Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesdays with Will: detours

I try to walk every morning to work. My trip is pretty cool if you like the city since about 1/3 of the walk is in Central Park and I pass by some really interesting places. It is stimulating and things I see always give me something to ponder. Anyway, I am going to try to snap a photo along my way each week and share it here along with some thoughts; I am thinking by putting this on paper it will actually motivate me to do it.

This morning Mo and I were able to take a walk together - I to the gym and she to work. On the way we came upon one of the large traffic alert signs that flashed "Road work starting. Plan alternate route." We reflected on how that was a good reminder as we start our next IVF cycle. What is the purpose of all of this? At times we get caught up in the details - money, physical pain, hassles, missed phone calls, and the "what-ifs" - and forget what we really are hoping for. And its not just a physical baby. It's our baby, our child.

For now, I am trying to put aside the thoughts of "if this doesn't work, then..." and concentrate on this cycle, preparing myself for whatever the outcome is. I'd like to stop thinking about this process of trying to conceive as an IVF process - it makes it kind of mechanical.

So, from this Wednesday forward I am planning a "Wednesdays with Will" post; I will try to remember my camera next week. I am hoping to keep both feet grounded, my eyes and mind in the present, and my heart with Mo. Here goes...


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  1. Good points for us all to remember! Thank you and good luck to you and Mo!

  2. What a nice idea. Trying to live in the moment can be so tough during IVF. Good luck and I am hopeful you & Mo will get where you're going--despite the detours.

  3. Will, it's wonderful to hear your voice once in a while. So now, I'll know to expect it on Wednesdays. :)
    So true about the detours... and how changing our view of the process can bring us back to ourselves and into the work in progress.
    I'll wait for the pictures next week.

  4. Good point about trying to remember this isn't about the IVF process, it's about the baby. I like that view of it a whole lot more. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Always glad to have another perspective, and look forward to "Wednesdays with Will".

  6. So very wise. Thanks for the reminder!

  7. definitely! it's not the process, it's the outcome!

  8. I agree it's so not how you get there but that you get there, good luck with this upcomming IVF!

  9. Looking forward to future "Wednesdays with Will." I wish you and Mo the best of luck!


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