Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sundays of grace #27

1. Springtime with boxer puppy in the country! We took Moxie this weekend up to Will's parents' place and as soon as we got here, she bounded out of the car and up the hill. She has spent the past day running and running and running, launching herself off a particularly steep bit of hill and leaping to the bottom, then running back up the hillside again. At one point, she even launched herself into the pond on their property, chasing after a stick. She's never swum before, but figured it out pretty quickly (and before Will or I had to go in after her!) Last night, lying in our laps as we watched a movie, she was one tuckered - completely adorable - pooch.

2. Forsythia is in bloom!!!! And we are taking a bunch of it back to our NYC apartment!!! It will be beautiful and a way to bring a bit of the country back with us. So wonderful!

3.Tomorrow, we'll speak with Dr. Schl. at the Denver clinic to get his thoughts on the three outlier normals and their chances of implantation. We already talked to our RE here at the NYC clinic and his take on the situation was pretty bleak, unfortunately. Given that Dr. Schl. is not known for being overly optimistic - plus the fact that these embryos were grown by and are housed in his lab - we're really looking forward to his thoughts and promise to post after we talk to him. Although we are concerned about what we may hear, we are grateful to be able to get some information (or at least his opinion) and to make decisions about transferring and/or cycling again.


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  1. Urk. Sorry NY doc wasn't more optimistic.

    Very glad you'all & the Moxter got up to the country. Nothing is more relaxing than watching a dog who is enjoying herself so very much!

    DInner was great, we should really get to the Grocery one of these nights - this is perfect eat-in-the-garden weather!

    Hoping for good news tomorrow...

  2. Forsythia are beautiful- hope it's a harbinger of more beauty to come.

  3. Good luck with the call tomorrow - I'm sure he'll be excited to share the joy of normal Day 7's. That is a big deal, for them too.

    And enjoy the forsythia, that is always my proof of spring flower!

  4. I so am hoping your call goes well. You never know what will happen...:) Isn't a blissfully happy tuckered out puppy the best?

  5. Sending good thoughts for your call tomorrow. Hoping for the best.

    Tuckered puppies nestled close are the best.

  6. Your flowers are ahead of us here - mine are still tiny budlets shivering in the cold! But soon...

    I hate that your doc wasn't more optimistic, but I also hate when they give you the "it's all going to be great!" BS. We've both been around the block too many times for that. Looking forward to Dr Ss comments. Take care!

  7. Logically I don't see why the IVM embie wouldn't be a decent contender. As for the two 7 day'ers... I dunno, while I understand they may not be the leaders of the pack, the fact is they're still genetically normal. AND if we don't regularly grow out embies to day 7 and transfer them, how do we KNOW they don't make babies? AND there are plenty of "ugly" embryos that make babies. So, while your embies may not be the "best", um, you have THREE and it seems like that has to make your odds of getting at least ONE baby pretty darn good.

  8. Hey- I found your blog through another blog I follow and I have kinda been following you the last few weeks. I just wanted to say that I am sorry your ny re was not optimistic. Just my 2 cents but after 8 doctors and 6 miscarriages I realized the doctors are just giving their best guess and to not put too much into it and they are rarely right anyways. U have been around the block so I'm sure I am not telling u anything new:-)

    My last ivf my doc was pessimistic too and I have two twin boys sleeping in the other room from it. I guess they were wrong yet again!

    Good luck and keep your eye on the prize!

  9. Just seeing forsythia improves my mood.


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