Monday, March 30, 2009

Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy: what should I expect?

So I signed on, full steam ahead, for surgery on Thursday.

Seemed like a good idea at the time, but I'm realizing I'm a little scared of the procedure and wondering what it will be like. It surprises me that I'm so nervous, given that I've been through a number of surgical procedures during my cancer treatment and now during the last 19 months of IVF. But I am.

So, thought I'd reach out to the blogosphere for a little help from my friends. Can any of you who have been through a diagnostic laparoscopy/hysteroscopy walk me through your experience? What was it like? Did your Dr. find anything in the surgery?

Some of my specific wonderings:

What is surgery day like exactly? Who did you talk to? (anesthesiologist? RE? or just nurses?) Were you sedated before going in? How many people are in the OR? Were you awake when catheterized? Did they tie you down while you were still awake? (some crazy fears about being completely out while having gyn surgery surfacing here)

What did you feel like immediately after when you woke up in recovery? Did you have throat pain? Were you still catheterized at that point or did they take the tube out while you were still asleep?

How did you feel one day after? (Can I be alone the next day, letting Will return to work?) How did you feel a few days after? What kind of painkillers were you given? (or was it just tylenol?) I was told I will feel about 80% the Monday following (so four days post-op) and am planning to return to work in the psych ER that day. Does that sound reasonable?

I know the risks are low, but my nerves are getting the better of me. So I am thinking that hearing your experiences will help. Your shared stories will then be out there for the next infertile googling for info on this procedure, helping her to feel a little less afraid.


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  1. Well, the whole 80% 4d post-op weren't right for me. I guess it depends on how much endo they may find/remove, but my 1st lap I was outta work 2wks, normal in 4wks. Second, I was out of work 1wk, better earlier than the last.

    I guess I could have gone back earlier, but I wanted to allow as much healing as possible. I definitely needed hubby the 1st night to just sit up & get out of bed. Sometimes to help me stand, too. I got percocet to help for the 1st; 2nd surgery, I stayed overnight in the hospital & got dilauded IV pushes every 3 hrs. That helped.

    I was straight cathed for the 1st (while I was out) & foleyed for the 2nd (still in when I woke up, got it removed shortly after I was placed in a room). They gave me the pre-anesthetic on the trip to the OR, then as soon as my booty was in the proper place... I don't remember anything else. Being tubed & having it removed was while I was out. I don't remember my throat being too dried. I woke up not emotional (unlike the ER) both surgeries & remember everything from waking up.

    Prior to surgery, I talked w/ the nurses, anesthesiologist (I may have butchered the spelling...), & my GYN. In the outpatient/1st surgery, I was there about 3 or 4 hours & went home & slept the rest of the day.

    Feel free to email me if you wanna chat more. (rachelbjohn[@]

    Hope that helps a bit! :)

  2. When I went in for my lap they were annoyed because I am sensitive to latex (too many years working in a lab and wearing gloves and I think fumes from the polymer lab didn't help). They had to move operating rooms and it was a hassle I guess. (sidenote... apparently if you are allergic to latex you get first ER of the day at CRMI because they don't want to keep that operating room non-latex all day or set it back up in the middle). All I saw were nurses until the actual surgery and I am glad that I got a good one that could get my vein. They made me sit around and wait an extra hour and a half so bring reading material! I had to walk to the operating room and they take your glasses away so be prepared if you need glasses to be walking around without them. I met the anesthesiologist like a min before she put me out. I was kind of put off by how she did it and it was obvious they were in a hurry which made me extra worried... well until 30 sec after she injected the stuff. The next thing I knew I was in recovery. They move you from one recovery to one where you are sitting. I think they made me stay too long. I was itching to get home. Oh here's a tip... bring your own pads. The hospital ones are awful and you will need them. In my case she only found mild endo and removed it and also she found one of my ovaries tethered down by scar tissue which may explain the pain while stimming. That got snipped. She showed me the pictures in my follow up and I wasn't even grossed out. The most pain for me was in my neck (the gas they use to inflate you like a balloon working its way around). I thought it was bearable and walked myself to the parking garage and was back at work the next day. If the endo had been worse I think it would have been a longer recovery. I didn't need any real pain meds though so I figured why waste a vacation day!

    I hope all goes well for you.

  3. Mine went very well. I really was back to work 3 days later, and I hadn't needed the serious pain meds after the second day. (They gave me percocet.) Even one day after, my husband went to work and I hung out on the couch watching movies and napping.
    I barely saw my Dr. the day of the procedure, but I did talk to the OR nurses and anesthesiologist. I don't remember much after they placed an IV and started sedating me. The worst for me was that they couldn't let me go home until I had urinated and it took hours even though I guzzled water, juice and cokes. And, I'll echo nepsi: it was the gas pains in my shoulders that woke me up at night, not the 3 stitches across my belly.

