Monday, June 21, 2010

No news is no news

No word from the embryology lab on our day 3 update, despite a call to try to stir up some news (so much for the "big note" on my chart!).

Hmmmph. They must be busy working or something.

Hopefully we'll hear word tomorrow on how the Denver 18 are faring.

Divide well, my little ones.

In hyperstimulation news, I think things are under control with all the preventive measures being taken, although I feel pretty crummy, I have to say. Bloated, uncomfortable, and downright exhausted. This will pass quickly, though, I'm sure.

I keep having the thought that Will and I have done our part in all this, given it everything we've got. There's a big feeling of peace in this. And the sense that having put in everything we've got, now we can lie back a bit, let my body heal, and let the lab work its magic.

Ms. Moxie comes back tonight from her training/boarding place. She has been thoroughly missed and it will be great to have her home. Nothing better than having a warm boxer puppy nuzzle up against a tender post-retrieval stomach. A warm boxer puppy does a body good.


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  1. glad you are okay with it and you have your warm puppy. I on the other hand am dying to know!

  2. yes, divide well little ones! 18- wow- that is great.

    you guys have been so strong through so much. hope you get some rest.

  3. Warm puppies make everything better. I have everything crossed for you and the lean, mean, fighting 18.

  4. Glad there's some peace and satisfaction here- hope it's followed by much joy.

  5. Best wishes to you both (and puppy!). Keeping my fingers crossed for you. :D Hope you feel a bit better soon too!

  6. Glad to hear you're feeling peace about all this. Crank up the a/c and have a good cuddle with Will and Moxie.

    Go Denver 18!

  7. Ahem. I have a feeling the lab is so busy babysitting your 18 embryos that they cannot spare anyone to leave to go make phone calls...

    Seriously - I'm feeling the crazy, and I'd be climbing walls, but I'm so glad the OHSS seems to be easing off. Give Moxie a snuggle for me. See you soon.

  8. I had to laugh at Sprogblogger's comment. I have to say that I'd be climbing the walls too. You are so zen!

    I am glad you are feeling a little better and the OHSS is easing. I am sure Moxie will help to bring you back to your regular self. Hugs!

  9. I bet Moxie will be so happy to be home with you, she's so cute. Our boxers are getting old and I miss that puppy stage, our oldest just can't run and jump anymore. :o(

    So glad things are going well and wishing/praying for a great report!


  10. Damn them all for working! *shakes fist, laughingly*

    Just dropping by to let you know I'm pulling for you, and your little embies! Sending love to you both.

  11. Oh I hope you get some great news today! I'd be completely crazy waiting to hear how things are going. You are doing a great job. Enjoy the doggie heating pad!

  12. No news must be good news - many somebody's still growing over there. And I'm sorry you are feeling yucky. The bloat is no fun. Hang in there, and hoping for good news today!


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