Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Two weeks postpartum: an update

Baby girl Magpie is two weeks old today, as of twenty minutes to midnight tonight. She is sleeping beside me right now, and will hopefully rest long enough for me to get a quick post in. I haven't decided whether I will post her name on this blog or not, so stay tuned as I figure it out. But rest assured, she is here, she is adorable.

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind. I will post her birth story in a separate post, but just the bullet point version gives you an idea:
  • 36 hour induced labor
  • contractions two minutes apart, lasting 1.5 minutes peak to peak (omg)
  • then vomiting with each contraction commences!!
  • Mo waves white flag after 6 hours, asks for epidural
  • maternal fever
  • fetal tachycardia
  • dilate to 6 cm, then cervix starts swelling shut, down to 4 cm
  • c-section called
  • anesthesia fails during surgery (OMG never heard of this. Don't recommend it)
Magpie was born at 11:39 PM on October 23rd. What I didn't realize until later is that those twenty minutes counted as her and my first full day in the hospital. We had feeding issues from the get go, with Ms. Magpie unable to  latch properly, and me bleeding from both nipples.  That plus our accelerated time table meant that Magpie was deemed to have weight loss issues almost from the start. We saw many lactation consultants in the hospital and finally cajoled an ENT to come to our bedside once she had lost 13% of her birth weight. He performed Magpie's first frenulectomy because it turned out she was tongue-tied.

We got discharged Saturday night and told we must supplement with a supplemental feeding system (basically a small tube) with formula, since my milk hadn't come in ... all this just in time for Hurricane Sandy. We fared well compared to so many others in our region. I grew up in an area beset by hurricanes and so underestimated how serious Sandy would be. Category 1 just didn't seem so spectacular, and yet, wow, so much devastation around here. It's mindblowing. 

So we were unscathed, and so fortunate, during the hurricane. Our only issues were that we ran out of formula and couldn't find more during the height of the storm. One of my dear friends lost power and brought her frozen milk to our house rather than have it spoil, so for one day, Magpie drank that...and then blessedly, my milk came in enough that I could pump and supplement her with my milk through the tube. Will got called in all week post-hurricane because our hospital was swamped with patients due to all the other hospitals in NYC closing, and had a simultaneous staff shortage because of the storm, power outages, no public transportation, and the three-passenger rule for commuters trying to come in, which made it difficult for physicians to make it into the city to work unless they could find passengers.

So me and Magpie were on our own much quicker than expected. We've been trying to learn the ropes of breastfeeding, but she has a lot of trouble sucking, which has meant I feed her with the tube and the breast, which takes 1.5 hours or so, then I pump using a hospital grade pump, and then we do the whole thing again every 2 to 3 hours (from the beginning of one feed to the next). It's an almost continual process, and hasn't gelled well with recovering from the labor and major surgery. 

Magpie was still having such problems we took her to a second ENT yesterday who performed an upper and additional lower frenulectomy. So we are hopeful she will be able to feed a little bit better. Poor little one. Because of the weight issues, we've been at the pediatrician's office every other day or so. But she's hanging in there and gaining some. And I'm hanging in there and healing and trying to rest when I can. And Will is back at work, his week of vacation gone due to the hurricane and not replaceable apparently (bah humbug!!)

The other fascinating thing is the wild hormonal ride I am on. I am drenched with night sweats several times a night. Soaking, soaking wet. My mood, is well, a bit labile - although better than it was. 

This is all very interesting. Feels so primal much of it. And I feel often like I am just trying to surface for a breath of air when I can and then just hanging on for the breastfeeding, night sweating, exhaustion ride of it all.

So all normal stuff, but all new normal stuff for us. 

And Ms. Magpie. Wow. She is lovely.She is delicious. I don't know that it has sunk in that she is here to stay with us. That she is ours.

Unimaginable. All of it.


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  1. My heart breaks for you with the nursing issues! We went through so much of that with my first son. Hang in there, it gets better, I promise! The fog will start to clear in a few more weeks and you'll start to feel like a modern human again.

  2. So glad you are all ok. That stinks about Will's vacation. Hang in there with the breastfeeding. Be gentle with yourself, C-Section recovery takes time. Enjoy the delicious baby.

