Monday, May 14, 2012


Jen Knepper and her husband from Maybe If You Just Relax lost their beautiful 17-month-old daughter Ainsley on Saturday. They had already endured the loss of Evelyn, Ainsley's identical twin, who died just before birth. Please click over and send your support as they endure an unimaginably difficult situation.


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  1. I found myself crying this morning when I read her blog. Unimagnable.....

  2. Sick over this. Saw it on LFCA this morning and and can't get Ainsley's smiling face out of my mind.

  3. Oh how heartbreaking. I have read her blog for years:(((

  4. So heartbreaking for Jen and her family. She fought for so longer, longer than any baby/infant/toddler should have had to. It is just heartbreaking and a reminder that there are no guarantees with anything.

  5. i wish i could leave a comment, but i can't because i am anon. can anyone explain to me what 'openID' is? i would love to offer support to her.

  6. I can't even begin to imagine!


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