Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wednesdays with Will: looking toward summer

Mo will be one step closer to finishing her dissertation today. It is kind of nice that it will coincide with the beginning of summer as we have been looking forward to making plans. We have tons of "weekend" getaway ideas and would like one big "blow-out" vacation. Yesterday I was talking with a friend who is not familiar with the financial toll IVF has have taken. He asked me to give him two reasons why we shouldn't take a big trip this summer. I smiled and quickly responded "cost and cost". He reminded me that absolutely that is not a good enough reason. He is right.

So what do we want for a vacation? Adventure, inspiration, vastness, sun, and each other.
No matter where we go we will have a blast. And who knows, maybe this will be our last chance before a baby. Either way, we need to live now.

We'd love to hear about any cool trips you all have planned...


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  1. We can't afford a 'blow-out' vacation...but I have 3 long weekend getaways I'm planning (in my mind anyway)...

    1. Savannah, GA (shocker, considering I live in GA)
    2. The Outer Banks, NC (just always wanted to go and heard it was beeee-yoo-tiful)
    3. Washington, DC (Hubby's never been)

    Our last blow out was to the Greek Islands...which I highly suggest if you want a blow-out (which was actually quite only 1/5th the cost of IVF for a 2 week trip).

    I now think of everything in comparison with IVF....(*hmmm, I could do 2 IVFs with what you paid for that car, *hmmm, you could have your teeth fixed 5 times with what I paid for IVF, etc, etc.)


  2. We started a tradition of phd vacations.... anyone that finished their phd got to pick the destination. Finishing and defending a dissertation is a big thing and deserves to be celebrated/rewarded!!! For mine we did 2 weeks in Hawaii (one on the big island and one on Kauai). I LOVE Hawaii and would go back a million times. Other than that I loved Thailand but summer is bad for that (expensive plane ticket and then super cheap everything once you get there plus you need lots of shots to go). Peru is high on my list of cool places I want to go. just go with your passion. Where ever we go we always end up with adventure :)

    One good thing about IVF is that it has made the cost of things like lasik and a tummy tuck seem so reasonable! :) Always looking for the silver lining!

  3. Go to Peru! If we could afford it, and if we could leave our ailing cat, we'd be on a plane so fast to Brazil or Peru. Brazil (Salvador is a really safe, laid back city, ringed by beaches). The summer is their winter, and it's really lovely (75 to 80 Degrees all the time, and not crowded).

  4. We have taken many vacations and had hoped they were our last big trip before kids. I have not regretted it at all. I have found it to be a great way to regroup and make plans for the future along with the togetherness and relaxing.

    On our list...St. John, France/Italy, Pacific Northwest, Maui/Big Island, and we are headed to St. Maarten in a couple weeks. You can do almost anything on the cheaper side if you are willing to sacrifice. And the U.S. has a lot of great options if you don't want to go to far.

    You guys deserve some travel for many reasons!

  5. We are hoping to go llama packing in the mountains. We didn't do it last year, so hoping we can do it again this year. We live in a beautiful state, and there are really many opportunities to vacation right here without flying somewhere exotic.

    I used to live in your beautiful state too. I have fond memories as a teenager staying at Lake George for two weeks out of the summer.

  6. I celebrated finishing my dissertation by taking my mom (to whom I was greatly in debt, and I don't mean in a financial sense but in a (positive) life one) on an overnight mules-down-the-Grand-Canyon ride. It was great. I don't know if that's your thing, and I also don't know if you could get tickets for this summer (they supposedly sell out "months in advance") nor that that would be the best time to go (we went spring break, which was great -- not too hot), but I did just check, and the ride itself is still cheaper than an IUI cycle ($703.60 for 2 people). Also, you cannot go if you are pregnant so ... while there is little to be grateful for about your recent failed cycle, this is something you could do that's fun that you couldn't do, if it had worked.

  7. We are possibly taking 9-10 days to drive down to the Florida Keys, camping at a KOA or two along the way to save money on hotels, and maybe staying at a decent hotel for a couple nights. We might stay in different cities all along the Keys which should be interesting, relaxing and fun!
    It's my first time taking more than a couple of days off work in a row in almost 3 years but I am determined to do it this year because I deserve it and am sick of using IF or work reasons as excuses!

  8. If you are talking blow-out I cannot think if a better place to adventure than Italy. Sounds trite, but I have been to 23 countries and Italy is still at the top of the list. The Amalfi Coast is amazing in the summer.

  9. Costa Rica!

    I really wanted to go to the Gallapagos but that was out of the price range. Corcavado, Monte Verde and white water rafting. It was adventurous but extremely relaxing. The greeting in Costa Rica is pura vida loosely translated meaning pure life. The attitude is low key and friendly. I loved it.

  10. A couple summers ago (after two losses in quick succession), we did a "budget" vacation to the Shenandoah in VA. Little cabin was like $800 for a week. We hiked, kayaked, rode horses, and enjoyed the scenery, which reminded us how small and insignificant we are in the grand scheme (in a good way).

