Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Move over Baby On Board! IF signs for every occasion

Prompted by you commenters pointing out the annoying "Baby On Board" signs (most frequently endured apparently by international bloggers), Will and I decided to create a line of "On Board" signs for the infertile driver.

Because every situation is unique, we've created a range of signs to fit several unfortunately common situations. Sure to warm the hearts of infertile drivers everywhere, as well as create discomfort and fear in the drivers around them.

So read through and enjoy. I'm sure there are many we haven't thought of, so let us know what we should add to the "On Board" line. We are always open to suggestions.

First off, there is just the general retort to the "Baby" signs. You've got a Baby on Board? Yeah?! Well, over here in this car we've got exactly:

But maybe that's too general. Maybe that makes it sound like you just don't want a baby or something, which isn't really quite right...

So we decided to be more specific...

For the infertile who's cycling, and needs to caution drivers that her medications may make her, how shall we say, a raving lunatic b*tch...there's this specific sign, both an announcement and a warning. Yes, Sprogblogger, we made this one just for you. Not that you're raving, but you are on this particularly yucky medication at the moment : ) Smart drivers should know to GET OUT OF YOUR WAY before you haul off and slam your car into them just because it's so sucky to take lupron.

Following transfer you may want to let people know that it might look like it's just you and your partner in the car, but in fact, you are not alone...you have:

Ever mindful of the guys, woefully neglected in the infertility world:

And for the man with azoospermia:

Or for those of us who unfortunately experience pregnancy loss, and for the really unlucky, multiple losses, this special sign:

And finally, this sign, for the infertile who's fed up with it all, after multiple cycles, heartbreak, angst, and financial hardship:

I think I'll pick the last one. You?

Surely someone will let us in if we've got this one stuck on our back window, right?


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  1. Hmm... I think I very much need that last one!

  2. Love this. Hope it's ok, but I linked it on my blog.

  3. Thanks- you made me smile! I'd have the second to last one... I cried when I saw that on my file, 'habitual aborter'... like I enjoyed making a habit out of loosing my babies, or that it's happend so often- it's not become my habit!

  4. PS- So great- I'm going to link to my blog if you don't mind!

  5. I'll order the Lupron and the Bitter ones. Thanks for the smile! :)

  6. Bwahahahahaah!!!! Love the Lupron & the Bitter Infertile one. And yes, if I ever see this in traffic, I'm totally letting her into my space in the lane. Won't even tailgate. Nope.

  7. Excellent!
    Definitely the bitter infertile and slow swimmers one for me.
    How about "Whacky hormones on board" for those of us with PCO or LPD?
    Or "MTHFR on board" (or however you spell that abbreviation)? I can't help but read it as 'motherfucker' every time I see the word. Must be my warped brain...

  8. Is it sick that the "Habitual Aborter on Board" made me laugh hard out loud!

  9. sign me up for the last one too!!!

  10. On Mo, you make me so happy with your signs (it really is brutal here where ALL THE CARS have "baby on board signs" except in quebec where they are french). puke.

  11. Awesome as usual...

    PCOS/ IVF-stim, etc: Large ovaries on board.

    I'm seeing an available line of products that could generate funds for lots of good causes!

  12. Hilarious! I'm a habitual aborter (x4) and that one really had me in tears - cracking up - imagining what it would be like to drive around with that in my car window. Really - hilarous!


  13. I definitely need the last one! Are you going to make a holiday card line? I want one that says "Happy Turkey Day" and when you open it up "Still no bun for my oven. But thanks for not asking."

  14. you guys are full of The Awesome.

  15. So awesome! I am bombarded with the stupid "baby on board" signs every time I leave the house. Your signs ROCK!

  16. ha ha ha ha ha.... Oh.. I SO needed that good laugh this morning!!! LOL!!!

    Okay.. so where can I buy one?

  17. Love the signs! I need the last one for sure. Thanks for making me smile this morning.

  18. Love them! The lupron one made me laugh out loud. I still have a physical reaction when just reading the word "lupron." And I only did one (unsuccessful) lupron cycle.

  19. Yep, the last one is about right.

  20. love these!! Where can I buy the Lupron on board one? actually i'll take one of each and I'll hang them in my car like a decorative mobile.

  21. I agree, I think I would pick the last one too, love it!

  22. Love, love, love it! Especially the last one.

  23. what about some more on the fertile side?
    "annoying, clueless fetriles on board" for example?

  24. Hilarious! Definitely could have used the lupron one not to long ago.

  25. I'm so totally the last one. These are awesome.

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