Monday, April 26, 2010

Moxie in the springtime

I realized I haven't posted any Moxie pics in a here goes.

She's nine months old now (where has the time gone?!) and she's gotten to be a big girl. Over 50 pounds of boxer!

Here are some shots of her playing with other doggies upstate this past weekend. We've found a wonderful place where they come and get her from our apartment, take her to play with other dogs on 10 acres in the country, and deliver her home, happy and healthy. (And yes, this awesome dog sitter posts photos for us online so we can see that Moxie is having a good time. And yes, being the over-attentive childless dog parents that we are, we log on multiple times a day from wherever we are vacationing until the pics are posted so we can see how our little girl is doing....looks like she's having a grand time running and playing and running and jumping and running and playing tug of war).

We expect her to come home tomorrow very happy and completely tuckered out. We've missed her!

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  1. I love it. I hate to admit all the things we do for little Bo. FYI -- He is not so little now either, last vet check up he was 65.8 pounds. I think our pups won the dog lottery!

  2. Wow! Er, can I have the name of this place? We're looking at the possibility of a 2 week vacation in August, and I can't stand the thought of leaving her in a kennel in the city. This place looks wonderful!

  3. I have to admit, nothing brings a smile to my face like a boxer:) Ours, Roxy, is 4 years old, but I swear she still acts like she's 9 months:)
    Moxie is adorable!

  4. She is having so much fun! And she loves her stick! What a great place, a great idea.

  5. Beautiful boxer!

    What a lovely place for her to vacation while you are vacationing. Lucky dog/lucky parents!

  6. Moxie it such a beautiful dog! And that dog sitting place is awesome. Dog heaven! We have a cat sitter who will email us pictures of our kitty babies when we travel, and it is so worth it. I'm sure Moxie will be so happy to see you when she gets home!

  7. I am also an over-attentive dog owner. :) She's been with me through deployments and heartache and always manages to make me smile. Moxie looks like she's loving it! I wish I had a place like that! I hate leaving her behind.

  8. What a wonderful place that you have to take her! She looks so happy.

  9. I LOVE seeing dogs play - so joyful and uninhibited! We used to have a dachshund who would play with me. Now we borrow my Dad's Border Collie who is deadly serious - fetching her ball is her JOB and there will be NO playing with other dogs (in fact there'll be a snarling and bearing of teeth if they so much as attempt to play with her). I miss the playing!

  10. Im wishing I were Moxie right now. Looks like tons of fun!

  11. I LOVE this! What a great idea!!


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