  11. We did a trip to the UK - London, Scotland and Ireland but I actually recommend an island holiday like Thailand. We've been there and it's the MOST relaxing place ever - hospitable people, FABULOUS food and cheap as anything.

  12. We love the Islands...St.MARTEEN is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The weather is beautfil the restaurants are amazing, you can drive the entire island in about an hour or so and there are about 5 different towns along the island that have restaurants and beaches etc....ITS AWESOME!!!!!!

  13. we're going to sanfran this month and spending some time in the city, but also renting a house on the river in napa. i'm really looking forward to getting away and relaxing and just being in a new spot! :)

  14. Rincon Puerto Rico is one of our favorite places. This is the beautiful B&B we love to stay at when we go: It's rustic and you can take day-trips. Plus, you don't need a passport! We loved it.

    Um, other places. Not sure where you live but we love Charleston, Outer Banks of North Carolina, Hilton Head, D.C. and exploring around Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire. Love that area too.

  15. Where to go? Oh wow.

    Vegas: Always LOTS to do and see.
    Florida: East or West coast, go dip your feet in the sand and be a kid again.
    Thailand: Get pampered relatively cheaply; as long as you can afford the plane ticket!
    Europe (France, Belgium, UK): Indulge in some art and spectacular culture. Stay with friends if possible to cut down the cost?
    Any island getaway: Beaches, surf, sun and fun. What more could you want?
    An all-inclusive week long holiday (either a cruise or an island): You don't have to worry about extra costs.

    Just some thoughts. Personally, hubby and I love driving trips and exploring places within 12-15 hours of home for a few nights. That's always lots of fun.

    Where ever you go or whatever you do, enjoy it to the fullest. You both deserve some together time! *hugs*

  16. After getting married on the beach in Hawaii, and spending two weeks on the Big Island, Maui and Honolulu, we finished our honeymoon with a week in an over-water hut in Bora Bora. It was insanely expensive, but such incredible beauty, tranquility and luxury. Of course, after that over-the-top honeymoon, plus the mega-$$ we've spent on IVF, we haven't taken any serious vacations in two years! (but we both agree it was worth it - once in a lifetime kind of thing)

  17. We're going to Belize this Sunday!! It will be very hot and we're going just as rainy / hurricane season is supposed to start but I am hoping we'll have good weather. It wasn't too expensive and it will definitely be worth it. I'll post about it when we get back.

  18. cost is keeping me home, but i will be happy to live vicariously through you two on some awesome blow out vacation. :)

  19. "Live now", three cheers and hurrah to that. It is so hard to remember.
    No matter where you go, I am sure it will be wonderful.

  20. I just got back from our vacation that we could not afford - I highly recommend Victoria, British Columbia for at least two days. Great museums, amazing tea at the Empress, inner harbor with flight and boat tours, great coffee and restaurants. Alaska was amazing too but more outdoorsy. Let me know if you want more information on what we did there.

    I like Nepsi's idea too.

  21. just found your site. first of all, so sorry to hear of your latest news. hang in there.

    we're booking a trip to hawaii for end of summer - which will likely be right before we jump into another cycle in September, which will likely be with donor eggs as a result of our situation.

    we've been to hawaii once before and it was extremely restorative and relaxing. you can choose to either be active or a slug. and, either way, there are palm trees around.

    best of luck to both you and Mo as you continue on your journey.

  22. Will --

    I've been a long time reader of your blog. I really like the dialogue with both Mo and you posting. My heart goes out to you guys with the struggles you've had. Hang in there!

    As for travel (a favorite topic):

    We did a cruise of the Eastern Med (including Egypt) back in late March / early April before starting IVF cycle #1. We had a great time and really enjoyed the trip (especially Cairo and Malta).

    We also had a trip to Tokyo booked for June 5. My plan was to use it as a sort of "get out of town to change thoughts / scenery," if IVF cycle #1 crashed and burned early in the process. (As it happened, our beta ended up being scheduled for June 5). Needless to say, I cancelled this trip (not a big deal as I had only used FF miles and hotel points to book everything -- so now my account is a few 100k points higher again).

    Our next planned trip (in August) **might** be our annual journey to London. We have fractional ownership of a flat in central London. Given that we've been there numerous times, it would be a pretty low-stress, low "required" activity trip. However, I'm a little worried about having L travel overseas while pregnant (a very new and extremely nice concern). So, we'll see how things develop (literally) over the next 6-8 weeks.

  23. My husband is from a small Italian village in the Alps, so we usually spend our "vacations" there with my in-laws, and do little trip to southern France, other places in the mountains, and our honeymoon was in Corsica (highly recommended!).

    This summer we are actually taking a real vacation (i.e. not visiting the in-laws) and going to Alaska! I'm very excited, but we have a lot of planning to do!


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