Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Weekly weight loss: week 18

Not much to say about weight loss stuff except that I'm staying on track, adding in more home cooked foods instead of packaged foods (oh, this is so nice and has been so missed!), and am now having an occasional dessert (fine as long as I plan for it, in my book). I'm still eating some Jenny Craig food - mostly just a few of my favorites at this point as I work to slowly figure out easy replacements that I can make or purchase that are simple, healthy, low cal, and lowish in sodium. I imagine myself as some kind of plane gliding in for a soft landing at the end of a long journey. We are beginning our descent! 

I am also starting to try adding in some occasional eating out with Will (date night!) every couple of weeks or so, but finding reliable sitters has been a challenge. We had our first of hopefully many date nights last night. Yay for sushi! Yay for an adult night out!

I had planned to start exercising this past week but had PRK eye surgery Friday and part of my post-op instructions are no sweating into my eyes, so...not doing anything sweat-inducing as of yet. But soon! I've signed up for a 10K in mid-June as a new goal, so I will need to get going if I have any hope of completing that without walking along the way (which would be fine if needed, but I'm going to shoot for jogging throughout). Scale continues to head downward. This week, I lost 2 pounds. Pretty awesome at this stage of the game.

I'm still hoping to better understand weight maintenance. Over and over again I've read that it's nearly impossible to keep lost weight off, which is kind of demoralizing, and sort of makes one want to just give up. But obviously some people manage it, so I want to try to follow their lead and learn what has worked for those who have succeeded at maintenance.

Here's the weight loss summary to date:

Weekly Weight Loss
Starting BMI just after Thanksgiving = 25.2 (officially overweight)
Week 1:     - 4.4 pounds (back into normal BMI territory, less than 25!)
Week 2:     - 0.8 pounds
Week 3:     - 3.6 pounds
Week 4:     out of town so no Jenny food and no weigh-in (Christmas travel madness!)
Week 5:     - 4.4 pounds since last weigh-in
Week 6:     - 2 pounds
Week 7:     - 1.6 pounds
Week 8:     - 1.4 pounds
Week 9:     + 0.4  pounds
Week 10:    - 4.2 pounds  
Week 11:    - 0.2 pounds  
Week 12:    - 3.0 pounds 
Week 13:    + 1.2 pounds
Week 14:     away in the Middle East
Week 15:     away in the Middle East
Week 16:    - 4.8 pounds
Week 17:    - 0.4 pounds
Week 18:    - 2.0 pounds
Grand Total: 31.2 pounds lost (BMI = 20.1)

At this point I am 2.4 pounds away from what I weighed in high school. Yowza. Who ever would have thought THAT would be possible?

And the other thing I never would have predicted? This actually has not been that difficult. I think the structure of the Jenny Craig program has really worked for me at this stage of my life. I've had some difficult moments, but overall, not really so rough to do this. I wish I'd realized that a few years ago! But better now than later!


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  1. Such great progress -- good for you!

    I lost 35 lbs on WW last year, but have gained about 20 lbs back (it's been a long, long winter). I think the key to maintaining is making peace with the fact that you cannot go back to eating like you used to; effectively you never stop being on a diet of some sort.
    I quit WW when I realized that I can no longer make myself weigh the food and track the points; even though it worked well, it's not a long-term solution for me.

    But again, congrats on your weight-loss success and good luck in keeping it up!

  2. Good for you! Best of luck to you as you enter the maintenance phase. Looks like you are being very reasonable about it, so it sounds like you will be successful!

  3. WTG Mo! Good for you. I'm impressed and a little jealous. Lol!

  4. You are a rock star, and I hope to follow in your footsteps one day!

    And how about the eye surgery? I had lasik a few years ago and have been so happy with it! I hope that your results are as good as mine. I hear that that version of the surgery has a longer healing time, but I hope that you have as positive an experience with that as I have.

  5. Way to go Mo! I gained weight after my son was born… now 10 years ago on the first, and I've never gotten a handle on it. So, 'now better than later' is a really good way to think about it. I feel like his entire childhood is scarred by the fact I've hated myself. Every photo, or moment has been somewhat affected by my poor (understatement) self-esteem. Now he's 10. And it's gone. Keep it up… she will see you caring about yourself and know there are no other options.

    (sorry about the anon… I usually sign in as Brid, but somehow logged out…)

  6. oh brid, my heart goes out to you! i'm so sorry that your weight has been so painful. i know what you mean - there are a few times in my life where i'm just not happy with how i've looked and it's tough. And you know what? Your son is 10, but nothing is over. there is still lots of time. when you are ready, you can work toward what would make you feel more in control and happier from a weight perspective. it is really hard, but it is not at all impossible.

    and thanks so much for the congratulations and encouragement to keep it up - it's exactly what i needed today : )



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