Thursday, June 14, 2012


There is much loss in the blogosphere this week. Too much to even fathom. It is devastating and terrifying.

Please go send support to Leigh, who found out yesterday she lost her baby unexpectedly at 16 weeks gestation.

And to Leslie, who lost her baby boy at 18 weeks gestation yesterday. Both of these brave women are undergoing inductions today.

Also, last Saturday, M. gave birth  - and had to say goodbye - to her triplets one day shy of 23 weeks.

Please take a moment to offer all of these women your strength and support as they go through unthinkable losses.


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  1. This post took my breath away. Praying.

  2. Oh goodness. This is sort of soul crushing. I hope that little Magpie is making little flutters so that you know that she's in there and going strong. Prayers for so many and for you too!

  3. Reading the title of this post honestly made me stop breathing for second. I'll be praying for all these families and for your continued good news.

  4. The blog title literally made my heart skip as I was thinking of you and your little one.

    I went to each blog, read the heart breaking stories of loss, and posted a comment of support that seems woefully inadequate.

    Oh, Mo, there are no guarantees. It all gives me so much pause.

  5. Thank you so much for all of the support & prayers. It means the world.

  6. My heart breaks for these women and families. Thank you for sharing... my time on the blogosphere is limited these days.

  7. Awful. Unthinkable. Thinking of them and their families.

  8. So terrible. Makes me want to run to the basinette and pick up my boys and squeeze them. Will be praying for strength for these women.

  9. That headline made me think something horrible had happened to Ms. Magpie. I'm very relieved that is not the case, but I'm also heartbroken for those three ladies and their families. Thank you for sharing those links so that we can offer support to them.

  10. Terrible. Why does bad news come in a flock?

    I am keeping all of them in my thoughts....

  11. Just devastating news all around. No words can express the horror. But, in all kindness, think of your poor blog readers and our sensitive hearts when posting with such a title!

  12. How terrible and sad! My heart goes out to each of them!


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