Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hello, ICLW'ers!

Welcome! We're glad you're here!

Brief history for any newbies: Started TTC almost two years ago around the time of our marriage. We sought an RE's opinion before we married, worried that Mo's history of cancer and chemotherapy might make our journey to pregnancy an uphill battle.

Unfortunately our fears have not been unfounded. In September 2007, we became pregnant after our first IVF, but lost the baby to a double aneuploidy. In February 2008, we failed a 2nd IVF, then became pregnant immediately after on our own, losing the baby at 7 wks. We became pregnant yet again naturally, but had a chemical. In December of this year, we failed our third IVF and we are now beginning IVF #4, using endometrial co-culture. If we fail this attempt, we are considering traveling to Colorado to try microarray CGH to test whether we make any normal embryos, since all of our losses have been due to chromosomal abnormalities.

It's been a whirlwind so far, and this blog has turned out to be a great way for Will and I to connect with others going through their own journeys. Will's working a 14-hour day today (ah, the glamour of being a doctor!) and I am shortly to work too to try to get my dissertation rolling toward completion.

Glad you stopped by.

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We look forward to finding new blogs this week and getting to check in with you all.


p.s. One question: Any food/supplement recommendations while cycling? I'm about to start stims early next week for IVF #4. What has your doctor said about caffeine, alcohol, aspartame, sugar, and the like?

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  1. Dissertation AND IVF. I don't know how you are doing it! I could barely handle one at a time.

  2. Hey Mo,
    We have something in common, I start stimms for my IVF#4 later this week as well.
    I used to do the whole banning of anything and everything but quickly learned it would make no difference to the outcomes of my treatment. I now follow everything in moderation in terms of exercise, caffiene and alchohol during IVF. I'm also with a dietitian who has worked out an eating plan for me to maximize egg quality. But I strive to find balance throughout this journey.
    All the best for #4!

  3. I can't remember if I'm commented before--thanks for stopping by our blog a few posts back (while we were in your wonderful city!).
    As far as supplements-my CCRM RE put me on L-arginine for egg quality, but I started it three months prior to stims. They also said no caffeine or alcohol during stims. I tried to avoid strenuous exercise once my ovaries were pretty stimmed, but was even running 8 miles on day 3 of stims. Of COURSE--nothing worked for us so who am I to give advice?? :)

    Wishing you the best of luck--hoping co-culture is the ticket and you won't even need to go West!

  4. my RE said less caffeine and not much alcohol was fine. Aspartame- No.

    I would've left DH for shots learning too!

  5. Can't believe it's ICLW again! The months just keep flying by - but hopefully this is THE month for both of us. Good luck!

  6. My RE said no alcohol and I never asked about the rest. During the first cycles, I avoided caffeine and limited sugar, and generally tried to be very healthy on the eating and exercise fronts.

    On the final IVF (successful), I never gave up caffeine and I didn't pay attention to my sugar intake and didn't exercise a bit. I did stay away from alcohol, though.

    Anecdotal, for sure.

  7. GL with #4, Mo. You are so brave to keep going! I just did my trigger shot for IVF/ICSI #1 a few minutes ago, with ER scheduled for Monday, and I'm pretty scared for what awaits us over the next few weeks. I gave up caffeine for this IVF cycle, and my doc said I could have small quantities of alcohol during stimming, but I haven't taken that chance. I've always used organic sugar, so can't comment on aspartame. I hope this is the cycle you get your BFP.

  8. You probably have read this book already. It is called "Reproductive Complications and Sexual Dysfunction in the Cancer Patient",

    I would say doing things just for youself might help you relax. I took up belly dancing, which has been a lot of fun for me.

    Take care!

  9. Happy ICLW! Good luck with number 4. I've got all kinds of things crossed for you two. Thanks for the intro, it's good to read the "low down" on the first day.

  10. Just wanted to wish you well for your new cycle and your dissertation. For what it's worth.
    You. Are. Awe . Inspiring xxxx

  11. Mo, I think that everyone does something different but I would try to do the best to watch what I eat etc...BUT, have you tried acupuncture - they say the success rate with IVF & acupuncture goes up 65%(chances of conceiving). I have been doing acupuncture for 8 months and am now going to try one IUI with acupuncture. My friend had 2 failed IVF cycles and then on the 3rd she did IVF and now has a healthy daughter..Im not saying its a sure thing but if you can afford it just for this definitely cant hurt!

  12. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog.

    It sounds like you have so much going on right now, but it sounds like you know how to find yourselves in times of craziness (the fireplace sounds lovely!).

    I hope that this cycle works and you don't have to worry about further testing.


  13. I know that I only comment intermittently, but have been reading along for a while.

    Thinking of you as you begin this fourth cycle, and wishing you the very best of luck.

  14. My doc is anti-caffeine and artificial sweeteners . . . and no alcohol post-transfer, of course. We are excited to get to cheer you guys on during this next cycle!


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