Monday, November 30, 2009

Mo's shape up plan collides with Turkey Day and feathers fly: week 2

Here we are, week 2 into the weight loss plan.

It was a tough week in shape-up plan land, with Thanksgiving and the subsequent turkey fest and four-day weekend. Weekends are always more difficult for me when I'm trying to clean up my eating and exercise - when I'm trying to eat less than usual unstructured time is not my friend.

And for whatever reason, I was starving this week. At times, it's been an hour by hour struggle. And although I've kept it pretty healthy, at times I've eaten more than would have been optimal.

My sense was that I did ok. Not great, but ok. I hoped I hadn't gained any weight or plateaued (because I know my motivation gets pretty thin when that happens, and gosh, I'm only on week 2!). But honestly, I wasn't optimistic that things would be looking too good. I mean, geesh, it was THANKSGIVING this week.

So overall, how did I do this week?

Total exercise this week: 7 hours (one extra hour to hopefully make up for Turkey Day, or at least account for a few bites of stuffing!)
1 spinning class
3 hours on elliptical
1 hour run/walk (with Will and puppy)
1 hour run/walk (without Will and puppy)
1 hour running on treadmill (only 4.2 mph, so very slow, but running throughout!)

Diet: Pretty good up until Thanksgiving, then I gave in the siren song of a somewhat large helping of stuffing and an extra piece of pumpkin pie (damn, they were good!), the rest of the week had an extra helping occasionally. So hungry!

Items of clothing earned: 2 (a burgundy knit dress-on sale for $29!- and a costume jewelry necklace so I can be a little sparkley for the holidays)

Weight lost this week: 1.4 lbs

Weight lost overall so far: 3.4 lbs

Will's Weight loss so far: 4 lbs (good job, Will!)

Total body fat lost (based on gizmo on my scale that I only half believe): 1.1 lbs (guess the rest is water?)

All in all, I'm very happy with these results this week! On that note, off to a 6:30AM spinning class. Yikes!


p.s. Thanks for the interest in the new hairdo...I will probably not be sharing a photo of before and after though, sadly. A little too revealing to post my picture here for my tastes.


  1. Oh you're reminding me how this IVF fat is driving me bazonkers!! Good luck anyway... (;

  2. I'm impressed with you doing so well despite all the temptations of a holiday and the associated food. I bet most people would have plateaued or gained, so you're a stip ahead! And now you have 3.5 weeks to look like a star before Christmas temptations arise! :)

  3. Isn't it frustrating how quickly men can lose weight? My husband can drop pounds like crazy. Best of luck to you. Stay strong during the holidays.

  4. Ok, so I am hope this doesn't freak you out that some random person is commenting on your blog. My name is Kylee and I found your blog through a blog of a blog's blog:) I too started a blog to follow my infertility journey and like you, I too had many miscarriages (non of them without the help of medicine unfortunately). I haven't read into your blog enough to know if you have looked into this, but have you had your NK, immunophenotype, RIP, etc. bloodwork?? I am sure you have, but I thought I would throw it out there since lots of doctors don't believe in testing for it (even after 4 miscarriages). My body was actually attacking my embryos.

    Sorry if this was intrusive in any way!!!


  5. Congrats on your progress so far, especially during the Holiday of Weight Loss Doom!

  6. Great work! I'm impressed with the spinning...that's hard work!

  7. Great work Mo and Will, keep it up! I love your idea of nice rewards, you picked a tough time to do it, so extra good luck and wishes.

  8. YOU RAN FOR AN HOUR???? You Rock!
    I could run for, say, 100 yards if chased by a rabid bull.

    a sincere thank you for the support.
    Truly, Mo, thank you.


  9. You lost weight Thanksgiving week? You are awesome.

  10. Way to go on the weight loss! And doesn't it kill you that the pounds seem to melt off the boys? But it is great that he is joining you on the journey - best of luck to you both!

  11. SO proud of you. Losing weight Thanksgiving weight is a huge accomplishment in and of itself :)

  12. I cannot believe you are net negative this week, and that you ran for an hour. Two practically superhuman feats. You are amazing!

  13. You go girl - that is amazing for a holiday!!!!

  14. Great job! The holidays are always tough. Sounds like you are staying on track :)

  15. I went through a serious diet and exercise routine for most of this year. It totally paid off! But don't worry if you sort of plateau at the beginning. do not despair in case it happens. It's always better to do it slowly but surely. Good luck and good health to you!


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