  3. Glad here, too, to hear you are all well. Good luck with all these transitions. The breastfeeding can be very tough to start... it's worth it though.
    Two weeks already! Now, the time will start to fly... it'll be her birthday if you blink!

  4. Welcome to motherhood! Even when it is awful, it is still amazing. You've had quite the baptism of fire in her first two weeks, I hope everything is smooth sailing after this.

    If you end up not feeling comfortable posting her name (which some of us would LOVE to know), we'd at least be interested in the outcome of the "what surname does she get" question!

  5. We supplemented with the tube too, because my milk was so delayed.

    Finally found myself on the sofa, with little one on me for eating and napping..... Have you tried pumping while you nurse so you don't have to do one and then the other? It may buy you a few more minutes in between. We nursed most of the time, so I get the perpetual nature of it.

    She is real real real
    and YOURS
    how friggin cool is that.

    A real take home baby, MO. Holy shit.
    Wishing you a peaceful recovery. And oh, the sweats. yes indeed. I'd forgotten about those. EPIC.
    But they will subside.
    I slept on a towel for a while and would change my clothes and pillow in the middle of the night.

    hats off to you lady, you're doing it.

  6. Congrats again and so glad you weathered the storm (ha) okay.

    I could have written the exact same post-birth story for my IVF baby girl (I thankfully was able to deliver vaginally, but also at 11:39pm funnily enough).

    Anyway, just wanted to say that what saved me (us) on the breastfeeding front and really taught my daughter to eat was the SNS. If you don't have one, it is a good investment. 1) it saves time because you BF and she gets supplemental milk through the tube at the same time 2) it teaches her that mom=milk 3) the additional sucking she did to get the milk out of the SNS stimulated me so I eventually produced enough. By 2 months she was on her own (we got a late start when she was 3 weeks though, so don't despair). It is awkward (you tape the tubes to your breast) and made me feel like an absolute cow, but I was able to breastfeed for one year and I can tell you it was absolutely worth it.

    here's a link: http://www.amazon.com/Medela-00901S-Supplemental-Nursing-System/dp/B000NEDGB8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1352217716&sr=8-2&keywords=sns

  7. Wow...what a couple weeks you've had.

    The night sweats are pretty normal, I think. I had them with both kids, has to do with plummeting estrogen levels...

    So glad she's here. So glad you're generally safe. Wishing you well.

  8. Thank you, Thank you for the update. I will confess that I was so worried about you during the storm that I bothered poor Sprogblogger to see if she had heard from you!

    That stinks about Will's vacation. Talk about being punished for doing the right thing :(

    I am so sorry that the last two weeks have been so stressful. Having a newborn always is, but you seem to have been hit with the quadruple whammy there. Hopefully things will be looking up very soon!

    Congratulations Mama! You did it! :)

  9. How exciting for you to have her home. It's hard but how happy you all must be!!!!
    I'm so sorry to hear the anesthesia failed, same thing happened to me and I would NEVER wish it on even my worst enemy.

    Hang in there and enjoy every single second!!!

  10. Well, one thing is clear: it has been incredible difficult for you to bring a child into this world. And you have persevered at every step of the way. Hope you are letting all of that sink in, Mo. You and Will are incredible people.
    Let us now hope that raising your daughter will be a cake walk. Ok, that may not be possible, but let's hope the big hurdles are behind you.
    Rest well, dear woman. And enjoy your delicious little girl.

  11. I am sorry that you've had such a tough run with breastfeeding and your labour/birth story - while in point form - wow... sounds like it was something else. But even reading all of that ... my overwhelming feeling is that I have goosies all over! I am so happy that you and Will are finally right where you should be... with your beautiful Magpie!

  12. Ugh--that supplementation system sucks, trying to keep the little tube in their mouth is impossible! So glad you are safe and sound and getting to enjoy your little Magpie.

  13. I've never posted here before but your blog is my favourite.

    You are truly incredible. And so is Will. This is such a dramatic story. Magpie sure will have an exciting story to hear when she is older!

    I don't have any advice, I just wanted to say that I'm listening and I'm so happy for you that you have your beautiful little Magpie in your arms.