  4. Hi Mo! i haven't had a lap, but for my last d&c i had to have general and an "aggressive surgery" throat didn't hurt at all, but my hospital uses the soft ETs for any surgery less than 2 hours or something, so no throat pain at all... i know that they cath'd me b/c i had some burning with urination later (and i read it in the note), but they put it in and out after i was totally out. i don't remember a thing.

    you've had hysteroscopys in the past, right? i've had a million and never had any drugs for them. the most uncomfortable part is threading the cath through the cervix...but then again i have a long, tortuous cervix...maybe it's not that uncomfortable for normal people :)

    you'll do great. i think 4 days to recover should be plenty. just make sure you get tons of rest!!!


  5. Anesthesia in the stirrups--what more could we ask for? I always HATED that thought, so I pushed it far, far down.
    I've had one lap (found and removed mod/severe endo) and two hysteroscopies. The lap--I had trouble coming out of anesthesia. Plus I was weeping. Then I couldn't pee for several hours but finally managed to. I don't recall being catheterized so I'm pretty sure that was done once I was out.
    The first hysteroscopy was done with only a local to the cervix, and it wasn't bad. Except the doc (CCRM) told me I had a polyp and needed a polypectomy. When I went to have that done there wasn't a polyp, so that was a little frustarting. But they cleaned out the lining anyway. Oh yeah--I just remembered I had another hysteroscopy/polypectomy before. I was moving furniture the next day (life happens). I also recovered very easily from the lap.
    Sorry this was a ramble!

  6. I remember these tests oh so well. Hated every one of them. They were miserable for me all the way around. But I have a VERY low tolerance for pain so that doesn't help.

    I had no anethesia for either one. The one that they put the dye into your tubes to see if there is any blockage was the worst for me. The poor nurses hand I think I squeezed it right off. lol I was just glad to have it all over and done with.

    I cramped for a while afterwards and slept the rest of the day. After that I was all good.

    Don't worry, best to get them both done at the same time and just be done with it all. You will do great and it will be all over before you know it.

    Good luck. Keep us posted.

    Take care, Tracy

  7. Mo,
    I had a lap/hyst in 2007 for diagnosis and repair of a uterine septum. This was done at a teaching hospital so yes, I talked to a TON of people beforehand. I was given a little Versed before being taken to the OR. The surgery went fine, no complications, no sore throat, maybe a little hoarse. I don't remember a lot of incisional pain, just the gas and pressure for a day or two later. And yes, I was completely out before anything at all was done down there. I went back to work the second day I think.

    Best of luck to you,

  8. For my lap, I talked to nurses, an assisting physician, and the anesthesiologist prior to surgery. They did all the uncomfy stuff (well, except for the IV of course) while I was out (much appreciated). I did not have any soreness in my throat. I experienced major stomach bloat from the gas for about a week and a half, but it did stay in that area (didn't move up as it does for so many people).

    I had my lap on a Thursday and was back at work on Monday. The pain from the incisions (I had 3 - one in belly button, two near ovaries) was minimal.

    Thinking of you and hoping for a smooth, easy procedure and recovery.

  9. I had a lap & dye about five years ago, and a hysteroscopy just under a year ago. In both cases, they did all the really uncomfortable stuff once I was out - all I can really remember is counting back from 10 and then waking up in the recovery room!

    I was in fairly acute pain when I woke up from the laparoscopy (although when I mentioned this to the anaesthesiologist who knocked me out for the hysteroscopy, he suggested that this may have been because I hadn't been given enough anaesthetic in the first place), and finished up being given morphine in the recovery room. I also finished up staying in overnight - they insisted that I had to eat something and pass water before I could go home, however I then fainted in the bathroom (they put it down to a bad reaction to the morphine). Having stayed in overnight, I felt much better the following morning and was discharged at around 10am. Like a couple of others who've already shared their experiences, I found the neck/shoulder pain from the gas they use to inflate your abdomen worse than the pain from the procedure itself, but felt pretty much back to normal within 3-4 days.

    My hysteroscopy/polypectomy was far less of a big deal, though - I went in at lunchtime, and was discharged late afternoon. I didn't suffer any real discomfort afterwards.

    I hope that your own procedure goes smoothly this Thursday.

  10. Hi Mo!

    I have had a Laparoscopy and a Hysteroscopy. The Lap was with a D&C, so I am not sure which caused more discomfort (D&C or Lap).

    I do however remember that after the Lap/D&C I felt more stiff than pain; the gas made my shoulders hurt. Weird, but apparently it pushes things around and your muscles get sore. My throat did hurt for a couple days. But tea helped that.

    I HATE HATE HATE getting put under, but they kept me cozy (and covered) under a warm blanket until I was out, then did all the "mounting". ACK.

    Delays must be common, I got the boot from surgery just before they were to put me under. How's this for irony, it was for an emergency C-Section!

    You should be ok to head back to work as planned. I was on a flight to London for work five days later.

    Nepsi is right, take reading material!!

    Take care of yourself! I'll be thinking about you!

