Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weight loss update: week 19 & 20 - Final Results!

Just a quick post on this...basically I'm completely done with weight loss and ready to shift to maintenance...but I still don't have a good sense of how to successfully do the maintenance part. Sounds weird, and I guess a "good" problem to have, in the scheme of things. So wanted to post these finalish numbers, and sheepishly admit that I think I've probably lost a pound or so more since then, out of ignorance of how to get the balance right, more than anything.

If anyone has thoughts or experience on the transition to maintenance, please pipe in! I'm so slammed at work and with the continuing eye and nanny issues (Magpie, thankfully, seems to be sleeping through the night again at least) that I barely have time to eat, let alone to plan and initiate another change in the eating routine. I've also come down with a chest cold, so am coughing my way through the days and nights. Blech. So given all of this, for now I'm allowing myself some latitude, but seemingly, based on the continued loss, am not eating enough. I just keep reminding myself that I'm not going to actually disappear anytime soon. I will just have to figure out the calorie in-calorie-out balance thing over time, and apparently, it's going to be a process. Whoever thought stopping weight loss would prove as challenging as losing weight?

Here's the update over the last 20 weeks. Wow, can't believe it, 20 weeks!

Weekly Weight Loss
Starting BMI just after Thanksgiving = 25.2 (officially overweight)
Week 1:     - 4.4 pounds (back into normal BMI territory, less than 25!)
Week 2:     - 0.8 pounds
Week 3:     - 3.6 pounds
Week 4:     out of town so no Jenny food and no weigh-in (Christmas travel madness!)
Week 5:     - 4.4 pounds since last weigh-in
Week 6:     - 2 pounds
Week 7:     - 1.6 pounds
Week 8:     - 1.4 pounds
Week 9:     + 0.4  pounds
Week 10:    - 4.2 pounds  
Week 11:    - 0.2 pounds  
Week 12:    - 3.0 pounds 
Week 13:    + 1.2 pounds
Week 14:     away in the Middle East
Week 15:     away in the Middle East
Week 16:    - 4.8 pounds
Week 17:    - 0.4 pounds
Week 18:    - 2.0 pounds
Week 19:    - 1.4 pounds
Week 20:    - 2.2 pounds
Grand Total: 34.8 pounds lost (BMI = 19.5)

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss! That's fantastic!

    As far as maintenance goes, what works for me is weighing myself every day. It comes right after putting on my deodorant in my daily routine.

    What I don't do is obsess or keep track of the number that appears every day, but I have a three pound range for fluctuations. If I go over that, then I will pay attention to my diet / exercise until I get back into my range.

    I'll usually skip weighing myself over Christmas or when we're travelling. I'll end up five or six pounds over my upper limit, but so far, I've always been able to get back to the range I'm comfortable with.

    What you can't do, using this method, is panic about the difference between each day's results. Don't second-guess why you're heavier or lighter than yesterday. If you're in your range, that's all that matters.

  2. Hi Mo! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing results. you inspired me to join Jenny Craig myself. Yesterday was my first day.

    BTW how many calories are you on? i was surprised that, even with nursing 4/5 times a day, they have me on 1200 calories (and yes, I checked that she entered I was nursing), although i don't exercise.

    I've just reached my heaviest ever, which isn't considered overweight but is heavy for me, and having also had GD, I don't want to go down that road of accepting weight gain as an inevitable part of growing older.

    My starting BMI is 23.5. My official goal is a BMI between 19 and 20 but I was secretly hoping to get into 18 territory again (don't hate, it's been 10 years since I was there). However, I was surprised to learn that if you go even 1 lb below a BMI of 19 at one of the weekly weigh-ins, they can't work with you ever again!

    I can't say I've been very enthused about the food. The ingredients aren't so fab (and the breakfasts are so high in sugar!); I actually enjoy the lean cuisine food more than the few meals I've had so far (and they're $2 ea, not sure how that compares price-wise). I've enjoyed the sweet snacks, naturally, but those are probably the things I need to stay away from.

    i'm planning to stick with it for a month or two for momentum and then switch to my own cooking (with more realistic portion sizes).
    I'm so excited at the prospect of fitting into old jeans again. I must remember to take a before picture, since I refuse to pose for pics these days.
    We still haven't seen a before and after picture!

  3. Congrats on achieving this goal!

    Does Jenny Craig have any suggestions on the maintenance part of things?

  4. Congratulations! Hope the cold gets better soon though.

  5. hi mo, great job!

    I am right where you are right down to the bmi and overall weightloss and timeframe, although I am a year ahead of you,
    so have been maintaining for longer.

    don't lose too much more. it really has the potential to screw with your eventual overall success with maintaining. yo-yo, etc.

    I had a goal on the low side, and at some point it became apparent that my body "liked" to be above that. too lean, no good. at least for me.

    now, I am focused on trying to firm up and tone rather than lose. build muscle. the goal is not so much about my weight, that is now addressed- it is about my overall health and being there for my family as I get older.

    great job!

  6. Katerina - yay for you! yeah, when i was losing weight they had me at 1200 calories. i'm surprised that is the case for a nursing mom - i thought they always put you at 1500 for that. i never ate any of their sweet breakfasts - my go to was the florentine egg one but i also swapped it out with lean cuisine or self-made egg white omelettes. i think you can definitely just use lean cuisine or smart ones instead - just watch the sodium on those. sometimes it is outrageous. i liked the support and the weekly weigh-ins, though. i think those were key at times for keeping me on track. this week is the first time i've missed one, except for travel, but I just couldn't make it in with everything going on and i'm not worried at this point that i'm going to slip up with the food, although it would be nice to get better educated about maintenance!


    1. Forgot to ask- did your blood sugar go down?? I haven't measured mine in months but had better do so before I become too svelte ;-)
      Also, if you haven't done so already, I highly recommend you read the south beach diet book. The introductipn does a good job explaining the relationship between fasting insulin, cravings and weight loss. Only the first two weeks (phase 1) is very restrictive but you might do well with phase 2, which is the maintenance portion. I'm actually thinking of switching over next week. Really the best diet there is, in my opinion, but it is quite a bit of work.

  7. Congratulations again! I need to get back on the weight loss journey this month!

    Hope you get better from that cold soon!

  8. Mo, you have had such success with the Jenny Craig program; congratulations!

    I am a "lifetime" member of Jenny Craig and have lost 30-ish lbs on the program three times in the past (only to regain the weight later, but that's another story). Reading your posts about your success has me thinking that maybe I should give it another try. All it would cost me is what the food costs, and the effort I'd have to put into it. ;-)

  9. I saw this article and thought of you:

    You're awesome and I know that you'll keep being awesome!

  10. mo, how about an update?
    how are you?
    how are things?
    any movement toward another FET?
    hope you are OK!


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