Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sundays of grace #9

1. Having a medical team I really believe in: Over the past decade dealing with first cancer and then infertility, I've unfortunately had more doctors than I would like to count. Almost all of them have been fine, decent clinicians, competent people. But a few of them, including my oncologist and my current RE, are much more than fine, they are really amazing. And I am just so very grateful for this. No one wants to be sick or to go through any of these difficulties. But when you do have to, it makes it so much easier when you have a doctor who is accessible to you, who listens to you with respect, and who truly treats you as a person underneath the diagnosis. In these two important physician relationships, I have found two people who are able to see me in the middle of all of the medical. And for that I am very appreciative.

2. Good drugs after surgery. Having just had stage III endo cleaned out of my abdomen, I am newly aware of how grateful I am for good pain control when it is necessary. It has been great the past few days to rest and let my body start to heal, for my suffering to be reduced because I'm able to take appropriate pain control as necessary for my own comfort.

3. Good friends: People have run the gamut with their help the past few days, just offering to listen when i need to talk, offering to bring some food over because I'm not well enough to leave the house yet, offering to explain which Chi-Square analysis I need to run on a bit of tricky data so I can try to get this dissertation moving. All of these things, in different ways, show the myriad ways my friends demonstrate their love. I am grateful for all of it.



  1. Glad that your healing, and sorry to hear of the endo diagnosis, but, good that you now know, it's cleared and that part is great news. As an endo chick, i recommend checking out some endo diets etc to keep the disease at bay/dormant, there is surprisinly a lot that can be done in terms of food diet. Endo severity and pain for some reason are un connected and you can have endo such as yours and no symptom.
    The great news is, because you have the nasties cleared up, things should be looking brighter in the realm of ttc, and I'm glad to hear that you are taking care of you, that's so important when healing.

    Great doctors really make a difference, and we were lucky to have an amazing RE in the first few years, who helped us through the hard times, not just through being technically competent but, by being treating us with care and kindness.

    Ugh stats, I just had a nasty flashback to my years studying psych all those labs, all that stats, best of luck with it.

  2. i know! good docs/teams make all of the difference, right?

    i like your list today :)

    working tomorrow, right? feeling up to it?

  3. I agree, there's a great sense of peace of mind when you finally find a doctor(s) that actually care about you. Your RE sounds amazing!!

    Oh, and, good drugs rock!! Get well!

  4. You sound well...hope you are feeling as good as you sound. All wonderful things to be thankful for :)

  5. So relieved to hear that you are feeling better and moving towards recovery...I always enjoy reading your Sundays of grace but this one was particularly good. I absolutely agree with all of your points this Sunday-in particlar #1. Some times it seems sooo hard to find a dr who sees "you" in the midst of everything else--you are very fortunate! And wise to recognize that gift!! Keep on getting better...

  6. I am glad to hear that you are on the mend from the lap - good drugs are a blessing.


  7. Happy to hear you're healing and feeling better. I just returned to my RE and I agree, having a wonderful team on your side makes a huge difference.

    I hope that the discovery and removal of endo will make all the difference with your next cycle!


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