  11. I had a lap for fibroid removal and they did a hysteroscopy at the same time, so a bit different than yours. I talked to the nurse, the anesthesiologist and my surgeon before the surgery. Apparently, they got the procedure mixed up on my records, so there was a delay in setting up the OR. My surgeon wasn't happy about it, but I didn't find out about it until afterwards. The nurse couldn't get the IV in, so the anesthesiologist took over. He was a guy who reminded me of my dad, also an anesthesiologist, who was old school and knew how to put an IV in by doing a local first! Once you get that IV versed, you are out. I was actually awake when I was wheeled into the OR, which I thought was kinda cool. I was amazed at how cold it was in there, but I was soon out. They put in and took out the cath while I was under. I did fine with the anesthesia, but like I said, this anesthesiologist obviously had a lot of experience. I was actually amazed how good I felt immediately after surgery. I told my dad about it, and he told me that they give you a drug that makes you feel euphoric after surgery.

    The hysteroscopy is no big deal, and I've had another one done since w/o anesthesia. I got my pictures from the first hysteroscopy. I was in surgery for a little over 3 hours. After two hours in the recover room, I went home. They couldn't get me out of there fast enough!

    I was given percocet for pain afterwards, but I had a bad reaction to it. It gave me unpleasant thoughts and nightmares. I talked to the nurse about this the next day and she said, "this happens more than we care for." Really, how 'bout warning me ahead of time? If I didn't have enough sense to figure out that the drugs were causing it, I wouldn't have had a clue. My surgery was pretty extensive as they took out half a pound worth of fibroids out of my uterus, so I was out of work for 10 days, but I could have used 2 full weeks.

    I think I might start out with something less stressful than ER going back to work? Also, maybe just work a partial day, maybe 6 hours, to see how you feel. I worked part-time for a week, but again, my surgery was more extensive. The good news is that recovery from a lap is really fast. I hope it goes well!

  12. I didn't find it that bad at all. Comparable on a pain/discomfort level with egg collection (maybe slightly worse but not much). I am English so had mine done in the UK but I doubt the drugs and procedures are that different. I met the anesthesiologist and surgeon ahead of time which helped settle me as I liked and trusted them. No recollection of anything in the theater (apart from very embarrassingly being off my head from the drugs in the post op recovery room and telling anyone who would listen "I don't have endometriosis, hooray!" - cringe!) They apparently gave me a sedative and anti-nausea med a couple of hours before but I didn't feel sedated (which was fine, I had no need to be at that stage). I was alert when wheeled to the theater and as the anesthesiologist put the general into the iv in my hand he just said something like "see you in an hour..." and that was it, out immediately and then woke up in recovery, no sore throat, no tube, no anything. I think I had a little bit of morphine straight after as it hurt quite a lot when I came out of recovery and I was staying overnight due to evening surgery. Morphine obviously did the trick. My blood pressure got very very low too and they kept having to wake me up once an hour and get me talking etc and I had to have help getting to the bathroom but that happened to me after egg collection too (nearly got admitted overnight) so probably a personal reaction. Next day I appreciated having my husband there to make me cups of tea and a sandwich but I could have got by on my own if I needed to. I had no bleeding at all, just a swollen tummy from the gas (which makes its own way out over the following day or so). Swollen tummy no worse than after egg collection, probably not as bad actually. Period arrived bang on time 2 weeks later. I had my lap on a Wednesday night and went back to work the Wednesday after. Worked from home on the Tuesday the day before. If pushed I probably could have gone back on Monday though, I had booked the leave so took it. In terms of pain killers I had codeine and paracetamol (think that's the same as tylenol in US) the day after the op and was pretty much ok after that. One thing to be aware of though, the general anesthetic gave me really bad constipation for about a week after, get some senna tablets before the op, you may need them a few days after!

    All in all it's really not bad at all, worst is over in about 24hours. It's not the most fun way to spend a day but I would do it again without worrying much at all if I had to.

    Best of luck with this and everything, I hope your dream comes true very soon. xxx

  13. Never had a lap, but I have had 2 operative hysteroscopies under general anthesthia.

    Before - talked to nurse, RE and anthes. Iv fluids started. I had to walk to the OR, hop on bed, got a little freaked by the coldness and all the instruments. Woke up in some pain, given something for pain in my IV. Vomited entire way home. Pain and cramping were mild. On day 2 HORRIFIC pain in my neck and shoulders. No gas used during my procedure so they think it was from the anthes. Out & about by day 3.

    2nd time, talked to nurses, RE and anthes. Anthes. said I they must have used a paralytic in my lsat surgery and that is why I had so much postop soreness. Promised to avoid it, if possible. IV put in in the prep room, versed started while being wheeled away - felt great, talked nonsense. Out like a light. Minimal pain upon waking, but I did have HORRIBLE tremors and I have never been so cold in my life. They put me under warming blankets and a heat lamp, but I was still shivering. They gave me Demerol and that helped get them under control. Discharged, vomited once at home. Sleepy. Out & about in 2 days this time. Did not feel like I was beat up, no neck pain.

