Saturday, February 25, 2012

A saturday in the life, plus HCG chart

I went for a super relaxing acupuncture session this morning and then to brunch with Will and a friend of ours and her young daughter. Remember the friend I had mentioned who was so ill with cancer, so out of the blue? He did much better and hung in much longer than anyone expected, but sadly he passed away a month ago. We were out with his wife ("widow" just seems like the wrong word at our age) and daughter. They are doing amazingly well, both of them. We are trying to see a lot of them. Till they get sick of us, even. OK, maybe not this, but we want to make sure we continue to surround and support our friend and her child as much as we can.

I had a nice afternoon nap (so tired lately) and now need to rally and catch up with a bunch of my medical record charting. Bah! Luckily, I can do it from home. Will is on call at the hospital, so it is just me and my boxer Moxie solo tonight.

In addition to tired, my appetite is a little off. The cramping is now coming and going (and when it goes, I get scared). Breasts are somewhat sore, but mostly not killing me. I'm thirsty. I pee constantly.

I decided to try to make a graphical representation of the betas so far, from 9dp5dt to yesterday, which was 15dp5dt (see below). Looks reassuringly nice and strong. The number doesn't look THAT high, does it? You guys really think it might be twins? That would be ok, but please please please no more than that. I'm thinking numbers like these could just be a solidly implanting singleton, which would be absolutely 100% fine with us. (My preference, as I worry about the increased chance of complications with twins. And triplets? GAH. Way too nerve wracking. Don't even get me started.)

Hoping things are still going strong in there. I have contemplated cutting off the front of my stomach and replacing it with plastic (BPA-free, of course) so I can check on things more directly when I get nervous. Which would only be three to five times a day. Holding off on this great idea for now.

Small prayer to the universe, hand on belly: please stick around, please be ok, please stick around.


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  1. Praying to the universe right along with you Mo. Stick little embies stick!! Mo and Will sooooo deserve you!

  2. Love that the good news keeps coming. I had very high and strong betas and just a very healthy singleton. Everyone thought I was going to have mulitples until the first ultrasound.

  3. I think your numbers look great. I just went back and checked my numbers from a fresh cycle with three blasts transferred. At 9dp5dt, my beta was 238. I am now the mom to 1 year old twins. Two days later, my beta was 675.

    I have been meaning to comment on a couple of your other posts. I had cramping and spotting (felt more like gushing to me) up until about 10 weeks.

    I look forward to following along and especially the findings on your ultrasound! I have been a long time reader.

  4. Terrific numbers - and you are formidably organized about looking though the data. I would never even think to graph that s--t! I'm so glad I'm just a week or so behind you...your posts always give me food for thought about things to try/think about. Most of all, they make me happy for you and Will. Keep growing, little embies!

  5. Mo, I'm with you on this one.... Please stick around!!!

  6. Hoping and praying for a strong single, a multiple pregnancy is a bit scary! I've been looking back at some of your betas from previous attempts, this one looks so much better.

  7. our successful cycle had those kinda numbers too, I'm so hopeful for you Mo!

  8. Lovely chart. And really, that's what mine looked like with LG. Started around 175 at 13-14dpo (did 2 IUIs) and took off from there. Keep growing little embryo, keep growing!!!

  9. My first beta (at DPO19) was around 3,000 and it was just my daughter in there. I think it's just really strong beta numbers for a singleton. I hope so!

  10. Sorry that you're still dealing with crampiness, but those numbers look great. Cheering, hoping, praying and crossing all crossables for you and Will. BTW, not related to your pregnancy, how did your sister's conversation with the folks at CCRM go? Do you think that she'll end up freezing some of her eggs? If that's to personal I understand, I just wondered and am hoping for the best for her as well.

  11. "The number doesn't look THAT high, does it?" she asks, quizzically, never minding that it is higher than the 'Max'.


    The better question is "will you hold out until u/s or sneak in another beta?".

  12. Hold out until u/s?! Ha! Sputter! Ha! I don't think so. The REAL better question is whether I will be able to tolerate having only one beta drawn or will succumb to two before next be determined...


