Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sundays of grace #28

What am I grateful for this week?

1. You guys. Did you see the post on attachment in adoption and the thoughtful responses it drew? Many complete with links to other blogs discussing this topic? Wow. Thank you. Not just for me, but for others down the line who might google the topic and land here and find your comments and your links to more thoughtful thoughts on the topic. This is scary territory for many and yet a bunch of you took the plunge and gave your opinions. You guys rock.

2. Psychology training last week. I spent the week out of town at another university getting certified in a type of therapy I use in my clinical and research work (I have an intervention grant to provide this for the next two years). It was fun to solidify my skills, but what was even cooler was getting to talk to colleagues from the training facility who are world leaders in my clinical and research area and bounce ideas back and forth. They invited me to collaborate on a project with them, and I was able to help one of them think of a new way to analyze his data. And the best part of it all? That I was reminded that I LOVE what I do. To be able to (hopefully) help people and to try to improve the evidence base and develop new treatments/improve on existing treatments. Does professional life get any better? A great chance to step back from the small disappointments and stress of an academic medical life to remember why I do what I do.

3. Date night with Will in Chinatown last night. Because I was out of town at my training all week and we were both working like mad people the week before that and then the week before THAT, Will was in San Diego for a conference for a week...all this adds up to feeling like I haven't seen my husband - not really seen him and cherished him - in ages. And you know what? I missed him. So despite yesterday being super packed and us both being exhausted - me after meeting with a group of bereaved military families on an Army base in outer Brooklyn and Will working most of the day at an outside hospital on a consulting gig - we came together last night, went out to eat in Chinatown and had a splendid time. Yay for date night! And an even bigger yay for husbands. I've missed mine! Oh, and you want to know what my fortune cookie said? "An old broom will gather the greatest amount of dirt." You should have seen Will laughing - deep belly laughs - when I opened it...Hmmm....



  1. Mo, as the mom of a young man who was so lucky to come home from his tour in Iraq but was permanently disabled by an IED I just wanted to thank you for your work with surviving military dependents.
    I know that was just an aside of your post but feel strongly that all who care for our soldiers (especially after they are gone) should get a thank you when ever we have the chance to give one.
    So thanks again for helping these families through a very difficult time, I am sure that you made a difference.

  2. Melissia,

    Wow - thanks for reaching out to share your comment. I am so glad your son made it home and very sorry for his injuries. I hope he is adjusting ok - physically and emotionally. I know it can be a tough road for both. Know that there is good psychological help out there for trauma, if he needs it. hang in there. and thanks again for the thanks.


  3. This is a great Sunday of Grace, Mo! I've been making myself journal on gratitude myself this week, and it makes such a difference.

    I will admit to being very curious about what specifically you were training in this week- it's been a while since I've felt completely inspired by our mutual field, but a good training can do it every time. Whatever it was, I'm glad it gave you such a lift.

  4. Danielle
    You should make your profile public and connect an email...I might just tell you!


  5. Done- I think! I am not very adept at this.


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