Saturday, November 6, 2010

Talk completed and uterus hanging in there

Phew! Can't believe it, but the talk is over. What a relief!

I think I did OK. Rebecca, thanks for your ideas from toastmasters - I kept repeating that the audience wanted me to succeed, wanted me to succeed, before I stood up to speak, and I think it helped. Towards the end, I started stumbling over my words a bit and could hear my anxiety in my voice, but I gave the talk, no one threw fruit, people asked thoughtful questions when it was over. All in all an acceptable experience.

Big plus: didn't start hemorrhaging during the talk, despite my fears that something BAD like that would happen. In fact, leading up to talk and during and after it, I actually forgot about being pregnant for a bit. Wowsers. Maybe it seems strange, but this whole pregnancy business is typically never far from my thoughts. So it was interesting to just be completely catapulted in to a different place and to be so focused on it that I had no room to remember my pregnancy. Cramps stopped for a while too, which was a nice relief. they are returning now - I think they seem to be worse when I have to sit at a desk....strange...(baby doesn't like me working?)

Going to one more workshop today and then taking it really easy tonight before flight back tomorrow. It will be so nice to be home.

Uterus, I beg you, please behave until I get back to the States!!


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  1. Great that the hardest part is over.

  2. I'm thinking it's the positioning that's making you cramp. If your airplane seat was anything like mine usually are, you are sitting oddly anyway. Since that's when the cramps first began, and they come back when you sit in that upright position, I say get thee home and stretch out! Still crossed!

  3. So glad that the toughest part is over and that for a moment you were able to step away from the FEAR and just be pregnant without having to think about it. Glad that you're taking it easy and taking care of yourself, and so glad that you'll be home soon!

  4. so glad the talk is over. and I hope you get lots of r and r before flying back. thanks for your words of support - even in the midst of your own stuff, you give me inspiration.

  5. You know all that progesterone can really increase the amount of relaxin that your body is producing which in turn can cause the ligaments holding your uterus and pelvis to stretch. With your uterus growing up and out and your pelvis ligaments stretching you may want to get that great book that Spogblogger recommended a while back. I did and it has been very helpful. Although we don't start our DFET until after the new year I have already found the pelvic exercises helpful. The book is titled "Relieving Pelvic Pain During and After Pregnancy: How Women Can Heal Chronic Pelvic Instability" and is available at Amazon if you find you have a need.
    I have an underlying pelvic issue, so I am already concerned, but it sounds as if you may be irritating the sacrospinous ligament that connect the ishial spine. This ligament is usually stressed if leaning forward and when getting out of a chair, and we know that airplane seats always tend to lean forward. This book has great stretching exercises to do first thing in the morning, which really helped both Susan and me, so it may be worth a look.
    I am so glad that your talk went well, and that now you can relax and think about just getting home to Will and your puppy.

  6. When you can, sit back and put your feet up! That's what CCRM told me when this happened to me early on. Lots of water too. (and call us if it gets worse). That's it. I'm glad the talk went well, sounds like you did great. Now, take it easy!!!!!

  7. So happy the hardest bit is over. Its always such a comfort coming back home, both you and the baby are so totally deserve the TLC you are going to get!

    Hope the return flight is not one of those long crazy ones.

  8. Glad the talk went well.. just think, the more of them you give, the less freaked out you'll be ;)

    Grow, baby, grow. Take it easy on yourself and try to engross yourself in a project - maybe it'll help stop you from noticing all the cramping?

    I know I likely would obsess myself to death :)

    Continued finger crossing for you. Have a safe trip home.

  9. Glad the talk is over, and glad you're headed home tomorrow. Please tell me you're going to be able to take a day off to relax? Thinking of you & willing your uterus to behave not just til you're back in the States, but for the next 8 mos. or so.

  10. So glad the talk went well; hope you can take it very easy and that all parts (and residents) will be comfortable and safe.

  11. I'm with Sprogblogger here- hoping your pregnancy just simply hangs in there with no added drama/trauma/cause for concern.
    SO very glad the talk went well. I was not worried about how it would seem to your audience, but totally empathize with you about public speaking (for me it is a MAJOR anxiety trigger, and toastmasters helped a lot, but I still feel like I am going to die/crap in my pants, crap in my pants and then die, or just crap in my pants-- no good options).

    Hearing my own voice shake sucks rocks.

    SO, Here's to your success! (internal and external)
    and here's to coming home and resting up and no more spotting however common.

    Please try different sitting positions, I did better sitting bent forward feet tucked on the little bar thingy between the front legs of the chair or
    way stretched out backwards. Try different positions, and maybe you can come up with something comfortable AND I also sat on a pillow from nearly the start due to pelvic pain.

    safe travels home


  12. So happy!! And I am sure that the your speech was the mental break you needed from all this stress. Glad to hear it. Safe travels home!

  13. One on board. Holy cow I forgot how crazy this felt.

    Thank you for remembering today was xfer day. I got your msg on the way to pick up my baby and it made me feel like a million bucks. Surely this will bring us the best of luck.

    Must run and get horizontal again.

    Congratulations on what was certainly a wonderful presentation. Problem is they will certainly want you back next year... How will you travel withe baby? Eh, you will figure it out....

  14. Eh, we all knew you'd do great! :-)

    Happy to hear that it helped you to get the worries off your mind, even if only for the duration of your talk.

    Bon voyage on your return flight!

  15. Hi,
    I am over the moon happy for you guys. I have been following your blog for a while and your posts have been heart-wrenching, educational, and now uplifting. I just had some advice to ask. Would you suggest a 3 or 5 day transfer? I am having my first round of IVF and I have heard conflicting opinons.
    Safe Travels,
    you wouldn't even make an omlette with stale eggs

  16. Congratulations on the talk.
    Bon courage!

  17. Congratulations on the talk going successfully!

    I found that in my first trimester, I felt very achey after sitting at the computer for any length of time. I was much more comfortable with my feet up. From what everybody else has been saying, I'm hoping that these cramps have been mostly due to the airline seats etc.

    Perhaps on the way back, you can ask to be put next to an empty seat so you can elevate your feet more easily? Might as well tell them you're pregnant, since you'll never see them again!

  18. I'm so glad the talk is over and now you can rest. Take it easy, you deserve it. I am so praying everything works out for you!

  19. Congrats on doing well on your presentation.
    Also glad to hear Uterus is behaving itself...

  20. Just catching up and thinking of you guys!

  21. As a fellow nervous public speaker, I am so proud of you. I KNOW how hard it is on the pregnancy front right now, but you truly are doing the hardest work now. It actually will get easier, once you pass those big ultrasounds and then the baby starts moving (which at first will freak you out -- "did I feel him/her enough this hour" -- but will eventually be completely reassuring). You WILL get to the point where you can relax and enjoy it. Hang in there until that point. You're doing great! I honestly don't think I could have done what you did this weekend when I was at your point.

  22. So glad that the talk went well, and that it sufficiently distracted you for a bit!! Safe travels back home. Sending calm uterus vibes your way.

  23. Always a relief to hear an update. Of course your talk went well. Glad you had a little break from the pg anxiety. Hang in there. Almost home.

  24. Glad all went well, praying things continue to go smoothly until you're home (and for the next 8ish months until you're holding your sweet baby in your arms)!

  25. I'm so glad the Toastmasters stuff helped. It sounds like the presentation went very well - bravo to you!

    I hope you have a safe and uneventful trip back. And that your uterus behaves itself for many more months to come, not just until you get back home...

    When you get back, are you going to use one of the "how many weeks pregnant are you?" pee sticks?


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