Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesdays with Will - Lilacs and Baboons

I have been thinking a lot about lilacs and baboons the past few days.

Mo and I have been busy - we are normally busy but this (especially for Mo) is on the verge of ridiculous. Anyway, I was walking through Central Park the other day, and the path I was on had a natural canopy of lilacs. You couldn't help but smile at the incredible smells. While the saying goes that you actually need to stop, sometimes it seems you don't have to. With all this craziness going on, we need to at least be open to the nice things all around us, it doesn't have to take work.

The baboons are another story. When Mo and I were on safari in Kenya about two years ago, we really wanted to see baboons. Each day, however, no baboons were to be found. But then we made a siting of one lone baboon in a tree. As our Range Rover drew closer, we found that they were actually about 15 in number. There were mommas and papas, uncles, aunts, and of course children. There was a lot of playing, arguing, cajoling, fighting, and moments of tenderness. But what really struck me was that there seemed to be no grudges. If you got dropped, you might scream and punch, but within a few minutes things were back as they were.

I think I have lilacs and baboons in my head because I am learning that today is the future I pondered years ago. That holding on to things and begruding the crappy things in my life have done little more than occupied my time. For sure I will still feel the anxiety and frustrations of work and IVF, but hopefully I can learn to dust off my fur and get back to the real work of now and enjoy some of the lilacs along the way.


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  1. Will - what a lovely post. I must admit I too love lilacs and just planted a tree last week, and I too am trying to live much more in the now.

  2. Beautiful post and a good reminder for all of us.

  3. Reminding ourselves to be present in the moment can be hard - hard - hard but I too have been trying to remember that I am right where I am supposed to be at any given moment - even if it doesn't seem that way or make sense to me at the time.

    Sometimes it works better than others!

  4. I loved Kenya. I had three magical months there 22 years ago shortly after one of my best friends from high school killed herself. It made me enjoy life again. Sorry to be so morbid, but the point is that remembering the good things in life is healing.

  5. What a great post. Stay positive! Stop and smell the flowers for a moment. Take time for yourselves. My husband has been to Kenya a few times. He even stayed with the Mossai (spelling?) tribe for a month. He did a lot of work there. (missionary trips) He loves it there. I can't wait to go there some day! Stay positive.... good things are coming your way!



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