  13. Hi Mo
    I love your graph... Its just so nice to come on here and see your hcgs sitting above the norm, gives me a sense of justice that eventually things can work out. I know it's early days but so far so good, right?
    Lots of love to you xxxxx

  14. Emily Erin

    I will do a whole post about my sis...been meaning to. stay tuned.


  15. I love this news and those betas. Thanks for still reading xo.

    WIth betas like yours, I'd be so, so happy! I know, the worry never stops. I'm very sorry to hear about your friend. Big hug and I think your friend is very lucky to have such considerate and loyal friends. I bet she appreciates you right now.

    Sending all the best luck your way! Suzanne

  16. Lovely graph. I think it is a strong singleton, if I were a betting woman. Your numbers are similar to what mine were with my daughter (well, I didn't have the 3rd beta) at 196 and 404. My graph looked like yours, in the high/max range - I wondered if those graphs were a bit off. Either way, lovely graph, lovely betas.

    Enjoy the evening with Moxie, I'm home with my kitty cuddled next to me, it is cozy!

  17. Hi! Just visiting from ICLW. Such exciting news for you! Hoping for the best!

  18. What an awesome tool/chart! I would have loved that when I was cycling!

    I caution everyone on reading into the HCG numbers. I had a 566 15dpo (10dp5dt) and 1024 at 17dpo (12dp5dt) and ended up with a singleton. I obsessively compared my numbers to betabase and was convinced I had twins prior to the ultrasound. Well - I did - but a vanishing one by the time we went for the 6w ultrasound (degenerating sac and no fetal pole). I was crushed for a brief moment, but quickly realized it was for the best.

    My friend, interestingly enough, also had a 566 as well but at 17dpo (12dp5dt) and had a singleton with no vanishing twin. From woman to woman, they really mean nothing. All that matters is that your numbers are doubling. That will taper off though here soon - please be ready for that!

    I am just over the moon for you! I do wish only a singleton on you because it's an easier pregnancy and you really have time to focus all your attention on the one child, but I understand being OK with twins. After all you've been through, it would be nice to get two for the price of one... I mean, two for the price of 9 cycles ;)

    Good luck!!!! I hope this is YOUR time!!!

  19. More blood draws are more nice datapoints for your plot. you can also check out your numbers vs if that is still up. Good solid numbers though. I can't wait to hear about your u/s. :)

  20. I had triplets - it wasn't so bad ;)! Congratulations to you! Your numbers look great!

  21. I am voting for twins. I compared your numbers to our beta database on a surrogate group and your are firmly in the twin group. But, a really strong singleton is great too! I am just crossing fingers for a healthy worry free pregnancy with a healthy baby (or two) at the end! Cannot wait for the u/s

  22. HA! I'm with Itiswhatitis - have you looked at your own graph Mo? You make me laugh! Yes, I absolutely think it *could* be twins!
    Like I said in my last comment, your numbers are right on with where mine were with my twins. That said, I'm currently pregnant with a singleton, and his numbers were (alarmingly) high too (I don't have my numbers with me here at home- they are in my desk at work of course or I'd provide them to you too)...but they were high enough that they thought I was having twins again (holy buckets that would have been nuts!).
    Anyhow, twins wouldn't be too bad, they are such a wonderful blessing, once you get to sleep again anyway =), and if it's only one in there, well that's great too!
    Whatever is in there, please keep growing and dividing! Continuing to be happy and hopeful for you and Will!!! Hang in there Mo!

  23. It could most definitely still be a strong singleton- I've seen betas in this range -- I've had two singleton pregnancies that had almost identical betas, 18 DPO was around 1700, so 20 DPO would be at what your number is. I know a couple of other women who used my donor, and had singletons, also had crazy high betas like mine, so yeah, a singleton cannot be ruled out at all.

    In other words, betas are really not very telling--- there can be singletons producing really strong betas, and twins producing lower values, with both pregnancies resulting in equally healthy babies...a beta value does not tell you much, it can only signal when something is wrong, and clearly, no issues here.