  14. Congratulations! We'd love to know her name..im sure its beautiful. I had the same issues post C-section with BF'ing- Anna was also had a frenectomy (SP?) but it still didn't work. I pumped for 7 weeks, and we switched to formula... it made life a million times easier and allowed me to enjoy my baby, despite the fact that I wanted to BF so badly. I also had the same issues with my son and pumped for 8 weeks, then switched to formula-- he is a brilliant, lovely, happy, healthy 3 year old. Mentioning that bc if BF'ing doesn't work out, don't beat yourself up over it like I did. It will all turn out OK in the end. Hugs, and enjoy that sweet little girl. It gets easier after the first few months too- don't forget that!!

  15. Congratulations mama! In the end when you get to stare into the eyes of your child, you realize that although the journey to now was rough...it was SO worth it!

    I'm two years down the road and not a day goes by that don't appreciate my petri-dish miracle girl! Enjoy every moment!!

  16. So relieved to get an update, and so glad that Magpie is healthy (if growing slowly). You just aren't catching a break! The sweats and hormones are normal. Just make sure that Will knows what to watch out for as far as PPD, and you too. Motherhood is tough, grueling, rarely glamorous work - and those first few months are such a huge adjustment, physically, emotionally, mentally. My motto then was "just keep moving." Just put one foot in front of the other. One more feed (not five before Will gets home). One more pumping. One more clothing change because you're both covered in her poop. You are going to be an incredible Mama and I'm so, so thrilled for you! So please give yourself the grace to learn as you go :)

  17. So glad to hear from you. Like others have said, I was thinking of you 3 a lot during the hurricane. I'm glad that you fared relatively well.

    Nursing issues stink. So sorry about that. I, too, felt very 'primal' after having the boys.

    I hope that things start to settle down now and that Ms. Magpie will have an easier time feeding.

  18. Our nursing story was very similar to yours with my first son. HUGE ((HUGS)) to you because I know how hard it is. In the end my son couldn't nurse and I exclusively pumped for him for a year. I hope Ms. Magpie's latest procedure allows her to successfully nurse!! So glad you made it through the hurricane unscathed. Wish Will was able to spend more time with his new little family.

  19. Wow, that birth sounds insane. As I said in my last comment, you're a hero!

    Sorry that everything, especially the feeding, is so stressful right now. It's tough, and you just have to find the point that works for you. Don't listen to anybody else's idea of how much effort you should or shouldn't be putting in. Figure out what you can deal with.

    I think one of the biggest parenting lessons I learned was that if *I* was falling apart constantly (partially excluding hormonal crap) then I needed to change what I was doing, even if the baby was fine.

    Anyway, I'm very relieved you all got through the storm OK, and I hope Magpie will thrive now that her tongue's been properly loosened!

  20. Oh my goodness!! What a birth story! And wow with the feeding issues too. Good for you for continuing to breastfeed through it all! I completely relate to what you are saying about how overwhelming those first few weeks are. No one prepares you for that.

    And the night sweats...oh the nightsweats!! None of my friends had those and they looked at me like I was nuts! That was so awful! I do not relish doing that again.

  21. First, congratulations! What an ordeal! Second, please, please, please don't let them drive you crazy with the lost weight stuff. You're doing all the right things and Magpie will be great! My babe lost over 10% weight too by 3rd day after birth and we were already home (sprung ourselves early despite stat c-section) and I had to supplement with formula without tube (used bottle/nipple) because my milk didn't come in until about day 5 or 6. She still wasn't back at birth weight at 2 weeks, but was steadily gaining. I drove myself nuts trying to nurse, pump, feed a bottle and have all of 10 minutes free between feedings. Eventually, at 7 weeks, I quit pumping and just nursed and then fed formula. That night she slept through the night 11 hours and has ever since (except for one handful of times) and she's now 13 months old. I know the sleeping thing was probably coincidental with giving up pumping (and the drugs and the supplements, etc etc), but there's some part of me that believes that it had a lot to do with letting go of the breastfeeding mania. Ultimately, I think I might have gotten to 100% breast milk, but for a variety of reasons decided to go all formula at 3 months (including being in a hurry to get pregnant again given my elderly status ;-) I don't know if any of that experience will help you, I just wanted to offer it in case it does. Everyone's different and all babies are certainly different! I wish you all the best in however breastfeeding plays out for you. Whatever happens, I'm sure Magpie is and will be just perfect. (My babe recovered from having lost weight early on to being a total pudge at 6 months to now being at about 72nd percentile for weight and now thinning out every day as she walks more and more!) Good luck and hang in there!

