Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sundays of grace #16

Crawling out from the rock I've been hiding under to post a few things I am grateful for:

1. This one could be number 1, 2, and 3 because it's so pivotal. I am so very very grateful to Will for hanging in there through all this, remaining by my side and meeting me every step of the way as we go through our lives, and most recently, through the infertility process. I know it is not easy, not for either one of us. I really admire his courage to stay present with the hard emotions and remain open to our hopes for the future. I am so very glad he's my companion in this life. Thank you for being my husband, Will. I love you.

2. The dissertation progresses. It is aaaaaaaaalllllllllmmmmooooosssssstttttt done. The process has been like pushing a gigantic boulder up a steep slope with the movement forward sometimes seeming imperceptible. I expect to turn in the final draft later this week with the oral defense scheduled for early July. I cannot wait. I am so very ready for this to be off my plate and to have this degree completed.

3. Summer. It is here. It is beautiful today, mild and sunny. At least the snippets I've gotten to see on my way to and from the hospital and office. I am grateful for the change of seasons, for the reminder that life moves onward in its own steady progression. I hope that means that we too will move forward from our current infertility stalemate. We are ready to have a baby, however we get there.


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  1. Good to hear from you. Congrats on finally getting close to pushing that boulder over the edge of the cliff...and being able to move on (no matter which way) to bigger and better things.

  2. Congrats on almost being done with your dissertation! That is such a huge accomplishment!

    I am so hoping this next phase of your lives is as parents. Wishing you guys all the best!

  3. It will feel so good to get your dissertation done! It took me seven years to finish my master's degree because I was trying to write my thesis while working a full-time job. It was this constant black cloud over my head for three years.

    Wishing you the best as you move onwards.

  4. Glad to hear about your dissertation. That was a great shout out Will - you guys make a great team.

  5. Maybe the dissertation completion will be the trigger for your body to go into pg mode... who knows. Glad you're wrapping it all up - and you are so lucky to have Will! Good luck.

  6. I too salute Will (and my DH for that matter). It takes an amazing man to stand there and be our support when we know they need it just as much.

    Hopefully we'll see you a bit more in the weeks to come!

  7. I admire YOUR courage to stay present and remain open-- both of you!

    good for you for seeing the end of the tunnel on your dissertation-- how incredibly cool and what an achievement!

    And summer has not found us in NH, cold and rainy most days, wool socks and sweater weather.

    Thinking of you,

  8. I love your Sundays of Grace posts. It can be so hard to find something positive to say in the midst of IF and loss, but you've managed to do it so many times.

    Congrats on the dissertation progress -- you're almost there!

  9. Congrats on almost being done with such a huge milestone!
    I have to say, your #1 really got me, because I so enjoy following your journey simply because both of you are filled with obvious love for each other... Hang on to that!


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