Monday, November 9, 2009

Five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes: Happy 1-Year Blogoversary

Today marks one year since we began this blog, although it feels honestly like years have passed since we began writing. So much has happened on our trying to conceive (and more importantly, stay conceived) journey, as well as on professional and personal fronts.

We originally conceptualized this blog as a quasi-dialogue between Will and me, where we would each post our takes on various situations and discuss the differences and the similarities in our takes on our situations - hence the title of the first post: If Men are From Mars and Women are from Venus, Maybe Babies are from Pluto?

I miss those days. Will wrote a lot at the beginning, but over the last several months, his posts have trickled off, in part because he never felt like his posts got much comment. (I disagree, but hey, I'm from Venus, so what do I know?) But despite his lack of active participation of late, he and I discuss the blog and he reads all of the posts, contributes to the Hallmark Rejects, and reads every single one of your comments. And more important than any of that, he's still my active partner in all of this infertility madness, going to see the miscarriage wizard and the Colorado wizard, attending ultrasounds and blood draws. He's a champ, really. Everything I could hope for in a life partner.

A year ago, we were about to embark on IVF number three, which seemed like a lot of IVFs to go through at the time, but now looking back seems like really not so many. We were nervous, but hopeful. Although we didn't say it, we were fairly sure that we would succeed and thought we'd just drawn the short end of the statistical stick a few times. Because although everything had turned out so badly with two IVF cycles and three losses in a year, we made bunches of good-looking embryos. We'd have to get our day in the sun, right?


Of course the way things look now, we are not so sure. Amazing how many things can change in a year, most of all your perspective. It may only have been 365 days, but it's been a much longer journey psychologically.

But here we are, one year later. Still here. Still standing. Still loving each other fiercely.

In honor of today's blogoversary, we've compiled a partial catalog of our past year. Thanks for being there to share these moments with us.

With a nod to DAVs, we thought of the song Seasons of Love from Rent which asks, "In five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, how do you measure a year in the life?"

We measured this year in

One hundred ninety four blog posts
One decade since cancer
Three IVF cycles
Eleven transferred embryos
Two much desired pregnancies
One doctoral degree
One transcontinental adventure
One heartbeat
Two miscarriages
Two broken hearts
One amazing god-daughter
One post-doctoral grant
One beautiful puppy
Ninety thousand six hundred and eighteen unique visitors (wow)
Countless comments from all of you

So Happy Birthday, blog.

And thank you to all of you. Truly. You've given us so much strength and hope throughout the last year. Your presence - and your comments and thoughts - keep this blog alive.


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  1. "Still here. Still standing. Still loving each other fiercely."

    *That's* what matters.

    Happy Blog Birthday! ♥

  2. Happy Birthday! You have accomplished a lot in a year. I hope that this coming year will be the one where your blog morphs from IF to pregnancy!

  3. Despite all the crap, the "10 years cancer free" and "still loving each other fiercely" comments impress me the most. Those are huge, given what you've been through. And that fact that you're still on the same page, sharing everything together is more than many IF-fighting couples can say.
    Impressive accomplishments! Hope the next year brings many more, and lots of happiness.

  4. Fan of "Rent", eh? Happy B'day! Here's to a great year ahead!

  5. uggghhh...I feel like you have just held up a fairly depressing mirror.


    I hope we both still get our place in the sun.

  6. Happy birthday, Blog. Here's hoping this is a pregnancy blog, or even - barely - a baby blog by this time next year.

  7. I'm with K, Kait, and Kate -- the things that sustain you are still holding strong, and that is a lot to celebrate. Happy 1 year anniversary, and may the new year bring you what you have worked so hard to achieve.

  8. Aw, I love this post! Although, of course, I deeply hate what you two have been through. But you're hanging in there and hanging on. And it makes me smile to be reminded of that :)

    Happy blogoversary to you both!

  9. Happy blogday! You should print out this post and keep it somewhere that you can look at it when you're feeling down. Both you and Will are amazingly strong people who have weathered a crapstorm of a year better than almost anyone could and you should be proud of yourselves. When you do get that baby, they're going to be the most loved and fought for baby this side of Jupiter and what a wonderful feeling that will be for that child when they're old enough to understand.

    BTW, I love it when the significant others post on blogs and I wish Will would post more often. I think the drop in comments is more because people feel like they know you a little better and are a little shy about Will (think middle school dance), but if we got Willy Wednesdays or something like that, I have no doubt that the comments would pick up.

    I love special guest stars on blogs! Come back, Will!!

  10. Happy blogoversary!! I so enjoy reading your posts -- BOTH of your posts! I second the motion to hear more from Will! ; )

  11. I haven't yet commented, but I'm reading. And gladly following your journey. I wish you the best on the upcoming year.

