Friday, May 11, 2012

Mohs procedure update

I had the basal cell lesion removed from my upper back yesterday. I had a little bit of a scare because when I got there, they didn't seem to have me on the schedule (uh oh!). They managed to accommodate me anyway, which is good because it would have been hard to clear my schedule again anytime soon.

The surgeon was able to do the excision with me lying on my side, which was much easier for me than lying on my stomach. Then I waited for about an hour and a half, heard the margins were all clear, and then they put down pillows for me to lie on my stomach to have the incision closed. That was pretty uncomfortable, between my stomach and my pregnancy nasal congestion (hard to breathe!), but it didn't last too long.

They put a ginormous pressure dressing on that makes me look a bit like the hunchback of Notre Dame, but I think is helping significantly with pain/swelling. I've been icing it as well, per instructions, and so far have avoided Tylenol, but will take it if I need it. Mostly the area is sore and it also feels tight, like the skin is pulling (which it likely is, thanks to less skin + swelling). The doc put in two layers of stitches - a dissolvable under layer and a stronger outer layer that she will remove in a couple of weeks.

I'm really glad to have this taken care of and behind me.

I checked the baby with doppler this morning and he/she seemed fine in there, heart beat beat beating away.

Now I just need to be careful not to lift anything or twist too much for the next few weeks and let this heal up really well.

I scheduled the anatomy scan for next Friday - hard to believe that a week from today we'll get to see the baby again, hopefully finding out everything is still going ok. I cannot even fathom that we will likely find out the gender at that time. Crazy. But then this whole pregnancy thing is crazy. Still makes no sense to me how we finally hit on the right combination of things to have an actual baby start to grow inside of me - and keep growing inside of me into the second trimester. Mindblowing, really.

Thanks for all of your continued good wishes and thoughts! We're getting there, a day at a time.

And baby, if you're listening, stay in there!! Keep growing!! Stay healthy! You are so, so wanted.


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  1. I'm glad the procedure went well. Now hopefully you can heal and everything will continue on track. And WOW! An anatomy damn exciting! Continued good wishes coming your way!

  2. Glad that the Mohs procedure is over and behind you and you can just focus on being a happy pregnant lady! And I can't believe you are almost 16 weeks already!

  3. recover well, dear Mo. Glad that this is taken care of and behind you. Have a good weekend.

  4. The thought of your little babe in there makes me smile. I'm pretty sure she just dances around in there :)

  5. Glad it went well and you're on the mend!

  6. Glad things went as well as can be the baby is ok.

  7. Glad that's over for you!

  8. Been thinking of you. Glad it went well and that it's over.

    What time is your anatomy scan next Friday? We need to know so we can blog stalk you! :-D xoxo

  9. Glad that's behind you (er, haha?), and am very much enjoying your updates (well, not the IVIg one, but most of them). Exciting stuff!

  10. Oooh I just love your little message to your baby. :-) Sounds like you are having at least moments of well deserved bliss during your pregnancy.

  11. So good for your good news (clear margins, happily beating baby heart).

    Continued uneventfulness!

  12. great news!
    yes, yes... a very wanted baby indeed.
    so happy for you and will.

  13. Yay, it's done! Okay, the last sentence is really sweet. :)

  14. Glad to hear the procedure went well hon. Sorry I haven't been commenting more often, Ive read all your updates though and am over the moon that things are going so well.

  15. Hey Mo,
    I hope it"s not too soon to wish you a happy mother's day

  16. Glad all went well! Happy Mother's Day to you, Mommy-to-be!

  17. thinking of you today, mo...
    thinking of you and that avocado.

    so glad your mohs is over with and you can move on, spot-free.

    update soon! maybe a girl??!! holy moly!
    you never got any xx or xy info from ccrm ccs results? not even a hint?

    either xx or xy, no matter! just keep growing and staying healthy, little avocado.

  18. Just popping by to say hi and how happy I am for you and Will. Love reading your posts and hearing about the baby!

  19. Glad the procedure went well (and that they slipped you in!) Ahhh, 16 weeks! So wonderfully, amazingly crazy. Lots of good thoughts continuing your way for a smooth next few months.


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