Friday, July 10, 2009


Well...not really fishing, but you get the idea. We're off on our rejiggered, reconfigured, less-risky-but-still-fun trip! Fingers crossed that Mo is still pregnant by the time we get back! Two weeks of no ultrasounds, no beta levels, and no hospital visits for work or patienthood!!! What could be better, really?

Will and Mo

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  1. Enjoy your safe, be happy!


  3. Have a fantastic trip. And congrats on the defense. That is amazing to have two tremendous achievements occur so close to each other. Relax and relish in the moment.

  4. Enjoy! Have fun! Enjoy some more!

  5. Mo, major (albeit belated) congrats on successfully defending your dissertation. So happy for you that it's finally over and even happier that it coincides with what you've always dreamed of.

    This miracle pregnancy is so incredibly special - I bawled when I read your news the first time.

    Have a wonderful, happy, well-deserved break, Will & Dr. Mo.

  6. Hope you are having a great vacation and I always look forward to seeing pictures of new and exciting places.

  7. I hope all is going well! Take care of each other!

  8. I hope everything is still going well!

    Looking forward to an update when you get home!

  9. Have an absolute fantastic time!! You absolutely deserve every moment of a vacation!!!
    CONGRATS on getting your oral defense done, woohoo!!!

  10. I hope you were able to really enjoy your vacation. :) And I hope everything is still going well on the gestating front. Congratulations on defending your dissertation, as well -- that's so impressive!BTW, I was certain something was wrong the entire first trimester with Lexie. At one point I took an HPT when I was like 8 weeks PG, and only one dark line showed up, and I reconciled myself to another loss and spent an hour or so wondering how to tell Steve. Later I realized that I had such high levels of hormones in my body at that point that the one dark line that showed up was the PG line, and it had pulled ALL the color from the control line. Don't let this happen to you. :)

  11. Vacating or Vacationing?


    Hope you are well!


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