    This has been so hard won for you, I hope you can get to savor this happy state of affairs, as much as possible.

  24. Just stopped by to say that I have been secretly (ha, is that even possible?) reading your posts, and know the good news...and I am telling the universe to listen to your prayers...

    Take Care and stay good.


  25. Your numbers are similar to mine, so I won't be surprised if you've got two in there! The cramping also makes me think two. What you describe is very similar to my twin pregnancy versus the singleton.

    But we all know that betas don't do much more than give us something to speculate. You are doubling, and really that is all that matters!!!

    Still so happy for you guys!

  26. Hurray for doubling! Your numbers remind me a lot of my own successful pregnancy, and I only ever had 1 in there. My everything is mentally crossed for you guys.

    If you could make the womb with a view a feasible reality, you would be so stinking rich. I'm done with TTC and pregnancy and I'd still buy one. Also, I'm glad your friend was able to have that extra time with his little girl.

  27. mo,
    that graph is a thing of beauty, just on its own, being in the now. that is YOUR chart! wonderful!

    and as far as twins, one, three... its hard not to wonder, but really, we all know beta numbers are uniqure to each woman, so there's no use in guessing... i am also hope for a healthy, strong singleton pregnancy for you. nothing against twins, triplets, but a singleton pregnancy would immediately rule out a lot of complications that you would not have to worry about so directly. i am really looking forward to the next week or so- hoping so hard that this continues to be a strong pregnancy for you.

    also, i am so sorry for your friend losing her husband, at such a young age, too. it is very nice that you are being there for her. important, too...

    have a nice remainder of the weekend, and take it easy!

  28. I just feel like it's twins! :) This comes from someone with quads whose betas doubled at about the same rate yours are (but my betas were higher, don't freak about more than twins I don't think it's triplets!).

    However what I am praying for is just for you to have a healthy, full-term pregnancy with a healthy baby or two at the end, totally normal experience with nothing to worry about once you get past 9ish weeks. Hoping and praying so hard.

  29. As I said in your previous post, your numbers are comparable to my HCG levels with a daughter, an FET that produced a singleton pregnancy. I remember being afraid of twins with that one for much the same reason... I didn't want the extra complications of a twin pregnancy.

    Which isn't to say we avoided complications! I had two ultrasounds around the six week mark because of a miscarriage scare (haematoma). Since I know you're hoping for the heartbeat at yours, I've dug up my notes from mine on the heavy assumption that comparable HCG levels mean comparable development!

    At 5 weeks, 4 days, we could see an embryo sac and a vague yolk sac, but the embryo was barely visible. At 6 weeks 1 day, we could see the yolk sac and the embryo, and we could *hear* (but not see) the heartbeat.

  30. Wow- love the graph! Both the data and the fact that you graphed it at all. What wonderful numbers. And, though this isn't a sentence I say very often, what wonderful symptoms.

    Thanks, too, for the update on our friend's family. I remember how sad and sobering it was to read the original post- far more so now that your friend and mine are one and the same. They are lucky to have you and Will by their side.

  31. Hi Mo,
    The place I get my tests is online at this link: If you look under the Early Pregnancy Tests link you'll see one that has 10miu sensitivity. They are pretty cheap and more sensitive than most other tests I've seen.

    Hope that helps! I'll leave you a response on my blog as well in case you look there.

  32. A womb with a view!

  33. I don't know if it's one or twins, I'm just thrilled things are going great, I want to see more of those beautifully increasing graphs, you so deserve this!

  34. Oh, how I love, love, LoVE seeing that graph. It is pure DELIGHT to my (weird) sciency self :)

    you and the babies sound like you're doing JUST FINE!

    I'm just smiling over here!

    PS If I do this She Speaks thing which looks increasingly like it's going to happen, I'll be in NYC for 2 days on the way back to SA. I'd love to see you if you're available...

  35. marcia

    that would be lovely. keep me posted!


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