  12. Happy Blogoversary!!!

    I enjoyed hearing the details of you Colorado appt and look forward to following the rest of the story. May this next blog year bring you not only success and happiness, but a "Little Mo" or a "Little Will":).

  13. Oh yeah! I love a good Rent reference :)
    I thought I had offended you somewhere along the way...

    Happy Blogoversary. I'm sorry it's been such a helluva year.

  14. DAVs,

    No - no offense! In fact, I'd love to be invited to access your blog! I know you've invited me before, but the invites have expired and I don't have an email address for you!


  15. Hi Will! I still remember your posts, especially with the mushroom looking container. I hope you'll come back someday!

    Happy blogoversary to the both of you. That's a whole lotta bloggin'!

  16. Neat to hear where things began--I dropped in somewhere in the middle I think, and didn't realize that the initial conception had been more of a dialogue. More Will! :) (Though I love the blog regardless, and will continue to follow your journey until you decide to stop sharing it with us.) Happy Blogoversary!

  17. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! May this be the year of new beginnings for you both!
    great post...

  18. Happy blogoversary! Don't forget in all of that year, the strength, information and heart you have shared with all of us. It means a lot to your readers too, to have you both write and share your experience. I've gained so much from reading your blog.

  19. Beautiful post. I wonder how IF years measure compared to regular years. Because honestly, it's gotta be much much longer. Cheers to you and Will for wanting to be parents enough to go through all of this. Keep loving each other fiercely. I can't wait to see where this year brings you.

    Will, just found ya'll this summer so I've completely missed out on your perspective. I'd love to hear your thoughts too! :)

  20. This post brought tears to my eye. You've been through so much. I sincerely hope you get your day in the sun very soon.

  21. Ahh...Rent. Love that song!

    Happy anniversary! I hope I can move you to the baby category on my bloglist soon. If anyone deserves it, you and Will do.

    Take care.

  22. Hoping your day in the sun (well, much longer than a day) is around the corner.

  23. Thanks for sharing your journey with the rest of us. I'm hoping that the next 525,600 minutes bring you and Will peace and happiness.

    I try to share Will's posts with my husband. Unfortunately, I feel like he doesn't have any outlet in this other than me, so it is good to hear a guy's perspective. I hope he continues to post.

  24. Happy blogoversary! I'm hoping this next year brings you both lots of joy!

  25. Your blog always brings a smile to my face, no matter how dark a day it is. I am so sorry we have been through so much loss in our journeys and I pray that 2010 will bring much happiness in our lives.

    *scampers off to check out your blog links*

  26. You are amazing. So glad you are here.

  27. Happy Blogoversary!

    I am hoping the next year brings you all the happiness you both deserve and most of all that your dream of having a baby will come true!

  28. What a beautiful, beautiful post -- The line 'still loving each other fiercely' got me. Hold tight to each other and thank you for sharing your reflections with us.

  29. Mo--shoot me a line at and I'd be happy to re-add you :)

  30. I know I don't comment much but do follow your blog & adventures regularly so I just wanted to wish you a happy blogoversary!

    I really enjoy your posts and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you & Will - it helps to know others are feeling the same emotions we are and going through some of the same things.

    Hoping that you will have even more to celebrate on your next blogoversary!

  31. Happy Blogoversary! I can't believe it's only a year, it feels like I've been reading your blog for ages!!! I miss Will's posts, I love all your hallmark rejects and everything in between! I love every aspect of your blog!

  32. Mo and Will,

    Happy Blog BDay. This is my first comment although I am a daily reader. What a year. Sending all our love and well wishes.

  33. Awww. Happy Birthday 'Life and Love in the Petri Dish' of my personal favorites...Hoping the next year finds bigger and better things. Thank you for sharing your story.

  34. Although I have only been "following" your blog for a short amount of time....still here, rooting for you two.

  35. Popping out of the shadows to wish you a Happy Blogoversary!!!

  36. Happy blogoversary! I miss Will's posts as well. I love to hear his perspective on things. It is so clear that you are such a wonderful, loving couple, and that you give each other the strength to get through this. Please Will, start posting again!

    This has been quite a year for you guys, with some wonderful things happening, and some absolutely devastating things. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us and allowing us in. I hope that by the time the next blogoversary rolls around, that it will change to a pregnancy and parenting after IF blog.

    Sending many many good thoughts and hopes to you both...

  37. Wow, a year closer to your goal! And things sound so positive at the CCRM, I'm really excited for you (and kind of jealous too!)

    I must mention that I love when Will posts - not taking anything away from when Mo posts! But it is great to get that man's point of view! But if he is more comfortable being the silent partner, that's ok too! I still can't even get my DH to read my blog!

  38. Happy Blogoversary! May the coming year see this blog's theme make a dramatic change.


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