Friday, February 10, 2012

What does embryo development look like?

I came across this time lapse video of embryo development and wanted to share with you (thanks to Fertility Lab Insider for posting it).

This same blog has a great post on embryo progression and pregnancy outcomes. Not surprisingly, getting to the blast stage is a really, really good thing. Fingers crossed. If you're interested in such things, check it out.

The last few moments of the time lapse video are what I picture our embryos doing, hopefully then reaching out to begin the implantation process in my uterus. Here's hoping.


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  1. That's a really cool video - thanks for posting. I am so hoping that this works for seems like with 3 blasts you should have a great chance! Let the time fly until beta...

  2. As a biologist, this is exactly the type of thing I picture when I think of getting pregnant.

    When I first got a positive test, about 2 weeks post ovulation I thought, "Ooo, gastrulation! Neural groove formation!"

    You might also get a kick out of this site- it's a scientists take on human embryonic development with no likening of zygotes/embryos/fetuses to fruits.

    Hope that these steps are exactly what's going on in your uterus right now!

  3. I saw that video a week or two ago and just spent ten minutes watching it over and over. Now I'm going to waste far too much time clicking through visembryo....

    Really hope your three are progressing!

  4. Hoping right alongside you, virtually. The alongside bit is virtual, that is, the hope is 100% real.

  5. That's an awesome video! Thanks for posting!!

  6. Given that our embryos are being thawed from their vitrified state now with expected transfer tomorrow or Sunday, this is VERY timely information.

    What the explanation doesn't account for are those 6, 5, and 4 cell Day 3 embryos that are transferred and achieve pregnancy and live birth. I would love to see some discussion of the theory that these embryos do better in utero vs. in vitro (as this is exactly what we are going to be facing with this transfer).

  7. Thanks for posting this. For my friends who have easily conceived on their own, they don't see the amazing process that we get to know so well with IVF. After watching this, It's a wonder that any of us even exist!

    Hope you are resting comfortably and that your perseverance ends in sweet success this time!

  8. Mo and Will, thinking of you and wishing a baby in your arms soon

  9. Those are super cool links.

    Hoping and praying this is your time.

  10. Very cool video!

    Just wanted to say best of luck to you. You're definitely in my thoughts. We did pretty much all the same things you're doing for our final, pull-out-all-the-stops cycle (CGH, Lupron Depot, endometrial biopsy, Lovenox, steroids, IVIG, acupuncture, etc.) plus DE and for us it was the cycle that finally worked. Am now almost 3 months post-partum and I still can't believe it. I don't think any of the things I mentioned would have worked in isolation--it took doing all of them together at the same time. I still joke to DH that I'm probably the least fertile woman in America, so if I can finally pull out a successful cycle I know you will too. And I'm not just saying that, I truly believe it. My only advice is to make sure your immune status continues to be monitored. A single IVIG infusion wasn't enough for me. I needed several more after transfer to maintain the pregnancy (try submitting to insurance--you never know they might cover it).

    Fingers crossed for you and the lucky three!!

  11. Mo, I am so beyond delighted for you and Will at the latest developments. My fingers are firmly crossed for you.

    Re: the technology from this video, do you know of any clients in the US currently using it?

    I work with clients in Europe, and it is starting to catch on at some major clinics there - where they are reporting that it improves their success rates when they use this to select the embryos.

    I think the FDA approval for this was in 2011, so I was just curious if you had run across clinics using the technology - like CCRM maybe?


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