Thursday, February 5, 2015

HCG results for pregnancy #8

I have a lot to say and no time at the moment...but I don't want to leave you guys hanging any longer.

My OB called this morning (I love her!) and spoke to me before I left for work.

HCG level yesterday was 106.5, so a tad low, but I like that it's three digits, instead of two. I'd call it decent, and hey, you've got to start somewhere. I didn't expect it to be too high because I tested on Monday morning with a First Response Early Result (FRER) pee stick and got a negative.

Progesterone looked great at 28.08. So that's a relief.

Going back in for a second beta tomorrow to see what is going on with the doubling situation, which is what really matters.

I diligently peed on a FRER this morning...looks basically the same to me as yesterday's (or even a bit lighter, what do you think?). Unfortunately, not seeing a big change in the right direction did not reassure me. I realize the pee sticks do not constitute a quantitative analysis, but I couldn't help myself. Shouldn't it be clear to me by now that mostly the pee sticks just make me more scared? Some people never learn.

Bottom line, as of now, I am a very little bit pregnant. Who ever thought I'd be having this experience?!

Hanging on for the ride!


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  1. Sounds good to me! Wishing you the very best, Mo!

  2. Woo hoo!! That is great news, Mo. I have been a devoted follower of your blog for a while (and read with great interest your experience with GD, as I was a fellow GDer during my pregnancy in 2013). If it makes you feel any better, my first beta with my son (after multiple miscarriages) was a rock-bottom 39, 12dpo. Two days later, barely doubling at 74. Doubling of course is the real point as you have noted but you are very much in the game!! Keeping all appendages crossed for you.

  3. You haven't said how many DPO you think you are, so it is hard to interpret the meaning of a 106, but if you are, say 14-16dpo, 106 is GREAT.

    As for the HPTs, since the control line of test #2 is equally light, I would say any lighterness is more a consequence of the test itself and not diminishing hCG.


  4. I hate pee sticks because of the fear they instill in us. Honestly the line looks a tad lighter but it's hard to tell in a picture. Do you know where you are in your cycle? Also, since beta doubles about every 48 hours it would make sense for a line to be about the same as it was yesterday. Hoping with all my hope that you get a great double (or more) with your next number. This are exciting and anxious times for sure. (((hugs))) I am really excited for you!

  5. best of luck!!!

    was thinking about your sister last night after reading your post (not that i know either of you -- crazy thing this internet).

  6. WOO WOO WOO HOO! Sounds great, and yeah, ignore the pee stick. Finger shall remain firmly crossed & pointing in your general direction! WOWZA! So exciting!

  7. You have probably thought of this already, but since the sensitivity of FRER is so low (6.3 miU/mL, according to and you had a negative result on Monday, it seems like you must be doubling, right?? Or perhaps I'm getting the units wrong. . . .

  8. Praying and hoping? Have you tried a different hpt?

  9. Holy cow!! Fingers & toes all crossed for you!


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