Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Your endometrium is like a fruit cake...a slightly abnormal fruit cake

I finally connected with my RE to get the results of the endometrial function test.

Apparently, the biopsy results showed mild glandular abnormalities; i.e., the "fruit cake" of my endometrium is not looking quite as it should. Specifically, there was one marker present (cyclin E) that is only supposed to appear during the early secretory phases of the menstrual cycle (days 5-19), but in my endometrium, was present much later, during the time when implantation would occur. Which can negatively impact an embryo taking root.

My RE said the level of the abnormality was "mild" and so he says he is inclined to take the news "with a grain of salt." (Grain of salt on the fruit cake of my endometrium. Me thinks this is too many metaphors!) The cyclin E abnormality could be due to morbid obesity (except that I'm not overweight), or infection (not the case), or endometriosis (hey, I have that!), or stress (that too!). Since I've already had a laparoscopy this year to remove endometriosis, there is really not much else to do on that front. And stress, well...I'll do what I can, but it's ubiquitous, you know?

Bottom line, it's unclear what to make of the results, sigh. But the RE doesn't think we should give up on the old uterus just yet - or at least not because of these results. Again, I'm left wondering a bit why we did this test. But I guess the answer to that is to make sure there were no glaring abnormalites. And there weren't. My fruit cake was only subtly off, not grossly malformed.

So that's, I suppose, good news?

The Yale researcher who does this test has a twitter feed called placenta talk. The intro page has quite the graphics, if you want to click over. Who knew the placenta was, um, actually a little gross?

The immunology results we had drawn from the wizard are still outstanding, so we'll see what further murkiness that adds to the picture in a few weeks.

Meanwhile, Will and I will continue to mull and muse and sit in the trenches processing things. Which these days takes place on a mostly nonverbal level. Which is OK by me. For once, I'm out of logic, out of scientific notions, out of problem-solving ideas. Just plumb run dry of everything. So we're just going to sit here where we are for a bit, until we feel like picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off, and trying something* again.


*"something" potentially being high dose IUI, IVF with CGH/microarray, donor egg, or adoption.

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  1. Ok, so if you DON'T put out a greeting card regarding the fruitcake and soil and grain o' salt metaphors, I'm going to be mightily disappointed in you.


    Good news? I guess? I mean, yeah, no gross problems, so that's encouraging. Yes? As much as anything can be?


  2. A fruitcake, me thinks, maybe okay - it's popular with the old folks- is there anyway to modify this thingy that maybe nothing? Glad there is no glaring MTFR thing wrong with ye ol ute! Way to go girl - your still in the running (I'm talking to the uterus here! You can do it!)!

    I hope the silent musings bring a shock of insight someday soon.

  3. Yes, I must see a greeting card with fruitcake. You can leave out the placenta on that guy's twitter page. Wow.

    I hate that you are in the midst of all of this and I just want this to freaking work for you guys.

  4. Um, ew on that twitter feed!

    And also, will never look at fruitcake the same way again. :)

  5. Ooh. I almost missed your last Hallmark reject - brilliant as usual!
    i'm glad to see that you're keeping every possibility open for the future, when you've (hopefully) gotten more answers and have had time to figure out what road you want to take.

  6. I always liked a slightly modified fruitcake and I think a little embryo would like yours too! I know you were hoping for more answers, but I think getting relatively normal results is definitely a good thing. Can't for the rest of the results from the wizard! ((HUGS)) Do we get to see pics of your puppy anytime soon?

  7. Just wanted to say hello and let you know you both continue to be on my mind. And, I agree with barefoot...not sure I could look at fruitcake again either! ;)

  8. You should for real go into the Greeting Card Reject business! :) Glad to hear theres nothing significantly wrong with your... uh... fruitcake :) That IS good news! and EW on the placenta talk twitter feed. You warned us but my nosey self couldnt resist. I wish I had- ha

  9. Oh man... slightly abnormal fruitcake? The question is, what's normal about ANY fruitcake? I think we're all kind of a mess of things on the inside, if you take the "placenta talk" graphics to heart.

    Hang in there...

  10. It's funny how many medical things end up as food analogies. My personal favourite is red-currant jelly...sputum! (kelbsiella infection).

    Glad your fruit cake is in pretty decent shape.


  11. I guess it's better than being nuttier than a fruitcake.

    Ok, we can rule the fruitcake out as the problem, eh?

  12. Hmmm is there anything that can be done for it or to improve it?

  13. I think the information that you are finding is helpful and insightful; but it is SO normal to wonder, "What next?" You both are so strong and I admire your determination.

    Also - I too want to see a Hallmark reject with a fruit cake on it...hehe :-) Take care!

  14. That image IS kind of gross!

    I am now following the guy though. :P


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