    Wishing you GL & a speedy recovery!

  14. I'm here via LFCA. Had a lap, thought I'd share my experience! I was terrified beforehand, I am a huge wimp, have no pain tolerance, etc... but it wasn't bad for me at all.

    DH took me to the hospital. I changed and waited around a while. Had two nurses wheel me into the prep room, waved goodbye to DH. I was laying down, the nurses were standing over me, talking to me comfortingly. The anethesiologist came in and he started the meds. I was so scared, but everyone was super nice and reassuring! A nurse patted my hand while the meds kicked in. My OB/GYN walked up and I saw him only briefly before drifting off to la la land...

    ... next thing I know, I'm waking up. I was asleep for all the yucky parts and I have no memory of any of it!

    I worked from home on Monday (surgery was Friday) and then was back in the office on Tuesday. I was uncomfortable but okay. I recommend having your DH stay home with you the next day, if he can. Mainly because if you want to go back to work ASAP, it's really important that you lie down and REST as much as possible.

    Good luck!

  15. I’ve had 2 laparoscopic surgeries-one to treat an ectopic and one diagnostic. These are my experiences from the diagnostic one.

    Surgery day was actually relaxing. I had my lap done with my OB. I got there and met with the nurses, the anesthesiologist and my Dr. I am very responsive to anesthesia, so once they got the IV in and put one does of meds in, I was out. It was after I was asleep that they put a catheter in (for both laps).

    I did have some throat pain but ice chips helped with that. It wasn’t bad pain, just discomfort. Both times the catheter was removed before I woke up. I remember the first time when I woke up I had to pee, but it was just a feeling of having to pee. I didn’t have that the second go around. I took it easy the day of, spent the whole day on the couch. It did help to have someone there to help you get out of bed or off the couch as bending was sometimes painful. The next day I was up and moving-just slowly. I didn’t have as much shoulder pain the second time around, but walking helps relieve that.

    I was given prescriptions for Percocet and something to help with inflammation. I took the Percocet the first 2 days, but was fine after that. I had the rest of the week off, but had restrictions when I went back to work-no lifting over 10 lbs. Would you be able to call out the day of if you aren’t feeling 80%? Drink lots of fluids and stay in stretchy-waist pants.

  16. Hey Mo...I only had a hysterscopy about a year and a half ago and remember it was actually inthe doctors office and it was just me, hubby, doc and nurse..the hysterscopy was fine actually - maybe a little cramping like with an IUI BUT - he decided to take a snipit of my uterine lining and that HURT so bad I never want to feel that lasted maybe 5 minutes and then I walked out of there - I sat on the couch for the rest of the day and was fine.
    Good Luck!!!! I think if you made it through IVF - you will make it through it with flying colors!

  17. Hi, Over from LFCA. I'm an OR nurse. You can request to see and speak to anyone and everyone who is going to take care of you. You can request an all female staff, if you like. The nurse anesthetist, the surgery nurse, the holding room nurse, and the anesthesiologist should introduce themselves as a matter of form. But you can request to see them for any reason at all. If you have any last minute questions, you can request delay of sedation until you get them answered! This is about you, don't forget that. If you have any allergies, even food allergies, tell every hospital staff member you come in contact with. Most of the time, they do sedate you before you go into the OR, and for the poor lady they made walk into the OR, those people were stupid and should have gotten you on a stretcher! After those drugs, you are at risk for falling. That's why they wheel pts everywhere in the hospital. Anyway, if the people have any heart at all, they should cath you after you are under anesthesia. You will be asked to move from the stretcher to the OR bed, and you will be given the anesthetics there. No, they should not "tie you down." They will put a seat belt on your legs to secure you, because the OR bed is the size of a popsicle stick. Has to be so MD can get to what he needs to get to! Stirrups also come after you are asleep. How long you stay depends on what they find, how much blood you lose, and how well you respond after anesthesia. The breathing tube, which could be an endotracheal tube or a laryngeal mask airway will be placed after you are asleep as well. The anes. people have many, many monitors to tell them how asleep you are, and are literally watching every breath you take! The md will look through the scope from the outside of the uterus, in the abdomen, and most of what they're looking for is endometriosis, ovarian issues, or other anomalies indicative of fertility problems. Then he'll "go below" and look from the inside of the uterus. He'll take specimens to send to pathology from your endometrium and cervix. This is a very brief overview, but I hope this helps. You should get to go home that day, or at least late evening. The discharge nurses will want you to pee, pass gas, and hold down fluids before they discharge you. You will wake up with some bleeding, but should be no more than a heavy period. You may have some shoulder pain, this is caused from the CO2 gas migrating from you abdomen and referring here. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me. Good luck!!

  18. Oh, and clean out your belly button, and shave whatever part they're working on. That's the most important advice an OR nurse can give you! A q-tip and some rubbing alcohol will do nicely. I will thank you for the nurses who will see you tomorrow!

