Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cycle day 10 update

Today's ultrasound was kind of a bummer. I had the fellow I am not so fond of again today and when she did the scan, it was clear that there was only ONE large follicle on my right ovary, and just a few decent sized ones on the left.

This is a significantly muted response compared to my previous two cycles (where 21 and 9 eggs were retrieved, respectively). Needless to say, since going in this morning, I've been trying not to get discouraged. The fellow did say that it's possible some of the smaller ones could grow enough to contain a mature egg ("That happens sometimes," she said, chipper and clueless, while I tried to suppress my urge to growl audibly at her).

Despite the substellar follicular development, my lower abdomen is extremely crampy - much more so than with the previous IVFs. Very curious. Based on the way my belly feels, something is going on in there. Maybe it's not follicles under construction, maybe my body is putting in a line of new condos or something.

In other news, Rocketman's ship landed safely last week in South Dakota and the results are in. Sperm chromatin was normal (which was a huge relief), motility was lowish, and morphology was abysmal. All in all not so different from previous testings. And nothing that's too major since we will be utilizing a petri dish (and perhaps ICSI).

So I know that none of the information gleaned today is terrible, but I left the IVF center feeling slightly glum and rather less hopeful about the cycle. Fortunately, my feeling one way or another should have just about zero impact on the outcome, as long as I can rally myself for my injections and make it to the retrieval on time.

I keep trying to remind myself that I don't need a legion, I just need a few good eggs.

But any words of wisdom from you guys would be most welcome.



  1. I know my cycle stats do not apply to you etc etc. But I do have some small words of hope.

    I only had a few measureable follicles at stim day 5. I had about 7-10 (can't remember precisely) at my pre-trigger scan. I got 17 eggs out of that somehow. So many smaller follicles MUST have grown with the additional stimulation of the trigger enough to contain a mature egg.

    Oh, and glad to hear the rocketship made it- I'm intrigued because as far as I know nobody does sperm chromatin analysis locally. We have truly dire morph (like zero- and it's an acrosomal problem to boot, which can be associated with chromatin packaging problems, from memory, but for us was more of an issue with fertilisation without ICSI because, well, how do you get through a zona pellucida without an acrosome?), and just used ICSI. Was the chromatin analysis to see if pgd would be helpful? Because of course PGD has it's own issues.....

    Ignore the nosy woman :)


  2. Since my eggs are all "beyond" I have no advice about the follies, but I would go with the C&C nurse on this one (chipper and clueless - I love it)
    Good luck with the trigger; and hopefully the FIANSFO (fellow I am not so fond of - Fiansfo actually kinda rolls off the tongue) won't be doing your ER.

  3. Everyone is different and responses are so varied - as long as you are comfortable, that is all that matters!

  4. Thanks for the comment about trying to stay positive.

    I, too, am in crazy pain... with sucky follicles. After 6days of stimming, I now have 5 "good" (whatever that means) follicles + 1 teeny-tiny one.

    Oh, yes, my age is doing wonders for this cycle.

    I sure hope that your chipper tech was right... I hope you get more than one on that side!!

    When is your next scan?

  5. Thank you all for your comments! I'm like a little rain cloud over here today!

    Geohde, thanks for sharing your details. Will esp. was thrilled to read about others' sperm situations. we've considered PGD but my RE says it would not help our ultimate outcome (would reduce chances of m/c, but also reduce overall live birth rate...). so we're giving it another try without.

    Mmaker, thanks for reminding me not to throw the fellow out with the bathwater. I really hope she doesn't do my retrieval tho (do fellows do retrievals???)

    Lisa, thanks for your thoughts.

    Rachel, latest scan was today. have another one tomorrow (my center loves scans!). things look a little better - 3 ranging from 11 to 16.5 on right, and 4 ranging from 13 to 16 on left. I'm just trying to stop playing mind games with myself! hang in there!

  6. On my last cycle I didn't have very many follicles on day 5. They ended up actually having to trigger earlier than they wanted to, however, b/c one kind of took off on its own. I ended up with 19 that they retrieved, but only 10 were mature. It's totally possible to get some growth over the next few days.... I know it's sometimes easier to "take" coming from someone who is nicer or at least has a better bedside manner. Hopefully that fellow will finally get it before sh'es out on her own in the real world :)

  7. I will keep my fingers crossed that you have some follie growth in the next few days. I know how hard it is to try and stay positive. I was told that I had 20 follies on Monday and I somehow lost between 4 and 6 in just two days. I can't help but wonder how many more will disappear before my next scan. I felt complete doom and gloom walking out of the office this morning.

    Quality over quantity...this is what I keep telling myself!

  8. I am not the best to give assvice on the quantity, because, I too-stressed about it. BUT I was always told by my wonderful IVF nurse over and over that it really is the quality of the egg--hoping you have wonderful, super-duper quality!

  9. Mo, I'm sorry it wasn't a fun appointment, but it IS true that you only need one, and I DO know that my doc. thinks that fewer follicles = better quality eggs.

    Keep us all posted, we'll be reading. You're both in my thoughts.

  10. You are such an inspiration. Don't give up, hang in there - you guys will get your little bundle of joy before you know it.

    I am currently waiting and waiting for my BFP also - 10 dpo, only 4 more days! I haven't moved on to IVF yet, this is only my first IUI cycle in which I only had (one) 22mm folicle on my right ovary and none on the left. I'm praying that that one is all I need.

    Wishing you the best on your cycle.

  11. I have no words of wisdom, sorry. All I can offer is support and well-wishes.

    Great news on the Rocket!

  12. April - I will hold on for some growth over the next few days.

    Peachy - ugh, it's such a roller coaster, isn't it?

    JJ - thanks for the well-wishes

    Sprog - Thank you for reminding me of this. Good to hear that your dr thinks fewer = better quality. Actually makes me feel a bit hopeful!

    Kischa - will be sending positive thoughts your way that this IUI does the trick!

    GreenEggs - thanks for the support. It helps. A lot.


  13. Seven decent follicles at this day in the game is completely respectable. I said I'd be doing cartwheels if I got 6 mature, and that's basically what I got. Yeah, they retrieved 10, but really 6 were mature. Also, I've learned not to pay attention to what they say at the ultrasound. Until you get the call from the nurse with the final follie count for the day, that's all that matters. I'm also in the quality vs. quantity camp.

  14. 3 cheers for follie growth -- though it sounds like you're on track for a successful retrieval! Glad to hear the rocketship arrived safely. I think you know this, but we did ICSI last time around and had two beautiful embryos to transfer. ICSI solves a world of hurt, my friend!

  15. Hi Mo
    catching up here with all the updates. So, you ended up having better news after all. Seven follicles showing up for duty, I'm glad to hear. Yeay on your commment about stopping the mind games. :)
    I believe we are also doing ICSI because of morphology and the acrosomal problem as well.
    I know it's corny, but I'll say it just the same, be positive.


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