Wednesday, January 21, 2009

32 weeks

My friend R. reached 32 weeks today and is still going strong on hospital bedrest at Brigham and Women's. Still dilated to 5-6 cm, still 100% effaced, but hanging in there. She's feeling cheerier now she has a computer.

She's managed to stay pregnant far past her doctors' predictions. She said they refuse to prognosticate further since none of them thought she would make it this far. She's been in the hospital now since Christmas Eve.

I'll keep you posted.

Way to go, R!



  1. That's great! Thanks for keeping us updated. I was only on hospital bedrest for 10 days and it was awful, but that being said I hope your friend stays there for many more weeks. But then THAT being said, my daughter was a 32 weeker, and while it wasn't easy by any stretch (4 weeks in NICU, followed by a monitor for 5 months) she's now one of the healthiest 6-year-olds I know, so whatever happens, I have faith your friend and her baby will be OK!

  2. this is great news. i feel a little bit better after the 32 wk hump...

  3. YAY R! You keep proving those drs wrong!

  4. Stay snuggled in, little R! It is great to hear the good news.

  5. Wow, that's quite the hospital stay. Glad that she's getting more weeks in before baby.

  6. that's awesome! I'm so happy for her.

  7. Oh congratualtions to her! Every day is an addedd blessing and I will keep the prayers going for her. Please do keep us posted.


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