  19. Well, I'm not infertile, but I've had laparoscopic surgery (gallbladder) and I've had a hysteroscopy before (as part of an exploratory raid on my uterus that included a D&C and Novasure ablation for the combination of endometriosis and an "unspecified atypical coagulopathy" of the bleeding-not-clotting variety that was making me dangerously anemic--fortunately I'd finished having children by the time it came to that), so I feel like I can offer you something, here. DEFINITELY clean out your belly-button. They will totally invade it, and you don't want to be the one they had to scrub out, because ew. But the main thing? I was totally out before they even prepped me for both procedures. Wasn't awake for any scrubbing, or cath-ing, or tying-down of any sort (didn't even know they did that, honestly), and never heard or felt a thing during either procedure. Got premedicated with a little Versed both times; wheee! If you're worried, talk to the anesthesiologist (in my experience, and I've had numerous surgeries, they usually come and have a sit-down with you beforehand anyway to go over drugs and allergies and such, and I'm sure if you tell them you're worried they'll give you something lovely in your IV to make you much happier about the whole thing). I think you'll be totally fine. Hoping they find some answers, so that the next cycle can be THE ONE!

  20. Mine was very boring, actually. I can't even remember any physical discomfort afterwards except a pulled muscle in my back, I'm guessing when I was extubated. Nurses checked me in and got me ready (started an IV). My OB stuck his head in my tiny curtained room while I was lolling around waiting for my bloodwork (pg test and CBC) results. Then they injected my IV with something, wheeled me down to the OR and I vaguely remember how bright I thought the lights were and then my brain disconnected from my spinal cord. The incisions were tiny, and I'm not sure they were even bandaged. The next thing I remember was being back in my little curtained room, wondering why I didn't have to pee and feeling kind of fuzzy. But otherwise I was fine. The fuzzy-around-the-edges feeling persisted until probably mid-way through the day after surgery, and that was it. I was off work a total of 2 days, including the day of surgery, and D went back to work after the first day as I was just laying on the couch watching Law & Order - I was fine. They burned out quite a bit of endometriosis, but left a large chunk of it under my intestines (sort of defeats the purpose of having a LAP, I feel). It did nothing for my cramps, and my periods are still horrible. But at least they were able to definitively diagnose endometriosis. :-/

    Good luck, Mo!

  21. I had a lap at the end of February for suspected (and then confirmed) endo. I had a really good recovery- the next day I actually felt so well I went to campus to give a paper. However, I don't recommend this, as I then had to spend the whole weekend taking it VERY easy. I didn't have any gas pain- mostly just pain around the incisions (you forget how much you use your abs on a daily basis). I also found my brain would short circuit more than usual for the next week or so- I got tired very quickly and couldn't concentrate for very long. My painkillers were tylenol 3s- I did use them. Just be warned- my doctor gave me laxatives right up front since tylenol 3s cause terrible constipation. I didn't start taking them right away...I should have.

    The surgery itself was fine. I saw at least two pre-op nurses- one who put in the IV, and another who came to take me to the operating room. I also saw my RE and the doctor who was in charge of the anesthetic.

    The worst bit was walking into the room and having so many people suddenly hovering over me and doing things around me. But I was knocked out super quick.

    I remember waking up once in the first recovery room, and being in pain, and telling the nurses that. Then I went out again, and when I woke up again, I felt ok, just super disoriented.

    I couldn't eat much the rest of the day as I felt nauseous. But by the next day I felt fine.

    Good luck!

  22. Here from L&F. I had 2 laps done in 2000, only 6 months apart. I had adhesions between one ovary and my intestines which was causing me TONS of pain. The first time they cut it apart, but it grew back so fast that the second time they went in, they used something called INTERCEED. It is some kind of gauzy mesh barrier they leave in to prevent reattachment. I really don't think it worked too well-only took about a year for the pain to come back. After that I found a new doctor.

    Surgery day-I think I saw the doc a few minutes beforehand, don't remember how many people were in the operating room. Catheter must have been put in after I was totally knocked out and was removed before I woke up because I never remember it. (I refuse to have one while conscious!) When I woke up in the recovery room I felt some pain, but VERY tired and your whole body is heavy and just doesn't want to move. Lots of bleeding though, I remember the nurses changing those thick pads in the awful gauzy underwear things. I was very skinny at the time, and had lots of bruising under the skin afterwards. I could not sit up on my own for about a week, it was as if someone cut all my stomach muscles (they didn't, but that's what it feels like). I was very sore, very bloated for about a week, had to wear sweat pants.

    This is just my experience, remember that everyone is different. I wish you the best of luck and a speedy recovery!

  23. Hi Mo -- I am always a basket case going into a surgical procedure (you are so calm and cool compared to me) and the anticipation always turns out far worse than reality for me. I just had an operative hysteroscopy which I know is just 1/2 of what you're having, but here was my experience.

