Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sundays of grace #22

1. Will threw me a birthday dinner! And many people came! Including Sprogblogger! How cool is that! I felt very loved and honored to have my birthday celebrated by a nice cadre of friends + Will and my awesome sister.

2. You guys! Wow - you really came out of the woodwork to delurk! I'm completely humbled. And I have a bunch of new blogs to read. And I just feel so touched that you're out there. Reading. I very super know?

3. Hard to top those two, so I won't even try. I read mekate's post on battling urgency (you should really go check it out) and it really helped synthesize a lot of what I am often feeling on the topic - a feeling that can be whipped into a frenzy by something like a 38th birthday and a family emergency that's got all baby making proceedings on indefinite hold. But for today, for this moment, I'm feeling ok. The urgency is in check. I'm feeling centered, and like somehow we'll figure this out, and that it'll happen somehow, somewhen, and most of all, that I'm going to be ok. Sometimes (often?) these are hard feelings to come by. And I am grateful that for just now, I am feeling at peace.


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  1. Peace is good. And I'm glad you had such a nice birthday! I never do anything for mine. Haven't had a party since oh, about 2000. Guess I'm just a little boring. :)

  2. SO happy you had a lovely birthday celebration. We definitely do all get by with a little help from our friends. I have come to appreciate mine even more in the last year with everything I have been through.

  3. happy birthday! delurking at your suggestion and to tell you im so glad you enjoyed your day!
    it takes a long time in this journey (any journey?) to be able to approach it from a place of peace. with all that you and will have suffered i am so glad to see that you are able to live in this place. some days its hard to remember to live for the positive things in life, or for the living. i try very very hard to remember the things i have and not get too down on what i don't. i try to tell myself that this is my cross to bear, that other people suffer far worse. you, however, got a double whammy with having to beat cancer too--no fair! it shows your strength though. how about ill send you some peaceful thoughts if you promise to do the same for me? enjoy the rest of your sunday :)

  4. Happy Birthday to you and how sweet of Will to organize it, complete with Sprogblogger--Awesome!!!

    Love that word.. grace...

  5. Happy Birthday!

    I need a little peace in my life at the moment. Thank you for this post - I needed to remember that.

  6. Happy Birthday! I am glad you had a nice time!

  7. Happy birthday - I'm glad you had a great day!

  8. Happy birthday Mo!
    those are truly great things to be grateful for. :)
    feeling loved does help quite a bit in everything ;)


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