an origin of aneuploidy test on the remaining tissue.That would be helpful I think, in case we go the donor egg route. God forbid we have some previously undetected problem on the sperm side that could be contributing to our many losses.

I also spoke to Dr. Schl. who was very kind and nice and informative and thinks we should look into the origins of this loss but said that his bets are on egg donor and Will's sperm being a viable way to go.

We have begun the donor egg process, both at the Denver clinic and at a local clinic. And we've been looking into going with a frozen egg bank versus a live donor, so stay tuned on that.

On the home front, we've just been enjoying Magpie to the fullest this holiday season. She is so enthusiastic and so verbal. She loves the Christmas tree. She loves the ornaments. She loves the Nutcracker music and story. It is wonderful to see her joy in all things holiday related. A joy to be her mama.


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  1. I'm glad you got some answers Mo!

    How exciting that you've started the egg donor process! I'm sure you know we are all
    Rooting for you!!!

    Enjoy Christmas :-)

  2. Good to hear an update from you! so glad Magpie continues to be a delight and you're taking steps toward DE. Clearly that route worked out for me, do let me know if I can help in anyway!

  3. I am happy that you were able to get some answers as to what caused your loss. As someone who was reluctant to pursue ED, I could not be happier that I did. I can attest to not having time to think about their origins (both different), as I am too busy loving them. I did both fresh and frozen bank cycles, and preferred the frozen (much less stressful, less expensive, less unused embryos). Looking forward to hearing about your experiences. Best of luck, Lynne

  4. The best decision I ever made was to try with donor eggs. I wouldn't have my two amazing little girls without them.

  5. So thankful they found something. Sad that there was still a loss but what a relief to know why.

  6. Wow. Nice to know always that the womb was not to blame, that relief you mentioned.
    But scary to consider the possibility of sperm issues potentially playing a role (somehow for unexplained infertility it's always the woman who gets blamed). Hope you are able to get more answers. I'd never heard of origin of aneuploidy testing before, but it certainly makes a lot of sense when there are repeated losses.
    Best of luck with whatever route you end up pursuing.

  7. I am sorry for your loss, but I am glad you know that it was an error in the embryo. Knowing there is nothing I could have done was very helpful in my own loss. I hope you have some peace in that. We are also in the donor egg process, so I'll keep an eye on you! Good luck!

  8. wow mo... thanks for posting the genetic results.
    how amazing to be able to get so much information... things have really come a long way since i was receiving my own crap results...

    so, these were ccs normal embryos, and did ccrm say that the ccs screening would not/never pick up on the anomalies in this particular embryo?

    i am really glad that you have a good relationship with them and also the genetic department there... it helps to have people pointing you in directions that you might not be able to decide on on your own.

    i hope you get some more info, if it can be done with the remaining tissues. to rule out any sperm concerns.

    also so glad to read that you have plans in motion, it could happen that 2016 holds some exciting times for your family...

    wishing you guys a peaceful and safe and healthy holiday season. you are loved :)

  9. A heartbreak, but also a relief? I found having concrete genetic issues to be comforting, actually--if anything can be a comfort. It gave me a place to go from there, with good solid info.

    As someone who went the donor egg route, please know that my only regret is that I was so afraid of it all at first. I could not possibly love this child more than I do, it was the best decision I ever made. As always, holler if you want to talk.

    Any chance you're around over the holidays? We have a real apt. in B-town, now. Many playgrounds nearby. And we'll be in town for about a week. coming in next Tuesday, I think...

  10. Wow, that is interesting. It would make me feel a bit better to hear this news, as well, in relation to the loss. I do hope there's not a problem with W's sperm... sounds like Dr. Schl. thinks it may not be the main issue? Glad you are enjoying the holiday season with Magpie - so fun that she's excited about everything!

  11. Hi there Mo! I found your blog in October while researching pregnancy rates for antral follicle counts of 5 and below...mine was 5 combined. Anyway, I began reading your story from the start, and I just have to tell you how much I admire your persistence and your strength, and how you and Will just keep moving forward together. I'm so happy you have little Magpie! She's absolutely adorable! I've had you in my prayers, and I'll keep praying for you all as you move forward.

  12. May all the special things come your way! Keep your fingers cross. My prayers are with you.

  13. Glad you were able to get a clear picture of what happened, though I'm still sorry for it. Hopeful for you guys on the donor egg front. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas with Magpie!

  14. Mo - Thanks for letting us know how things have been going for you. I'm glad the genetic results have given you some closure on the m/c, and that you are in a good place to move forward with DE. I look forward to following your updates in 2016 as you go down this new path, as my DH and I go down our new path (GC, and if none of our frozen blasts stick, then perhaps DE or adoption.)

  15. I'm still so sorry things ended the way they did, but there is some comfort in knowing that the pregnancy just wasn't viable.

    I'm so glad you have Magpie to help soften the blow and enjoy the season with. All the best moving forward!

  16. This is strange to say but I'm glad you got these results--must be such a relief to not have any what ifs. So this must have been a no result, correct? So sorry again for your loss and the heartbreaking roller coaster. I'm glad you are enjoying the holidays with magpie and it sounds like you guys have got the ball rolling on next steps.

  17. I am relieved that you got this information.

    Is it possible to have Will's sperm genetically tested independently if the tissue isn't viable or inconclusive?

    It seems that you have a plan, which is so important to keeping one's sanity.

    Having a child to spend the holidays with is a gift.

  18. hi mo,
    just wanted to wish you a season's greetings...
    this was a tough year for you... planning, gearing up, travelling, the hopes, the stress, and then the outcome.
    just letting you know that you are in my thoughts...
    and to say... high hopes and best wishes for an amazing 2016, lots of joy & fulfillment with magpie and will, good health, good times, good luck, and peace.

  19. Dear Mo,
    Just to wish you and your family a warm and peaceful holiday season and the very best for 2016. I wish you peace and the best possible results as you embark on whatever new path you choose. Having failed 5 fet of CCS normal blasts this year I also look forward to a better 2016, whether it be with a GC, one that miraculously sticks in me, or DE. Wishing you all the best.

  20. Hi Mo, am so glad for you that you got an answer to the last loss. I went through 4 miscarriages and each time I didn't have an answer despite testing. I wish you the best in your journey.

  21. Hello, new reader here. I'm so sorry for your multiple losses. Wishing you the best of luck with donor eggs!!

  22. Is the aneuploidy test similar to PGD or is it a completely different test on the chromosomes? I've had six losses and two were with CCS tested embryos and we tested one again after the loss and it also came back with normal chromosomes. Just trying to figure out what more testing to do. Sorry you too have experienced so many losses and wishing you the best of luck. xo

    1. I am so sorry for all of your losses.

      To answer your question, if the genetics on the products of conception came back as normal in your case there would be no further tests to run, that I know of. In the case that a chromosomal problem is discovered, it is apparently possible to determine whether the error came from the egg or the sperm. From what I understand, it is almost always from the egg... again that would only be useful if you were considering donor gametes.


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