    What is surgery day like exactly? Who did you talk to? (anesthesiologist? RE? or just nurses?) I talked to my surgeon (my RE), an anesthesiologist and two nurses before going into the OR. All were extremely reassuring.

    Were you sedated before going in? I had 1 mg of Versed which was enough even for my extreme anxiety (cheap date here). Good stuff!

    How many people are in the OR? I can't tell you exactly b/c I was a little out of it but there were a handful...I'd say maybe 5 total. They called it the "girls' club" b/c it was all women...seemed very relaxed (as opposed to the scary OR I had imagined) and that helped!

    Were you awake when catheterized? Yes, they did this while I was awake but I didn't feel anything.

    Did they tie you down while you were still awake? No...I know the anesthesia is a little different (do you have the option of "total IV sedation" and local versus general?) as I did not have full general but they just tied my IV arm down.

    What did you feel like immediately after when you woke up in recovery? Did you have throat pain? Were you still catheterized at that point or did they take the tube out while you were still asleep?
    Again I know the anesthesia is a little different but my guess is that even with full general for the lap part it will be on the lighter side.

    How did you feel one day after? (Can I be alone the next day, letting Will return to work?) How did you feel a few days after? What kind of painkillers were you given? (or was it just tylenol?) I was told I will feel about 80% the Monday following (so four days post-op) and am planning to return to work in the psych ER that day. Does that sound reasonable?
    I believe there is a little more discomfort from the lap but I can tell you that I did not have much pain at all from the operative hysteroscopy. I think by four days post-op you should be in good shape based on what I hear.

    I will be thinking of you! One thing that helps me with pre-surgery anxiety is to recognize that like many phobias/fears it is not based on rational thought, i.e. real danger. To say to myself, "These thoughts and fears are from anxiety -- not based on any real threat to my health. This is a safe procedure in a top hospital with excellent success rates." It kind of helps to put my fears in perspective so I don't automatically buy into the worst-case scenarios running through my head. I don't know if you think this is rubbish or psychobabble or what, but it helps me so I thought I'd mention it!

  24. Don't have anything to really add other than I'm hoping for a quick and successful surgery.

  25. Don't worry, they've taken INTERCEED off the market for that very reason. Didn't work, and caused more adhesions than it prevented.

  26. Sorry - no experience - just dropping in to say good luck and ((HUGS))

  27. What is surgery day like exactly?
    My RE asked the nurses to start my IV immediately - I was dehydrated.
    Lots of waiting around, even though my procedure was the first of the day. Weird to be in a waiting room with everyone on IVs!

    Were you sedated before going in?

    How many people are in the OR?
    I walked to the OR and met my RE, another surgeon, the anesthesiologist and at least 3 other nurses.

    They all introduced themselves, went over the consent forms one last time, and the anesthesiologist asked more questions. It was quite jovial, but calm. Then they took my gown, asked me to lay down, put a warm blanket on me, added the heart rate monitors, placed compression booties on my legs, and my RE chatted with me for a few minutes before the anesthesia kicked in.

    They catheterized me and intubated me while I was under, and removed it before I woke up. Not tied down.

    What did you feel like immediately after when you woke up in recovery?

    Severe, stage 4 endo removed. I was in the PACU for much, much longer than usual and really struggled to come out of the anesthesia. Weeping, given morphine, so nauseaus. Have had surgeries before, but this was quite painful in comparison. If yours is just diagnostic, or if you have mild endo, you won't be in as much pain.

    If you get nauseous easily, ask for anti-nausea meds in your IV.

    Did you have throat pain?
    Nope. I expected to, but didn't.

    How did you feel one day after?
    Couldn't walk/get out of bed on my own the first night, but managed to do so (very slowly and painfully) the next day.

    How did you feel a few days after?
    Okay-ish. It took about 3 days at least to start feeling better. I stayed home from work for a week.

    What kind of painkillers were you given? (or was it just tylenol?)
    Morphine in the PACU, then just extra strength Tylenol.

    I was told I will feel about 80% the Monday following (so four days post-op) and am planning to return to work in the psych ER that day. Does that sound reasonable?

    Yes, it sounds reasonable if you only have a diagnostic lap. Don't rush to go back to work after operative lap, as you can easily over-exert yourself. It pretty much depends on what they find and if they find Endo, to what extent/where they excise the lesions.

    Good luck, Mo!

  28. Hello! I found you on Mustard Seed's blog today.

    I just got done with my 2nd laparoscopy. I've gotten into a bit of a mess, but, only because of an allergic reaction to the bandages. So, just wanted to let you know that's what all the fuss is about on my blog if you see it, and, not to be worried. :) I'm quite the medical freak sometimes. LOL. Infections are not the norm for laparoscopies! :)

    ANYWHO, down to your questions:
    What is surgery day like exactly? Who did you talk to?
    You will be talking to anyone involved in you surgery. You will have to sign a consent for each of the procedures and such. That is a big nerve racking, but, after that comes the calming juice! This last surgery I had a urologist, my RE and a GI surgeon. I spoke with all of them, and the nurse that would be in there with me and the anesthesiologist team. It's kinda nice to know who's gonna be there with you!