  22. So glad to see an update from you! And glad you were safe from the storm. C-section recovery is no joke - it took me a long time to feel normal from it (12 weeks). I also had the nursing issues - sore nipples - Winn had a frenectomy as well. It definitely helped matters. Hope things continue to get better on the bstfdg and healing front.

  23. wishing you and baby well]

  24. Congrats, Mom!! Sounds like given the very crazy Sandy, you guys are doing very well. Those first few weeks are such a blur, I think your description as "primal" hits it pretty well. The night sweats - oh do I remember that. You'll likely have it until you stop breastfeeding (a side effect of BFing that no one tells you about!). It's like evil DL all over again!

    But I know that sweet Magpie is worth it, every sweaty bit. Keep up the good Momma work, and she'll get the feeding thing down before you know it. It is an adjustment, learning period, for you both.

    Congrats again, Mo and Will and Moxie!!

  25. I too had soaking night sweats for a few weeks. Unlike a previous poster, it didn't last through bfing, that would have driven me bonkers. Hang in there and congrats again!

  26. So glad to hear from you and know that everyone is well. I can totally relate to the insanely ridiculous night sweats...they went away after 3 week with each of my three children. We had to have the tongue tied procedure done, and it was a lifesaver with my daughter. It really was the difference between BF-ing and not BF-ing. We enjoyed a wonderful nursing relationship after that first 3-4 weeks of trauma that lasted 21 months. And the C-section recovery, I am also quite familiar with, so I feel you on almost every level (even the hurricane-causing-husband-to-work-instead-of-be-home-with-much-waited-for-baby - I chose to evacuate before Hurricane Rita with my newborn, and my husband stayed behind because he's a pastor and wanted to make sure that the widows and people who lived alone had help). So, I get all of what you're saying, and I know it will continue to get better, and that baby girl will start packing it on. And I'm so thrilled for you, that even beyond all of these new trials, as well as all of the old lingering memories of trials in the past, you still have the presence of mind and heart to marvel in the miracle that is Magpie. -Carrie

  27. So glad to know -- the difficulties you're negotiating, both new parent and storm-related, notwithstanding -- that all are (mostly) OK. Except for the tongue-tie and the storm, my BFing experience is similar to what you are navigating and it was tough, tough, tough and exhausting. It got easier (my supply never got up to "enough" and I ended up moving to a blend of bottle-and-breast once I was sure DS was nursing well, maybe 1 month or 2?), indeed, it got downright wonderful, but it was so, so tough (and exhausting) at the beginning because, yes, I was basically always BFing. And sore. Here's to you, however you manage the whole process.

    I have read about what you mention happening with the anesthesia, sounds utterly horrid. I'm sorry that happened.

    Again, welcome: Magpie!

  28. Oh, Mo, I'm sorry you and Magpie are having to work through so many challenges. Keep hanging in there with the breastfeeding as best you can - it sounds like you are doing a fantastic job.

    I remember those 2-hour intervals where all but 15-20 minutes is spent nursing, then you quickly rush to the bathroom, occasionally grab food (finally getting to breakfast at 2 p.m.), get a shower maybe once every couple of days, etc. Just keep telling yourself "It will get better, it will get better..." because it will get better - and easier, I promise.

    Meanwhile, I'm glad you were relatively unscathed by the hurricane, although how disappointing that Will lost his time off.

    And I can't believe the anesthesia failed. I don't even want to think about what that meant for you.

    Overall, still so, so thrilled for all of you!

  29. Tears for you. Welcome little Magpie! This hurricane has been quite a ride. I am glad you are okay and the little one is doing better. Be well and hang in there with nursing. I was a huge failure until it eventually clicked enough to get better. You both will do splendidly after another few weeks of practice.

  30. Man oh man can I relate to the BFing issues you are having. It was so freaking hard for me in the beginning. And honestly, it took about 10 weeks to get better. But then it did get better and I was so thankful for sticking it out. For this pregnancy I picked the hospital with a kick-ass lactation center and then sought a doctor affiliated with said hospital.

    Sounds like you are settling into a routine now. I thought about you guys during the storm.

