Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Biding my time

Sorry for my quietness of late. I've been down for the count for over a week with a nasty cold. Not off work/school, and not avoiding socializing because of it, but really dragging myself through it all. Blog posts just haven't been happening so much.

Poor Ms. Moxie is also sick, also coughing. Except when she coughs, she sounds like a Canadian goose.

Moxie: [pant pant] [butt wiggle] HONK! HONK! HONK! [butt wiggle]

You get the idea.

School is super intense right now with a crush of assignment deadlines and exams. And because I'm getting this newest degree at a medical school, not in a regular university setting, I'm experiencing three classes crashing toward the end of the semester as simultaneously I've picked up two new ones this week. Blech. I mean, really, is this truly necessary? Could I not finish one thing before I start another? Please?

Work is good but also fairly intense right now. I'm about to leave this Saturday for my third major work-related trip in four months. For which I'm lucky, I know. And, hey, I'm grateful - really truly grateful - I even have a job. But it would be nice to have a quiet weekend, instead of being at a psychology conference many many states away from my dear Will and little Ms. Moxie.

So yeah. Not so much blog writing coming out of me these days. All is good - there's just a lot. The healthy eating has been hit or miss but I'm trying to not abandon the fruit and vegetable project all-together and just do what I can. Acupuncture still hasn't happened but I'm hoping I can squeeze it in.

June and our trip to Denver is right around the corner...till then, I'm just biding my time, trying to wade through all of these life tasks, comfort my honking dog, blow my own nose, and wait...patiently...or not so patiently...


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  1. I'm glad things are going well for you, even if you are super busy. I actually find that I prefer to stay busy before a cycle so I don't have too much time to worry and stress about it.
    When do you head out to Denver? I'm going out on the 27th of May (assuming I don't get canceled for a cyst or anything...) with a tentative retrieval on the 2nd or 3rd. Maybe we will overlap a little? But you could be later than me.
    Good luck with school and work!

  2. Cassie, they think I will be headed out around June 13th so i will definitely miss you out there. But I will be sending positive thoughts!


  3. Thanks, and I will do the same for you. By the time you head out there, I will be relaxing on the beach in Mexico, so I will have plenty of good vibes to send your way ;-)

  4. I think I'm living your life in the Midwest. We took Bo to the vet yesterday and he has bronchitis. I agree that the puppy coughs are the worst!!!

    I hope Moxie feels better soon!

    Oh and you too. ;)

  5. The first time one of my dogs got a cough, I had no idea what was happening. That honk! I hope you and the pup get better soon!

  6. Poor Mox, I hope she feels much better soon. We use Coricidin HBP for our show dogs, as it only contain dog safe ingredients, ask your vet. A great reference book for dog owners is The Pill Book Guide To Medication For Your Dog and Your Cat. It covers meds available by prescription and those over the counter and many people medications that are also used on our pets. It is a great educational tool and I recommend for every dog owner.

  7. Poor dog - but the honking sounds hilarious!

  8. I hope you and Moxie feel better soon! Hang in there!

  9. Hi Mo - I have a request (do you take requests?). I was wondering if you would tell us if you have any tricks for focusing at work while going through the mental stress of IF. I figured since you are a mental health expert, you might have some wise words. I struggle so much with this - I need long stretches to think but it is so hard with so much on my mind that isn't work. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Good luck with everything! Thanks - WB

  10. I just wanted to send support and healthy vibes through the Internet as we just went through our own never ending cycle of sick.

    Hopefully, with summer approaching the end of the season will finally and decidedly be here and we can all enjoy an illness free summertime.

    Bide away...June is tick-tocking closer every day.

  11. Feel better soon- I hope you and Moxie are quickly on the road to recovery...If she's not getting better you may want to consider that she may have picked up kennel cough while she was playing with her mates during your last visit to CO~ just a thought if she is still honking because that is what happened to us when our boxer was kenneled. You description of the Honk Honk butt wiggle is so accurate :)


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