    Were you sedated before going in?
    First lap I got some versed (light dose) pretty quick and was able to settle in and out before the OR! I highly suggest asking for some to help calm your nerves after the consents are signed. This time I couldn't get it until after I was on my way, because one of the Dr.'s was late to consent.

    How many people are in the OR?
    All the ones I know mentioned above, plus the staff assisting.

    Were you awake when catheterized?
    Did they tie you down while you were still awake? (some crazy fears about being completely out while having gyn surgery surfacing here)
    NO, definitely not! :)

    What did you feel like immediately after when you woke up in recovery?
    Kinda foggy. There was a nurse right there with me. When they see you stirring, they'll be there to comfort you

    Did you have throat pain?

    Were you still catheterized at that point or did they take the tube out while you were still asleep?
    That was all done while I was out

    How did you feel one day after?
    I felt GREAT the day of getting home. The next day I was sore, but, nothing too painful. I had pretty extensive endo removal this last time. The gas, I'm afraid to say, is the worst pain. WALK as much as you can, cause that helps get it out faster. And, they say it'll be gone in 24 hours? Don't be shocked if it's not. Mine took a few days, both times.

    (Can I be alone the next day, letting Will return to work?)
    No, better to have someone with you, i think!

    How did you feel a few days after?

    What kind of painkillers were you given? (or was it just tylenol?)
    Hydrocodone the first few days. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR PAIN MEDS, at least the first day or two. Don't think you are feeling better and try to go for less. There is a reason you are feeling well. Take the meds!!!!

    I was told I will feel about 80% the Monday following (so four days post-op) and am planning to return to work in the psych ER that day. Does that sound reasonable?
    Depends on what they find (if anything) and how manyu incisions, etc. I had 2 with my first lap; 4 this past time. watch your wounds. Keep them clean and call them with ANY concerns! My first lap I was back to work in less than a week.

    I hope it goes well!!! I don't know much about your story yet, but, I know that your Dr.'s will be able to tell a lot from your surgery. It's really their best window into your world. Best wishes from a new blogging friend!!!

  29. Oh, and, ask if they can go ahead and order you some anti-emetics for the waking up part. That way, they are already there and getting into your system, and you don't have to wait for an order if you get sick!!! :)

  30. Let's see. I saw nurses, anesthesiology, and my doctor in my "holding area" before surgery. They offered drugs in the iv before taking me back, for some reason I declined. They had me move onto the table and untied my gown while they placed the heart monitors. They injected stuff into my IV and put on the oxygen mask. I don't remember anything at that point until waking up. I was very, very cold and shaking. They used a warmer to warm me up.

    I don't remember much throat pain (I had a different sort of surgery before and do remember it that time). I had percocet at the surgery center, and vicodin as well as phenergan (sp) for home. Cath must have been out before I woke up. I was able to get up and pee within 45 minutes of waking, and I didn't have too much nausea. I was off work for 5 days only because of a holiday, and I was fine to go back - I was a little sore - things like bending were troublesome. I ran 4 miles a week after the surgery.

    Yes, my doctor found "stuff". I ended up having Stage III endo, which we did not anticipate - my ovaries were "plastered" to my pelvic wall and my dr said that at least on the right, there was no way any eggs were getting out and into the tube. I also had severe, severe cervical stenosis and he was almost unable to complete the hysteroscopy.

    I didn't get immediately pregnant, but it did help guide us in some of our decision making at the time and later.

    Good luck.

  31. Can any of you who have been through a diagnostic hysteroscopy walk me through your experience? What was it like? Did your Dr. find anything in the surgery?

    The procedure (scroll to the bottom of my long post):


    Some of my specific wonderings: What is surgery day like exactly? Who did you talk to? (anesthesiologist? RE? or just nurses?) - for me, got to talk to all three. Were you sedated before going in? went into the op room, lay down and got knocked out with general before the op.

    How many people are in the OR? no idea, probably about 5-6? Were you awake when catheterized? I didnt have a catheter. Did they tie you down while you were still awake? (some crazy fears about being completely out while having gyn surgery surfacing here) No.
    What did you feel like immediately after when you woke up in recovery? I had a panic attack from the bad, bad pain from the gas they used for the surgery (in my post). Did you have throat pain? Yes but it wasn't too bad after the first day, the gas pains were the worst. Were you still catheterized at that point or did they take the tube out while you were still asleep?N/A no catheter. How did you feel one day after? (Can I be alone the next day, letting Will return to work?) I felt like hell. I had bad shoudler pain and was advised to lie down for a couple of days to allow my body to absorb the gas. How did you feel a few days after? Better, took me about 3-4 days to lose the gas pain entirely, then of course there was some cramping/bleeding etc (I also had a d&c done at the same time). What kind of painkillers were you given? (or was it just tylenol?) I was given digesics.

