Friday, February 21, 2014

The kindness of strangers

A few days ago, I posted about my friend Suzanne's quilt raffle fundraiser to travel to Kyrgyzstan to finalize her adoption of Diana after waiting in legal limbo for six long years. I was hoping that some of you might be moved to help. I thought that a few small donations would come through, and that that would be amazing since you don't even know Suzanne. I thought a little bit at a time, and all together, we could help to bring Diana home to her waiting family.

I never in a thousand years expected the kind of response that you have shown, and it just teaches me (like I needed to relearn this about you?) that you guys are amazing.

As of today, you have collectively donated $740 to help Diana get home and into her waiting mama's and sister's arms in the United States.

Wow. Just wow.

As promised, Will and I will be matching your donations dollar for dollar. So that means that so far between you guys and us, Suzanne is $1,480 closer to her goal.  And hey, some of you might even win one of the many beautiful handmade quilts being sewn for this project. But of course, winning a quilt is not the point. The point is that there is a lovely girl who needs to get out of that orphanage and into a family, and there is a lovely mama in waiting who never has never given up on her, even when the going got tough (and has stayed tough, for years now).

You are amazing. And I am humbled, ever so humbled. Thank you so so much for reaching out to help a stranger and a little girl.

I promise to keep you updated on Suzanne and Diana as their story progresses.

But in the meantime, thank you. Thank you so very much.


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  1. Mo I gave 25 as anon, sent by you, but all I put was anon. I've tried to go back and edit my name or post a comment to let Suzanne know but I can't do that without a FB or Google+ acct of which I have neither. I can't find any way to contact her. Will you please let her know?

    It was a few days ago and my initials are dn.


  2. I had suzanne look into it based on your initials and found you. i've updated my post to reflect your contribution. THANK YOU!!!


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