    Oh, you could always post a pic of her name if you don't want to write it or have it be googleable. :-)

  31. I don't think you need to share baby's name. Magpie is just fine!

    I dealt with the baby blues BAD for two weeks. Hang in there, it will alleviate nearly perfectly at the two week mark. Obviously, PPD can come into play but that is a SEPARATE THING entirely and would happen after the two week period. Every emotion you have is normal.

    Feeding issues, been there to! God bless you!

  32. Mo, the first six weeks of breastfeeding are absolute torture. Hang in there, the pain really does start to subside at the 6 week point. For me, every time I had letdown it felt like shards of glass were stabbing my nipples. I was close to tears whenever i thought about the next feeding session. By 3 months we were starting to develop a routine and it really starts getting easy after that. Just keep telling yourself that this is the hardest part and you'll get through it .... because you really will. And don't be afraid to feed her with the little 2 oz formula bottle occasionally. I really don't think many babies have nipple confusion and your breasts need a break.
    I do hope you post her name and picture. Anyone in your professional circle who stumbled on your website (which is wonderful!!!) would already know you from your pictures anyway!

  33. I forgot to add: being alone makes it so much harder. Consider asking about a baby nurse through your hospital for the first few weeks?

  34. mo!
    thank you SO MUCH for taing the time to update... you have been busy being a new mom! and what a wild ride... night sweats?!

    you're doing great! just keep on keeping on, one day at a time... you'll all get thru this particular challenging time soon enough. ask for help when you need it, cry when you need to... its all ok and all part of the deal.

    i don't feel the need to know her name... magpie is beautiful as it is, and so glad she is here and yours and safe and in your loving arms.

    much love to will- tha totally sucks about his week off, they owe him big time! things will calm down soon enough, and hopefully he will get some make-up time with his magpie & mo.

    so happy for you!

  35. Sounds like a rough go of it, but...MAGPIE!

    Congratulations on all your perseverance. I wish for you bliss :-)

  36. It is so good to hear from you and to know, that despite a LOT of impediments, you both are doing well. Two weeks postpartum is VERY early and for sure your hormones are doing very wonky things.

    I began to "feel" better (as in more in control of my emotions but still emotional) around 4 weeks and felt I really hit my stride around 6 weeks (we'd figured out breast feeding, pumping, at the breast and bottle feeds in addition to reigning in his jaundice).

    Keep tabs on the emotions...no need to suffer needlessly.

    Congrats again and again and again.

  37. So glad to hear you're all safe and hopefully not much worse for wear! I remember those sweats vividly, and what a rollercoaster the first few weeks were. The sweats stopped after about three weeks for me, and I hope you're almost done with them!

    So glad you're home and ok--so neat to have her sleeping beside you as you post!

  38. Congratulations again! I can't believe how much has been heaped on your plate since having your little baby, its enough to make anyone hormonal with a million emotions. Take care of yourself and be easy on yourself-- nursing and all of these things are so tough-- no matter what, you're doing the best you can, and it WILL get easier regardless of how that is.

  39. Hi. I am another lurker who has been touched by your story again and again. I just wanted to also lend my support. I also had a C-section birth that was not properly medicated, and was, frankly, pretty traumatic. Adding insult to injury was BF struggles very similar to what you are going through. As others have said so well, please, please take care of yourself. Also, be aware of post-partum anxiety as much as postpartum depression. Magpie needs a mom who is healthy, so do whats best for YOUR family - especially in terms of feeding choices. I hope you don't mind if I share a couple of resources that helped me: www.fearlessformulafeeder.com and http://www.bottlebabies.org/ Please don't be turned off by the names, both sites support all kinds of feeding choices, but really helped with the concerns/emotions around needing to supplement with formula. Finally, when the roller coaster slows down, you may find yourself grieving - this has been a tough couple of weeks, and very different from what you had hoped for. It's okay to grieve if you need to - it doesn't mean that you don't also cherish your experiences. Hang in there and best wishes to your little family!

  40. YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! More later, running to VOTE. Mwah! Hugs and kisses from me and Sunshine.

    P.S. You really do get to keep her! :-)

  41. 25mon and counting with a supplementer. Not such fun, but we do what we gotta do :) She's yours! And do enjoy that new baby smell - it's gone much too soon. Congrats, mama!!!

