Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two Denver donor emails to make a recipient girl smile

Both arrived last night.

Email number one:

Hi Mo, 
We saw your donor today.  She is lovely.    She has about 33 resting follicles.    I sent her home with a shipping kit for her to freeze and ship her Day 3 blood to us in.   Her last period was 9/21/11 so she should be starting some time next week. 
And then from a different staffer not on the donor team, someone who we've become close to during our repeated Denver sojourns, who offered to make a point of meeting the donor:
Hi Mo!
I “bumped” into her today. She is SUPER cute and very well poised. I also chatted with the donor team this morning and asked them to fill me in on details. They were all very impressed with her demeanor and attitude. She apparently was very sweet and articulate. The ultrasound tech even commented on how sweet she was! The tech also was very impressed with her follicles (just over 30 total!). I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this all continues to go well!
They liked her!! She's cute! She's articulate! She's "lovely" even!

We also received word last night that she passed the psych screen and MMPI-2 with flying colors (I knew she was a psychologically solid young woman!)...they promise to let us know as she passes each stage of the testing.

So here's where our donor is at on the list of needed approvals:

  • psychological evaluation (including MMPI-2) 
  • baseline ultrasound
  • physical exam
  • pap smear/breast exam
  • urine toxicology screen
  • blood typing
  • CBC/chem panel
  • communicable diseases panel
  • and genetic testing (karyotype, cystic fibrosis, fragile x, spinal muscular atrophy, and hemoglobinopathy)

Good news so far!

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  1. Oh, yay, hooray!

    My process was different than yours in that I knew she'd passed general screening before I picked her (she'd donated before) but still it was a great thrill to hear from my doctor that the donor was 'sweet'

    Here's hoping you can move forward easily. I am so excited for you!!!

  2. YES!!!
    So glad to hear about resting follicles--she sounds like a egg-makin' superstar! And sweet & articulate to boot? Yes! Seriously, it's a great thing that your clinic likes her. It's a good start--fingers will remain crossed! Please keep keeping us posted!

  3. Yay! What fantastic praise to hear about your donor - really nice of the Denver people to write you. It all sounds so promising and I am really excited for you to finally bring home the baby you deserve. Keep up the good work donor!

  4. Woohooo! Lovely is great. 30 resting follicles is awesome!! I'm so excited for you!

  5. Great news!! Super cute and well-spoken, very good qualities!

  6. Oh Mo, I am so happy this this is going well and it was really nice of Denver staff to email you and let you know. I am so excited for you and Will!

  7. Brings back awesome memories about learning about our darn exciting isn't it!!

  8. How great is it to get 2 emails confiming you made a great choice in a donor! I am so excited for you & this process! Looking forward to hearing about your ODWU.

  9. yay yay yay, keep the good news coming!

  10. I'm so glad that things are continuing to move in a positive direction for you guys! Go Donor! I can't wait to hear more...I am so excited for you!

  11. great news on all fronts!!! so excited for things to get moving!!!

  12. That is so awesome that they emailed you, and even more awesome that she is such a good match for you guys! Thinking of you through this process x

  13. Well, NICE! I love how this is shaping up. I hope you're feeling great.

  14. Yay! Sounds like things are finally falling into place. I hope you get to move forward (and get pg with a sticky baby) soon!


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