Sunday, July 5, 2009

Surprise beta #3 (because, yes, I'm THAT anxious)

I managed to convince myself yesterday that my symptoms were gone and that the pregnancy was ending. I know, I know, I let my anxiety get the better of me.

Since my husband Will and I were both working at the hospital yesterday (yes, we were working on July 4th), he helped me get another beta drawn. I know it's a bad idea to indulge my anxiety. I know I would advise a patient against it. But I did it anyway.

And the result?

Well...the beta is certainly continuing to rise. It's um...2,413. Doubling every .97 days!

I'm reassured and worried all at the same time. These numbers are rising very starting to wonder....twins? Which would be very exciting. Or much less exciting...molar pregnancy? That would be awful. Or maybe it could just be a normal singleton pregnancy?

Anybody have experience with a beta rising this fast? What was the outcome? Anybody have a molar pregnancy? How fast did beta rise with that?

I think I'm having another beta drawn on Monday and then later next week, I will have first ultrasound. So we'll see what happens.

Until I get more information, I'm feeling that I may need to be put into a medically induced coma. Zen place, where are you???? I am SO not in the moment.


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  1. I've got no information for you, but I hear you on not being able to find taht zen place! Ugh!

  2. I didn't find out my pregnancy was molar until my 8 week ultrasound. I wasn't being monitored, so I don't know any leading up numbers. Sorry.. I just know that they were CRAZY high when doctor took my blood after ultrasound.
    I have had 3 prior miscarriages and am preggers now thanks to IVF. I am only 12 weeks, but have a hard time believing I'm pregnant. When you've been pooped on so many times, it is hard to accept when something good happens. Please know that I am thinking and praying for you. Us fertility challenged people have to stick together. Think positive!! I am!

  3. I am no beta expert, but I do use this site and it is highly recommended on the IF boards. The site is:

    People log in and register the date of their beta and their beta numbers. It has tracking for single vs. multiple betas, includes high, low, average, and you can even check by age and pregnancy type. Maybe this will help ease your mind. :)

    Good luck in your pregnancy! Definitely keeping my fingers, and toes crossed for a happy, healthy, uneventful, full-term pregnancy for you ending with a bouncing baby (fill in the blank)!

  4. From what I know of your numbers they are NORMAL! Of all things, I know, and it must be hard to get used to the idea...but it looks like, so far, things are progressing normally! Hooray for normal!


    Glad you indulged...and that the results are encouraging!

  5. Damn, I wish I had hospital privileges. I'd totally be testing every other day until the damn kid is BORN.

    I think - though I'm no expert - that your numbers are normal. High normal, but normal. I am under the impression that a molar pregnancy will give crazy high numbers all through, and yours are high, but nowhere like crazy-high.

    If you find that zen-place, let me know and we'll meet there for a cup of decaf tea or something. Even if you don't, and you have a free day on the same day I have a free day, we should meet and try to get all zen-y together. Be nice to meet in person.

    Hang in there. From where I'm standing? It's looking good, Mo!

  6. I hear ya. I tell DH all the time I will need to be in a coma. Your beta numbers sound great to me. I am not even going to think about a molar pregnancy. I will only think positively for you because I know it is hard to do that on your own.

  7. I know you won't be reassured until the u/s, but I think you're just REALLY REALLY pregnant!! Don't be hard on yourself for not being in that zen place. You've been through the wringer. Your reactions are so normal.

    This beta is awesome news. Hang on to it!

  8. Lurker here, saying, indulge the anxiety. I have been in your place and it was very, very hard. No test will ever make you relax, but more information is helpful, I believe.
    Wishing you so much luck, and I'm betting on a strong single.

  9. My 2nd beta was pretty high for the DPO and while I didn't consider a molar, it did end up we had twins.
    (I only had two betas - had I think about a 29 hour doubling time)

    Ditto to looking at the beta-base. Fastest twin doubling times are 9 hours or so, so there's a huge range.

  10. This really is one of the most fascinating stories I've come across.

    Best of luck!

