Friday, October 28, 2011

Egg donor karyotype

Our egg donor E's karyotype is normal!


So now just waiting on those pesky day 3 FSH/LH/E2 "official" results.

She better not go camping again and miss the test!!

Full steam ahead.


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  1. Whooo-hooo! Check another thing off the list!

  2. Awesome!! December, eh? Will you be freezing and FET-ing this time around? I am SO excited for you!

  3. Gwinne - no...fresh transfer...she's 23, so we're skipping the microarray/CCS this time...

  4. Great news! December will be here before you know it.

  5. Check another off the donor to-do list. Things are moving along as they should. I would have been frustrated when she missed her Day 3 labs but you seem to be in a good place with it.

    Not sure when her period is expected but hopefully soon and you can check the last item off the list.

    Congrats! It is getting really close!

  6. hahha...I looked at the picture you showed first- seeing the Y chromosome there gave me more than a little jolt!

    Good to hear everything is normal:)

    Since they are being so through in the screening, are they doing work ups to see if she is a carrier for tay sachs, muscular dystrophy and all those other things? Just curious!

  7. Jay - Oops - I need to fix my picture! Is not her karyotype : ) they tested for SMA, CF, and hemoglobinopathies. Not for tay sachs (we aren't carriers and she's not jewish) or muscular dystrophy tho...

  8. Fingers and toes crossed! Thinking of you guys!

  9. I think you could almost see her missing the day 3 labs as carefree and charming. I can easily make her missing the appointment a strength for her.

    Ah, to be so young and carefree as to not know when your cycle starts.

    Cute little Fertile.

  10. Congratulations! That's great news!

  11. Keep the good news rolling...

  12. Good news that! Another worry off your list.

    Good Luck to you!

  13. I love these posts- you are cruising right along here, and I'm so excited for you!

  14. Very exciting for you!!! Hoping DE are the answer to your long awaited for dreams. We have been through a similar journey as you (5 IUI, 6 transfers of our own embryos and only 3 chemicals to show for it). So we moved to DE and have finally had success, early success, but this is the farthest we've been yet and it's so very exciting.My point in telling you this is that there is SOOO much hope for you!

  15. This is very encouraging! It's always exciting to get through one more gate and on to the next one.

    Here's to a series of green lights, Mo!

    Oh, and I see "CCRM" in your sidebar. Does this mean you're in CO?

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