  42. CONGRATS!!!! I'm so happy she's here and healthy. I'm so glad you all made it through the storm unscathed. I can't believe she's 2 weeks old already!!! Nursing was a horrible challenge for me. I hope you have the strength to stick with it.

    Sending you love and hugs and happiness beyond rainbows for you and your beautiful little family!!!

  43. I went through BF hell and came out the other side an exclusive pumper. My blog has all the details if you're interested. Hang in there and congrats!

  44. I am sorry that BF is not going well. Hang in there! I hope everything begins to get easier....soon! Thank you so much for the update! I have been checking in daily. And I certainly understand you not being sure about giving her real name....but I sure hope you do. I followed another blogger that eventually started a private blog where she showed pictures and gave names...I think she granted most requests for those who wanted to follow the private blog....just an idea....although I am sure it will be hard enough just keeping up with one blog...let alone two, if you kept both.
    I certainly respect and understand your decision either way.....but would love to know her name and see more pics.....especially after following your blog since before you were pregnant with Magpie....and even before then). Of course the blogging is so minor.....you have a beautiful baby to take care of!!!
    Enjoy your precious peanut! :)

  45. Wow. A baby and a storm! :) I'm so sorry that you are dealing with the bfing issues. I went through the same thing with E...pumping, tube feeding....blah. Hang in there!

  46. So glad to hear from you! The beginning of breastfeeding is awful. So is recovering from a c-section after labor. It gets better. It really does.

  47. So glad you are safe! Sorry to hear about all the difficulties during this time. :( If you decide to share her name you could post it in a photo (so it's not searchable) then take it down after a day or two?

    Hang in there, things will get better!

  48. I had a similarly rough start with my oldest (minus the hurricane....) No matter how much you want it, no matter how insanely thrilled and awestruck you are, man, it is HARD and SCARY when they first arrive, isn't it? You are doing a great job. Hang in there, mama.

  49. So glad you made it through the hurricane OK. I was imagining you guys going through the worst with the storm and a newborn. I'm sorry to hear about the feeding issues. Hopefully they're resolved soon! I pumped for 11.5 months for my triplets and (hazily) remember the feedings every three hours start to start plus pumping in between. If there's anything pumping related that I can help with, just yell.

  50. Thank goodness you are all ok. Such hard work from such wonderful parents!

  51. Nursing is tough, too bad no one ever tells you that part before hand! So thankful ya'll are ok, I had thought about ya'll often. Congrats again, my heart just smiles when I think of your sweet baby girl by your side. And hang in there, it really will get easier! It's a crazy, wonderful ride!!

  52. You are rocking this Mommy thing, as I knew you would. Hope that all of the unpleasantness and pain is far behind you and that it's smooth sailing from now on. So, so happy for you and Will.

  53. I doubt any new mum would ever qualify anything as 'normal' because once the little one(s) is (are) here, nothing is ever going to be the same. A new normal, maybe. But when it is the first time, the new-ness is more obvious than normalcy.
    You may not be able to believe it now,but it gets better. Hang on.

  54. Yikes. What a crazy 2 weeks.

    The night sweats is normal. You have a lot of fluid to get rid of. However, my little one is over 5 months old and I'm still having nights where I wake up and the sheets are wet.

    Sorry it's been such a struggle with the nursing. Just try and remember that neither of you know what you are doing and it will take time and practice.

    Hope things settle down enough that you can enjoy each other even more!

  55. Wow, sucks he's not getting that time back. Good for you for being upbeat about it all! Yes, primal. That part overwhelmed me.

  56. My night sweats also subsided within 2-3 weeks, so I hope that yours will too. These are the things that we don't think to mention and (I at least) conviently forget when I consider having another. And I agree, that BFing is hard and you should do whatever works for your family. As I mentioned on Dora's blog, we pumped and put it in bottles because my cracked and bleeding nipples needed a break. So do what works for you and Magpie and you and Will and don't let any well intentioned relative (or blog commenter) deter you from that. Much love and I too, echo that it gets easier, but it takes about the first month to hit your stride (sometimes longer).

  57. Nothing can prepare you for these moments! I hate that Sandy had to move in at the worst time. Btw- my SIL felt them start cutting at her emergency C section. Ouuuuch. Hope you didn't experience too much pain.