    I was pretty freaked out too about the surgery, but its something that is a necessary evil (well sort of evil) and I think everyone's experiences are different with the pain felt after etc.

    Good luck for thursday!!


  32. Sorry, forgot this one: (Can I be alone the next day, letting Will return to work?) I'd recommend Will staying, if only to let yourself lie down all day and not do any chores etc. If he can't thats cool, but my serious advice would be to make sure the first day you're off your feet as much as you can be to heal.


  33. I've had 3 egg retrievals and 2 D&Cs. My lap/hyst (in the midst of all that) wasn't so bad in itself. However, it definitely knocked the wind out of me. I was used to retrievals where I felt perfectly fine when I woke up and went to work the next day. With the lap/hyst, I was told I threw up when I woke up (I don't remember it). I went to work the next day like a good soldier which was a huge mistake. I felt like crap. Also, I had a lot of stomach discomfort because they pump a lot of gas (CO2?) in you. For my D&Cs I felt fine when I woke up and went to work the next day. So the lap/hyst, while not horrible, is definitely harder on you. I would plan on staying home and resting the day after.

    If I was catheritized, I didn't know it. In fact in all my surgeries I was not aware that I was...if I was...I was sedated before the surgery and knocked out during it.

    I would recommend doing it if you have any question about your tubes...I had had one HSG which *supposedly* showed two blocked tubes. 8 months later a 2nd HSG showed one open, one slightly dilated with possible hydrosalphinx. Lap/hyst 11 months later showed all clear and perfectly open (I was actually hoping to find something *wrong* so we could come up with a fix, but no dice).

  34. My lap/hyst last September was my most successful surgery. Since I had had 2 previous hysteroscopies I decided to stay home for 2 weeks after just to really heal. And I'm so glad I did because afterward I had a catheter and balloon in my uterus and that would have been really uncomfy at work. Prior to the surgery I talked to the nurses and anesthesiologist. I don't remember talking to my RE until afterward. I don't remember how long it took or any of that but if you want to go back to my September blog entries. I wrote all about it. After the surgery I had a very sore throat from the tube down my throat and was very groggy. I don't wake well from the drugs. Went home and slept like a baby. I was so glad my mom was there to baby me for a few days. And then my scars. I had the stitches that dissolve. But they were covered by this weird glue so I could only shower and I really could have used a bath. I feel like I really recovered after about 5 days. But part of that is because of that balloon.

  35. Hey you,

    You've gotten tons of advice, so I'll just hit a few high points (I've done the lap deal 2x, hysteroscopy was part of the 2nd lap). I had Stage 3 endo first time around and Stage 4 the second (or maybe vice versa, can't remember this morning) so I may have had more severe experiences than some of your other commenters, which accounts for some of my advice :)

    Re the lap:
    (1) If you have any issues with nausea (I definitely do), ask your RE/anesthesiologist about a transderm scop patch that goes behind your ear. I think it's a godsend. At the very least, you can have them put an anti-nausea drug in your IV. Post-surgery nausea was my worst side effect after the first surgery, remedied by said meds 2nd time around.
    (2) Please lay flat -- really flat - for the first 24 hours after surgery. That will allow the gas they use to pump up your stomach to dissipate without causing pain in your ribs/shoulders (weird, I know, but trust me -- it happens).
    (3) Along the lines of #2, may I recommend some ginger ale?
    (4) I would have someone with you the following day, just because it's a bit hard to get up and down.
    (5) Have some sanitary napkins around for spotting.
    (6) I had the surgery on a Friday both times, back at work 1/2 day Monday, whole day Tuesday.
    (7) Just don't let your pain meds wear off for the first 48.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, okay? Good luck!!

  36. It seems as though I have missed a lot Mo! I had my lap/hyst in 2007. It went very well, I had some polyps removed, my bladder was detached from my abdominal wall and I had some endo/endometriomas removed. The only issue I had was that I ended up with a nasty UTI because of the catheter.

    I was off work for five days but could have went back after three. I thought the pain drugs they gave me were too much and just took Tylenol after the first day. It definitely did take me a few weeks to feel completely normal again but it was tolerable.

    You will do great!

  37. No experience, but wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and hope all goes well tomorrow.

  38. The main advantage of laparoscopy is that it can be used for both diagnostic and therapeutic (treatment) purposes. Hence endoscopy has become a mandatory investigation in Gastroenterology.

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  40. Now I am having this procedure done for diagnosis purposes at the end of the month. I have monumental menstrual issues. intense pain, bleeding between, constant cramping, and it's getting worse. I've had all the tests on earth and now they want to see what's inside cause my horrificly uncomfortable pelvic ultrasound was inconclusive. I'm having it done at YALE of all places another teaching hospital and thank the lord our God for you guys and what to expect I've never had surgery before unless you count wisdom teeth. he told me to count back from 100 i didn't even make it to 95.

  41. laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are very simple and easy procedures.who have undergone this surgery can come back to their routine works within 2 weeks..or less than that..


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