Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Your weight is like a polar bear

The Manhattan Children's Museum has this awesome pictorial scale that uses animal pictures instead of numbers. What an awesome way for kids to get a sense of the concept of weight! And, ok, yeah, I thought it was pretty fun too and couldn't resist stepping on.

I had seen it many moons ago prior to my weight loss journey and "weighed in at that time," coming in decidedly in Polar Bear territory. Unfortunately, a family member I was with that day weighed in also and we were both shocked to find the arrow pointing directly at the Elephant. OUCH. I think I would find that painful to see.

So recently I was back at the museum with Magpie and I hopped back on again, hoping to see that I'd transitioned to Horse from Polar Bear (yes, I'm weird, I admit it).

But no! This time I weighed in as a Boxer Dog! Magpie weighed in also and the arrow pointed to Kitty Cat.

Not sure how accurate or precise this scale is, but it's a really cool idea to convey the idea of weight to little ones in a way they can understand. I look forward to Magpie moving closer to Boxer Dog territory as she grows. : )


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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Magpie finds noses, and all they do, fascinating. For a couple of months, she has broken into laughter anytime anyone blows their nose. She thinks it is hilarious. Don't know why, but nose blowing is mighty humerous to an 16-18 month old. Due to this, in our household, we tend to blow our noses a lot, and resultingly, there is a lot of laughter.

More recently, Magpie began using the word "achoo!" whenever someone sneezes. Loves the word. Loves to say it. And it's really really cute the way she says it in her little Muppet voice.

Fast forward to last night as I was serving dinner. I was in the kitchen and she was sitting at her high chair in the dining area watching me. Suddenly, suprisingly and out of nowhere, I sneezed.

And then a little voice, also surprising and out of nowhere said quite clearly,

"Bless you!"

My heart melted. How did she learn this phrase? I have no idea, but it was adorable. And so appropriate to the moment. And it was again one of those reminders that my little baby girl is such a fully formed person who is now able to tell us some of the things she's been observing and thinking for some time.


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