  11. no worries about your beta- it is rising! this most often means good things.
    But the zen? I would be chasing my mental tail in an holyshitholyshitholyshitholyshit sort of way-- maybe you could just tell yourself it is a mantra.

    hang in there Mo,
    warmly and happily kate

  12. My friend had a molar pregnancy and her numbers were crazy high. While your's seem high, they seem more reassuring high than crazy :)

    I wish I had some great directions as to how to get to Zen street...but I don't. Try to do something that makes you happy each day so that you can keep the anxiety away...

  13. I think it's fine that you're indulging your anxiety. Data matters! And your anxiety is certainly not unfounded. I've just been a lurker till now - but I'm SOOO excited for the two of you!

  14. My heart is bursting with happiness for you both.

  15. Good for you - I would have indulged too. I do not have any words of wisdom but I am so, so hopeful for you.

  16. I don't think you have a molar pregnancy. I wish I could tell you to calm down but I can't. I'm 8 months pregnant and the craziness/fear/anxiety has yet to diminish, even in the slightest! If anything, it's worse!! =)

    I've had numbers similar to yours and it wasn't molar. SO, try to hang in there. Take it one day at a time. Blah blah blah!!!

    Best of luck!!

  17. My first two betas were similar to yours, but I didn't have a third. I was pregnant with two in the beginning, but lost one. I think your numbers look perfectly normal, but i can hear you on having a hard time finding the happy place. Especially when you've been through the heavy monitoring of IVF -- waiting longer than a day for updates is TOUGH!

  18. wow - i didn't know anything about a molar pregnancy, so I just read up.. I love learning so much from bloggers.

    so, after reading it, i'm pretty sure it's not a molar pregnancy. I have NO WAY whatsoever of knowing this.. but they are so so rare, and normal healthy pregnancies are MUCH MORE common, so i'm just gonna go with that.

    can't wait to hear the news of the ultrasound.. and then in nine months see photos of your baby on this blog..

  19. Congrats on the great numbers, yay! You'll feel better after the u/s. Hang in there!

  20. Delurking to say congratulations, they are wonderful numbers and I'll bet on a singleton.
    Given this was after a chemical are you exactly sure on your ovulation day? A change by one day would still give you beautiful betas but in the more high average singleton level.

  21. i'm currently 33 weeks pregnant with one healthy baby. my first beta was 193 at 13 dpo and my second beta was 512 at 15 dpo, and i was SURE something was wrong--or that i was carrying triplets ;o) it turns out, everything was completely fine. just wanted to let you know that high numbers can be okay.

  22. *happyhappy*joyjoy*happyhappy*joyjoy*

  23. Have no experience of beta doubling. All in all, I think your beta indicates a rosy prospect...

    Can understand your anxiety, and I think that you are looking at multiples here...rather than a singleton!

  24. I don't have anything to add on the high betas but I'm still thinking of you. :)

  25. Yikes, sorry Mo! That last comment was from Erica. :)

  26. My betas rose fast (first I was at singleton pace, then twin, then triplet) and I have a singleton... on strong little bugger for sure so hopefully you can try not to borrow any worries from tomorrow if you can (ha! I am the worst at that).

    I am so excited for you :)

  27. I am excited for you and praying for an uneventful 9 months!! Yah!!!

    From Jscky in MD

  28. Your numbers look great..mine were 221, 597, 2237 and a are right where you should be - so happy for you - this is sooo exciting!!!!
    Cant wait to hear about the u/s!

  29. I double every 3 days and, honestly, my singleton pregnancy doubled slightly faster than my twin pregnancies have. I am really hoping that things continue to go well! Sending lots of luck!

  30. Just stopping by to say that I've thought of you all weekend, and I'm wishing you the best!

  31. Mo, I am so excited for you!!!

    My 2 cents on the rising beta is that it seems perfectly normal to me.

    After being dx with POF in Nov 2006 we conceived on our own in August 2007, my betas were 294 at 14DPO and 887 at 16DPO. You can see the graph on my post from Sept 2007 where my numbers are WAY above the HIGH data reference line and everything was fine!!!

    The result of those high betas is my daughter who is 14 months old!

    I guess is appropiate to let yourself start to think this could be it Mo!


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