  58. Whew! I too was worried about you and Magpie during and after the storm. Thank you for letting us know you're ok. Or as ok as can be expected. Our situations are not the same but I want to mention that the three week mark was a milestone for bf'ng my first. We supplemented, pumped/bottle fed, and used nipple shields until we both suddenly clicked. My best decision in that time was to give myself a weekend off to heal a bit... I did not nurse for three days while I just pumped and supplemented as needed. It took off a lot of the pressure and baby and I were able to enjoy each other. A few days later I instinctively gave up on the shields and she latched without issue for the first time. I guess what I'm saying is take care of yourself and follow your instincts.

    Congratulations again. Thank you for posting.

  59. Not sure if anyone else mentioned it, but the sweating is also due to the pitocin you had in the hospital. It makes you retain SO much fluid. I was just a huge puff ball mess. And then at about 10 days -3 weeks pp I peed and sweated it all out and lost about 20 lbs in the process. Hang in there! And yes breastfeeding can be SO hard. I was ready to throw in the towel with my bleeding and pain so many times and I am so glad I hung in there. You are amazing going through all that you do! It is so tough at first. One hour at a time!!! A huge congrats to you and your beauty.

  60. The night sweats are your bodies way of trying to get rid of the excess fluid, and to reequilibrate how much fluid you need now that you are breastfeeding. I so feel you on the continual feeding pumping drama. Oy. Do you have a lactation consultant who makes house calls? A doula? Don't forget, even though she was full term according to safety guidelines, her own gestational clock is still in charge of when her sucking reflex will mature-Left to her own devices she may have been 2 weeks overdue! It sounds like you are really onyour own, do you have anyonecoming to stay and help you? ((()((hugs))))).

  61. Wow, what a delivery. You just don't catch a break do you?! So glad you both got through it ok.

    I had similar nursing issues with my firstborn and to be honest, for me it never really clicked, we muddled through with nursing, pumping and supplementing for six months and then. I called it quits with much guilt and relief. My second took to nursing immediately with gusto and we nursed exclusively for much longer. It all depends on the baby. Do what it right for you, try not to beat yourself up, you are doing a great job. Also I definitely recommend having a nursing break and exclusively pumping for a weekend or so whilst you heal (and sleep!). It will do you the world of good.

  62. I'm so glad you made it through Sandy with power - we were among the unfortunate in lower Manhattan who went without power & water for 5 days. Not fun with 2 newborns! But it sounds like you went through the wringer with your delivery. Ugh.

    I can totally relate to the difficulty of recovering from C-section and trying to breastfeed. The first two weeks were some of the hardest of my life! Hang in there, I really hope the tongue tie is resolved - my two have minor tongue ties as well and it makes things a little difficult with nursing sometimes.

    So glad, though, that your little Magpie is safe in your arms - that's the most important thing of all!

  63. posted before, and forgot to add...
    i am so sorry you had to have the anesthesia fail during your surgery, i can't imagine what that really even means. thank the heavens above that it is in the past now, and you are healing and safe at home with your healthy little girl.

    take care!

  64. Wow...wow...wow! And finally wow! Hang in there Mo and Will...I love it that you are still in euphoria of Miss Magpie. Because at the end of the day that's all that matters, the three of you. You are resiliant and you will get through these tough times post recovery and post Sandy. Not meant to be a sympathetic post but come on! You have been through heck and back and deserve a hug!

  65. so glad you updated. and wow, that is so much to deal with. recovery from a c-sec is tough, even under ideal conditions. same with a baby who has such trouble feeding in those early days. been there. also done the SNS and the pumping and supplementation, etc. it's a lot of WORK! and not enough sleep, I know.

    it's so much harder when you have to deal with any one of those things, let alone all of it plus Sandy. hope it's smoother sailing from now on.

    meanwhile, welcome to motherhood! enjoy the sweetness.

  66. My spinal failed with my first section and with my second section I was unable to get a working block at all. Ended up with a spinal+epidural and a big dose of IV help the second time (because I refused a GA, which is what hey wanted to do) and the first time laughing gas, midazolam, lots of opiates and juuuust squeaked by without a GA. I agree, awful.

    Congratulations on beautiful miss magpie, so very happy for you and will,




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