Sunday, February 19, 2012

2ww FET symptoms and pee stick comparisons

I didn't mean to scare anyone with the last post. Was trying to capture the anxiety I was feeling as I approached the official beta. Didn't mean to yank anyone's emotional chain. Thank you again for your encouragement and well wishes...I'm successfully staying in the moment so far today. Am just here, super early pregnant, enjoying this moment, hoping for the best; trying not to go to the bad places in my head. 

Life is ironic in so many ways. For instance, now that I have good beta doubling numbers from the lab yesterday and don't need visual reassurance, TODAY the line on my hpt finally looks darker!! Silly pee sticks trying to mess with my mind! (see progression below)

Pee sticks 6dpt (on far right) to 10dpt (on far left)

I warn you, this post is going to be somewhat boring, a documentation of the hpt lines and symptoms up to this point. Feel free to skip...this is just for future reference (or for other poor souls in the 2ww obsessively googling symptoms - look, I've been there!). FWIW,  here are my two week wait "symptoms" this FET...

6dpo (1dp5dt)
nothing, truly nothing
7dpo-9dpt (2dp5dt to 3dp5dt)
nothing. Maybe the slightest uterine twinge. For a moment. But only if really paying attention. And maybe not even then.
9dpo (4dp5dt) 
very slight breast swelling, very slight bloating, increased heart rate
10dpo (5dp5dt)
high resting heart rate while trying to fall asleep (~95bpm), thirsty, bloated, mild L-sided pain in abdomen, mild shortness of breath
11dpo (6dp5dt)
spotting and increasing cramping after rushing around medical campus that continues even after lying down and drinking water
12dpo (7dp5dt)
insomnia, increased urinary frequency, bit of nausea using iPhone in taxi in AM?, significant cramping when walking briskly around NYC  (beta HCG comes back at 69.3)
13dpo (8dp5dt)
uterine fullness, severe "period-like" cramping while giving workshop talk, urinary frequency, "off" appetite
14dpo (9dp5dt)
nothing in AM, then as day goes on mild to moderate cramping, fatigue, L-sided pinching, occasional breast tenderness, light-headedness (beta HCG of 155)
15dpo (10dp5dt)
L-sided pinching, uterine fullness, fatigue, breast tenderness when Moxie slams herself lovingly against my chest

Per the Denver clinic's instructions, we will draw another beta hcg tomorrow at same country lab we used yesterday. Then we are headed back to the city where a private nurse is meeting us at our apartment to do IVIG infusion #2 tomorrow afternoon. Ugh. Hopefully no terrible headache this time. And hopefully it helps keep things going. We would do anything and everything to keep this pregnancy going. We are taking nothing for granted.


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  1. i don't often manage to comment here, but i wanted to say how very, very happy your recent posts have made me. very, very, very.

  2. Hooray for staying in the moment, reassuring numbers, symptoms, and darker lines! All beautiful things :)

  3. so happy you are off to an ivig treatment- that was something i never could quite arrange for, and i subsequently always wonder if it would have helped... so, no regrets for you!

    i love your 2ww chart of symptoms. its important to know this stuff, when you are in the middle of a 2ww!

    hope you have a nice strong rising beta tomorrow. thank you so much for updating frequently with this FET- so many people care about you and are hoping along with you.

  4. I hope this documentation gets printed in 36 weeks or so for your child(ren)'s memory book.

  5. Still lurking in Rochester. Sending positive, calming vibes to all of you and will keep checking for updates (as I travel over the next week). Hoping for the best!

  6. Thanks for the symptom data, Mo. You know I need it right now! You are being a lot more organized about tracking it though - I should really keep a daily log, if only to keep me somewhat occupied during the wait. I am so confused - why am I feeling so much cramping now? I did a 3dt so technically shouldn't start implanting until a couple of days from now. Lordy lordy, I give up.

    I am so happy and excited for you, and cannot WAIT to hear about your next awesome beta!

  7. I am glad that you're able to do the beta tomorrow and I hope that the IVIG is much less painful this time -- hopefully going slowly will make it tolerable? Sending good vibes and hope that it can be managed with tylenol. I'm glad that you can have it at your house; maybe that will make it a little less horrible? Sending you lots of calming vibes and so much hope!

  8. I LOVE that your beta has doubled! LOVE it!

  9. The darker stick looks lovely :) (I am otherwise unimpressed by whatever brand of sticks those are, though. I have gotten lines as dark as those on chemical pregnancies, and I am not kidding (um,. for the record, using Dollar General brand tests which are cheap and good though -- perhaps annoyingly -- named "Baby test." Oh how I wish. On the other hand, I respect their cutting to the chase.).

    Hope tomorrow IVig goes smoother than previous.

  10. So happy to see the beta is rising appropriately. Great levels for where you're at post transfer, too.
    Hope Monday's results are everything you're looking for and that the IVIG infusion goes well.
    Stick, baby, stick!

  11. Oh, seeing that list of days and symptoms brings it all back: how much the umpteenth and subsequent 2WWs suck! At least this one had the ending you want. I hope the next few weeks go just as well.

    Good luck with the IVIG tomorrow!

  12. I am so happy to hear that things are continuing to go well. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  13. Fingers crossed for a great beta tomorrow...

  14. It never matters how great the beats are. You still want to see the sticks get darker too! I peed on the damn things until I was 13 weeks along. Hoping for another great beta for you. :)

  15. Crossing my fingers that line continues to get darker!!

  16. I missed earlier posts but I am so happy to see this one. One hurdle cleared!!!! So happy for that. Hang in there!

  17. Continuing to hope and pray. And keeping EVERYTHING crossed for a great beta. Keep us posted. We're all in this with you. Hugs and love to you both.

  18. Thinking of you Monday afternoon and hoping IVIg is going well.

  19. hope your day went well today, mo, and that you are feeling well, after the ivig.

  20. Thinking of you all day. Hope the ivig went well, with no headache. Waiting impatiently for today's number. xoxo

  21. Am hoping you had a good day today and that today's beta is a number that excites you.

  22. Checking in! Praying you got a gorgeous, doubling beta today.

  23. Thinking of you today. Hope you got a great beta number!!!

  24. Just popping by and hoping for good news...

  25. Hooray for these happy updates. It's beyond awesome that you're charting your "symptoms" not only for yourself, but to provide data points to others in future.

    I recall Googling my heart out to find out what others felt on particular days post transfer, and this blog update will most certainly help others to feel less alone during the dreadful 2WW.

    Hoping the IVIG infusion goes well, and that you get your next great beta result back in no time.

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog. You always know just the right thing to say. xx

  26. I am so incredibly excited for you And hoping with all my heart this one sticks. Know I am sending you lots of love & good luck wishes every day!


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