Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sundays of grace #23

1. I got to see two blogging women I've come to love this week: Sprogblogger and Dora (plus got to see - and hold! - Baby S. again). Yeah! Pretty awesome that. And still amazing to me that real life relationships have sprung (and hopefully will continue to spring?) from this online world. Wish I hadn't met you here ladies, but since I'm here and you're here. Nice! pretty much sums it up.

2. Weekend at the beach! We are still in the U.S., so it is a bit blustery, but it is great to have no winter coat on! and to go running outside in shorts! and to go fishing! (even if all I caught was a hermit crab). To look out at the blue water and feel the sun on my face. To be side by side with Will. All in all, a pretty darn good couple of days. Yeah, three-day weekend!

3. Ran for an hour outside this weekend - as I mentioned in shorts. I use a GPS watch when I run to track my heartrate and mileage. And gosh darn, if I'm not getting faster, which is cool and motivating for all this gym/weight loss stuff. Will says I'm almost fast enough now that my runner sister in law might be able to slow down enough to let me accompany her and Will on one of their weekend runs (typically, I can only run with her when she's like 6-9 months pregnant. And geesh, isn't that a bit of a bummer on numerous levels.) So, grateful for that too. For feeling strong, for seeing improvements, for having stamina, and health. I'm proud of myself for sticking with the exercise long enough to build strength and endurance. Because the beginning part of exercise is always, always sucky.

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  1. i want to be at the beach. so jealous. we had a freezing fog warning here today. :(


  2. So jealous--what the heatwave of 4o's in NY wasn't warm enough for you? I thought it was pretty great to walk the dog today in just a hoodie-rather than the usual tundra gear!LOL! Glad you are having a wonderful sunny & friend filled weekend-=you and Will both deserve that!
    Keep up the good exercise reports--you are inspiring me on SO many levels!!!

  3. So jealous!!!!!!

    Praying always for y'all!

  4. At least you can run. I joined cross-country in high school, and hated every minute of it. At 6' tall, people assume I'm athletic. But I'm not coordinated, have no willpower, and get a stitch in my side every time I try to jog. I can walk for ages, bike, swim. Just can't run.
    Way to go getting back in shape!

  5. Brooklyn's gray & rainy. Glad you are on a beach somewhere and yay for feeling stronger!

  6. Hey Mo- Good for you! It must make you feel AMAZING! Try and remember that feeing in your darkest times, ok? think of all the 'normal' stores you can now walk into and actually purchase clothes from! I know, it's just a bandaid, but it;s a GOOD one, you know!

    Please keep up the Hallmark cards, I am still waiting to find one to make my FB profile page that wouldn;t offend my family! (hey, are we FB friends yet?)


  7. Great seeing you. Too bad Baby S's grandma was with us, making it difficult to chat freely. BTW, Baby S enjoyed snuggling with you. She says you're a natural. She particularly likes your acerbic wit. ;-)

  8. Hi! You were mentioned in our Newspaper this morning and I thought I ought to let you know. There is a copy of the article on my blog if you're interested? I can't find it online anywhere, or I'd just pass you the linky.

  9. I wish I could stick to running. I never keep it up for long. If I did, I think I'd need more of a turtle to track my mileage...rather than a GPS.

    By-the-way, tomorrow on my blog, you are getting a blog award. This may be a duplicate, but it was well deserved anyway. :)

  10. Wish *I* could meet you in person, Mo!!! Anytime you are in NY area!?!!

  11. Ran into your blog while looking for couples going through IVF. Just wanted to say 'hi." :D

  12. Hey Mo, are you doing ok? Just thinking of you, and if you're busy that is understandable! Take care.

  13. I'm also thinking of you and wondering how you're doing?

  14. Me too, I've been stopping by and just hoping you're ok.

    Sending love no matter what,

  15. Just checking in and hoping all is well.


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