Saturday, June 5, 2010

Colorado cocktail details - for those who asked

A few of you have asked, so here's the scoop on the new supplement protocol in Colorado.

I was told it is for folks with PCOS and poor responders. I am neither but decided to take it anyway.

Ideally, you take these supps for three months before cycling (we were able to squeak in two months).

In the following doses:

  • Myo Inositol 2gm twice a day (I could not find "myo inostol" and am just taking inostol)
  • Melatonin 3mg at night
  • Co Enzyme q10 200mg twice a day

  • *note: You are supposed to get bloodwork before starting these drugs to make sure your liver functioning is normal. I didn't, but I'm just saying you should.

    These supplements seem to be associated with cell growth and given that each egg is a single big, honking cell - and an important one at that - I guess the idea is to give it every chance it's got.

    You stop taking these supplements when you start stims for your cycle. No supplements during stims or after transfer (except for your prenatal).

    Hope this helps.


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    1. Mo, any idea if these are recommended for those with PCOS who are using donor eggs? Curious if they will help with lining at all or any regulation of blood sugar issues that may affect the lining.
      Thanks for any thoughts you may have.

    2. Interesting. I may have to look into that for future cycles. No PCOS or poor response either but maybe something can help my rotten and now 2 years older eggs.

    3. Melissia

      I think the supplements are for egg development, not lining or blood sugar issues, so don't think they are using it in donor egg situations. hope that helps.


    4. Thanks, Mo. I think I'll head off to my natural foods store this afternoon. Assuming I ever start ovulating again, we won't have three months. But any little bit can't hurt. Plus the melatonin might help with my insomnia, right?

    5. I wish I had heard about this a few months ago! Too late for me now, and of course I'm feeling like I could have done more to improve my egg quality. I hope it brings you great results!

    6. Melatonin is actually a sleep supplement.

      I had to take it to try a natural remedy to my insomnia.

    7. Mo, thanks. The reason I asked about the blood sugar issue is that PCOS and glucose regulation are often intertwined. I self diagnosed as a diabetic due to my PCOS symptoms and massive weight gain but never had a fasting blood sugar over 110 (I am a RN, you know how we are!), but convinced my doc to do a trial of glucophage and lost 80 pounds in a year during which my blood sugar did continue to climb if I ate anything sweet. So while not a diabetic yet, may be on that road and continue to take glucophage and follow a low carb, low concentrated sugar diet.
      Thanks for your help.

    8. Can I ask what are you doing on this cycle? Are you just going to make as many embryos as possible and get them tested and add them to the 3 you've got to to FETs later or are you going to transfer the 3 normals you already have with this cycle and test the new ones for another go later? Does that make sense even!

    9. Huh, interesting. I think my dad takes Melatonin to help him sleep!

      Good sleep = fertility? :)

    10. Hmm, I had read somewhere that CCRM was doing 800mg of CoQ10 (divided into two 400mg doses)...

      Myo inositol and inositol are the same thing. I asked the same thing over at Willner Chemists and they researched it for me. I bought the Jarrow powdered variety that I mix into water (I'm doing 1 tsp into water twice a day - it's sorta sweet so it's easy to drink down).

      I've been taking these new supplements for a week now. I'm loving the melatonin - I'm sleeping a bit more deeply at night which is really nice.

      Thanks for posting that bit about stopping when you start stims and that CCRM recommends stopping all supplements save for prenatals when you start to stim. I've been eating my regular huge dosage of fish oil all the way through stims and into the 2WW. I wonder if there is any research that shows that vitamin supplements can be bad during the 2WW or what? I'm always curious to know what CCRM is doing because there's usually really good research behind it all.

    11. Check out post #350 here dated 5-18-2010:

      This gal is doing 800mg of CoQ10. Do you think that they have changed their dose? Or maybe she did a typo?

      I have been doing 800mg since I found this - hopefully I'm not ODing! :-)

    12. linda,

      Hmmm...just went back and checked the email the nurses sent me and they told me 200 twice a day...not sure why the discrepancy.

    13. So glad you posted this as I started stims today and couldn't remember for the life of me if I should be stopping the CCRM cocktail stuff. I ate some fish oil and folic acid, but those shouldn't hurt too much. :)

    14. Hi,

      I literally just got back from CCRM (Colorado Center for Repro Med) and they are currently suggesting the following supplements for Males and a seperate one for females:

      Females: (Helps with egg quality, Poor Responders and/or PCO).

      Ideally taken 3 month PRIOR to retrieval. Contraindications: Any patient that is taking thyroid meds should NOT be taking melatonin. Melatonin has been shown to increase T3 and T4 levels.

      STOP these supplements with start of stimulation medications.

      1. Myo Inositol: 2gm - 2 times a day. (Is same as inositol I think)

      2. Melantonin*: 3mg at bedtime (see above note)

      3. Co Enzyme q 10: 200mg three times a day (stated this was the most important one)(according to Nature Made brand is really good).

      4. Omega-3 fatty acid: 1,000 mg daily ( says Vital Oils 1000 Ultra and GNC Triple Strength are really good)

      5. Vitamin C: 500 mg daily (take in a.m.) ( says GNC or Natures Bounty Rose Hips (found at Walgreens) are good).

      6. Vitamin E: 200IU daily (Nature Made brand is good)

      7. L-arginine: 1,000 mg two times per day.

      8. Pycogenol: 100mg daily

      9. Pre-Natal Vitamin.

      10. DHA


      Helps sperm chromatin greater than 20% etc:

      1. Co Enzyme q 10: 200mg Three times a day. (Heard Nature Made brand is best per

      2. Omega-3 fatty acid: 1,000 mg daily ( said Vital Oils 1000 ultra or GNC Triple Strength brands are best).

      3. Vitamin C: 1,000 mg daily (take in a.m.)

      4. Vitamin E: 400IU daily

      5. L-arginine: 1,000mg Two times per day.

      6. Pycnogenol: 100mg daily

      7. Folic Acid: 400 mcg daily (per best is by Vitamin Life OR Nature Plus)

      8. 1 Centrum with minerals daily.

      ALSO: Dr. Sher in Las Vegas recommended a great supplement to improve sperm called PROCEPTIN that we ordered online at All I know is that hubby took it for 4 weeks, had a test done at CCRM last week and count was up to 60ML with better motility. They recommend you take it for 90 days as that is how long it takes for new sperm to be made etc.

      I hope this is all helfpful! I stocked up on all the vitamins last night (mostly at Walgreens then GNC). It was costly but why not try it if doing IVF. :-)


    What do YOU think?

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