Friday, August 6, 2010

Microarray results from IVF #7

Sorry for the long silence - and thanks much to those who have checked in on me, both on this blog and by email. I'm finding the depot lupron extremely difficult to tolerate. Feeling pretty miserable with it, honestly. It's knocked me for a major loop. I just took the second dose a week ago, so am at least at the halfway mark. Here's hoping the endometriosis is disappearing as I type. I can't wait to be done with this stage of things and to start feeling like myself again.

We've received the microarray results and wanted to share with you all. The news is fairly unbelievable - as in, it is so good that I almost cannot process the information. Will, too, is incredulous.

Out of our seven blasts that were tested from this latest cycle, FIVE were chromosomally normal. We also had one no result, which could also be normal. So only one confirmed abnormal.


Also - and this makes my and Will's hearts rest a bit easier - four of the five normals this time are day 6 blasts. The other is a day 7 (across both cycles, ALL of my day 7s have been normal, crazy, huh?)

So...with two CCRM cycles under our belts, we have totalled eight chromosomally normal embryos. Four that developed on time and without in vitro maturation.

Bottom line, we've got multiple tries here in case we don't get pregnant with our first transfer, which is something I never thought I would be able to say. Not something Dr. Schl. thought we would ever be able to say either. He told us back at the one day work up that he would let us cycle, but that we should expect to learn that we needed an egg donor. We cycled that first time really for emotional closure. Then threw in an extra cycle to boot.

And here we are several months later with EIGHT priceless normals.

Way to knock it out of the park, CCRM. I think you guys may have just changed the course of our lives.

Now if only I can survive the rest of these lupron days.


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